Psychosomatics: the spine and psychological causes of diseases of the back

Психосоматика: позвоночник и психические причины болезней спиныPsychosomatics is a scientific approach that involves the relationship between bodily and mental.

In other words, this study examines and explains the nature of mental bodily manifestations of certain diseases.

The cause of disease lies in the inner experiences of a person, stress, etc. Via mental can explain any disease ranging from trivial rhinitis and ending with diseases of the spine.

The most common diseases are osteoarthritis and arthritis of the joints.

Psychosomatic causes of diseases of the back

According to who statistics, almost half of patients patients on what somatic doctors. This means that psychosomatic, there are mental and psychological problems were the impetus for the development of bodily diseases. Among the most common reasons doctors say the following:

  • the constant tension;
  • stress, with which man cannot cope;
  • unresolved intra — and interpersonal conflicts;
  • suppressed feelings of resentment, fear, anger, rage, etc.;
  • mental anguish and trauma.

Психосоматика: позвоночник и психические причины болезней спины

The relationship of the spine to the internal organs

Some people are fully involved in it and experiencing it to its full potential, while others, suppress negative feelings, moving away from problems, trying to distract myself from them, to switch, to repress out of consciousness. But, of course, they will not disappear, go deep into the subconscious. And therein lies the main danger, because psychological problems are not solved, accumulate and begin to destroy the physical health, manifesting itself in the form of bodily diseases. Such diseases are called psychosomatic.

The doctors noticed that not all are psychosomatic diseases. Because you need to be able to determine the true cause of the disease. To assume that the patient is suffering from psychosomatic are few signs of this group diseases:

  • despite treatment, the disease does not pass;
  • being of the patient is not improving, and if he gets into stress, conflict or any uncomfortable situation, the disease symptoms become more pronounced.

Of course, the development of the disease in the first place the person must apply to the therapist and narrow experts, for a complete examination and diagnosis, and after that and a full course of treatment.

If after all these procedures a positive dynamics is not observed, the therapist may refer the patient to a therapist who is engaged in psychosomatic patients.

The spine and psychosomatics

Психосоматика: позвоночник и психические причины болезней спины

The spine, according to the therapists, is a supporting authority. Avicenna and Hippocrates wrote that the spine is the vital core of a person, who is responsible for the work of all organs. Therefore, if the person does not have enough support, especially in the difficult moments of life, in solving any problems, it may be detected through physical problems. The spine consists of 5 departments:

  • cervical;
  • breast;
  • lumbar;
  • sacral;
  • coccygeal.

According to the experience of psychotherapists, each region of the spine is responsible for its own area and responds differently to different psychological problems. Consequently, different issues provoke diseases of a spine. Experts distinguish the following relationship:

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  • Problems of the upper spine can occur if a person does not receive emotional support from other people, and if he keeps the feeling of love or feel unloved. Then sore neck, neck, is often diagnosed cervical degenerative disc disease.
  • Middle back suffering if the person feels guilty or feels that «it all go» and trying «to lose all off my back».
  • The lower parts of the spine respond when a person experiences fear of lack of money and not receive any financial support. At the same back pain in the lumbar region and the pelvis reacts further pain, if a person is uncomfortable in their own home, in the family. Usually starts with an inexplicable lower back pain.
  • If a person feels useless, suffering from loneliness, it will inevitably lead to pain and even to stoop. This is the General psychosomatics of low back pain and other back disorders.

    Psychosomatics of pain in the cervical spine

    Психосоматика: позвоночник и психические причины болезней спиныThe neck is responsible for the flexibility and ability to adapt to situations and see what is happening around. Neck pain suggests that people are dissatisfied with something. In addition, the neck often hurts people who are trying to impose on others his love. Therapists claim that it is those people who have pain in the cervical spine, do not take into account the fact that forcing your feelings to other people, they do not make them happy, because for each person the concept of happiness is very individual. Thus in such patients there is a sharp discrepancy between the desire to give his love to others and difficulties of realization of this need. This intrapersonal conflict gives rise to neck problems. Usually these patients are diagnosed with cervical osteochondrosis. However, patients with this diagnosis are marked with kindness and forgiveness.

    Psychotherapists indicate that the nature of the illness depends on the personal conflicts and problems:

    • neck ache if the person refuses to consider the problem from different angles, shows obstinacy, does not want to hear the opinion of others categorical;
    • if the neck is inflamed, the reason for this may be the dissatisfaction of the person associated with humiliation;
    • if the neck swells, it can be triggered by the dissatisfaction with the human nuances that saddens him;
    • sharp pain in the neck may indicate a dissatisfaction verging on anger;
    • swelling in the neck can be a consequence of sorrow that the man suppressed for too long;
    • cervical radiculitis can be caused by excessive stubbornness and categorical that a person takes in defending his point of view.

    In any case, problems with the cervical spine always indicate that the person lacks flexibility, adaptability to the world around them and unwillingness to consider the opinions of other people.

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    When pain spine in the thoracic

    If you have a spine in the middle section, it indicates that the person feels guilty. Generally, this intrapersonal conflict stretches from the distant past. People can blame themselves for making mistakes, wrong doings. As a rule, patients with diseases of the thoracic back can’t forgive myself for that, koryu and do not let go of the past. Therapists are advised to work with this field: release the past, forgive yourself and start again. In addition, it is very important for these patients to cultivate a sense of respect and love for yourself. Therapists also point to other causes that cause sore chest:

    • a person takes on too much, but not can handle;
    • man withdraws into himself, locked away from life;
    • the person has experienced trauma, therefore is guided only by sober reason, turning off the emotions and the heart;
    • in humans, disturbed communication ability, he is locked away from contact with people, lest we fall trauma;
    • people tend to judge others;
    • a person saves the emotions in themselves and not allow them to spill out;
    • of people had negative emotions that the psyche can no longer cope, because expressing them through the body;
    • people are afraid to fail;
    • people tend to blame themselves and others.

    Психосоматика: позвоночник и психические причины болезней спиныCommon to these patients is the victim complex, that is, they feel like a victim of the situation, the situation. On the one hand, these people take on too much, but not responsible for it in full.

    In addition, they have low self-esteem, they are afraid to begin a new relationship, afraid of a romantic relationship.

    Therapists claim that only through acceptance of oneself through the love and forgiveness of yourself and others, they can get rid of their ailments and cure the spine.

    Lower back pain

    The spine in the lower part fails, if a person is too concerned about the financial issue. This is especially manifested in those people who strive for independence and are afraid to be a burden to others. The more relevant to this question, the more likely that it will start the problem with the sacral area of the spine. However, this is not the only reason, which leads to pathological processes in the lower back. So, the doctors there are the following psychological causes:

    • with one hand, not enough love, and on the other, he is forced to be alone;
    • people do not feel safe;
    • people suffer from feelings of despair;
    • people have experienced sexual violence, it feels loathing;
    • in early childhood the person has experienced trauma and is still unable to forget and let it go;
    • asexuality, the negation of sexual attraction and sexual relations;
    • fear of financial collapse and a fall from a ladder.
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    If a person has problems with the coccyx, this may indicate that the person lives in harmony with himself, is offended, he persists in something or accuses himself, can not drop old grudges. Psychotherapists have noted the features common to patients with this problem: they suppress feelings of anger, rage, fear; afraid to get joy and enjoyment of life; have low communication skills.

    Arthritis and psychosomatic diseases of the joints

    Психосоматика: позвоночник и психические причины болезней спины

    Arthritis is a complex name of joint disease. These diseases can also have a psychosomatic origin. Most often affects the knees. The knees represent the human ego, pride and principles that guide a person. Knees are an indicator of what the purposes and feelings of man comes in life. If the person violates the principles, constantly unhappy with the result, the consequence may be arthritis. Arthritis most often occurs in people who are going ahead, with the pressure, not looking for easy ways, and unkindly towards others. In addition, the doctors produce and other psychosomatic causes of arthritis:

    • stubbornness, pride. A person puts themselves above others;
    • rebelliousness and inability to compromise;
    • intransigence, fear, inability to adapt to life situations;
    • if arthritis is accompanied by swelling of the knee, this may indicate that a person is saddened by the failure;
    • if the joints accumulates the blood, it may be the result of vindictiveness, which people later regret;
    • arthritis accompanied by creaking and crunching in the joints that is due to the fact that man strives for all to be good, to please everyone, and trying to connect the past and the future;
    • if arthritis is accompanied by clicks at the knees, it indicates that the person so cares about its reputation, thus inhibiting feelings of sadness and anger for any reason.

    The joints in the body are an indicator of how well a person can adapt to circumstances, how easy it is in life, how ready to give in and to compromise, willing to change, adapt to circumstances, to be flexible and to move forward. Therefore, the worse the development in man of these qualities, the more likely he will develop arthritis of the joints.