Qigong for your spine

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system that strengthens the entire body. Especially useful exercise system of qigong for the spine. They help to restore and increase flexibility in the vertebrae, improving circulation and nutrition of the surrounding tissues. Qigong exercises for joints also give the ability to withstand stress, to increase strength of the muscles of the hands and feet, develop a sense of balance. In addition to improving health, there is another aspect of influence of this ancient science: regular classes provide a sustainable positive attitude, provide an opportunity to reach a new level of self-development and longevity.Цигун для позвоночника

Qi as a special substance

This ancient Chinese teachings, according to one source, more than 2 thousand years, and according to others much more – more than 5 thousand years. It was once available only to the elite, and these days is becoming more widespread. There are several ways qigong: Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist… In the course of long practice, instructors and practitioners have accumulated a wealth of experience. Depending on the condition of the body and requirements were used in various forms of training. The technique can be different: dynamic, static, mixed. Methods are also different: soft and hard qigong (a martial art). With the development and fusion of different schools and people’s methods formed a medical or healing qigong school.

The concept of «qigong» can, very roughly, to explain to the Europeans: «Chi» – the special substance that fills the world with energy, and «Gong» job action for the management of this energy. It is the work on yourself, your body and mind, aimed at improvement of health, freedom from diseases, and the development of specific abilities and skills. The basis for such doctrines as Chinese health system of qigong is the theory of the movement of energy qi in the channels, which permeate the entire human body. Doing special exercises and acting on the energy meridians, we thus contribute to the smooth passage of qi. And, consequently, improve their condition.

According to this theory, our health is connected with balance of energy. A healthy person feels cheerful and energetic, the fingers of his hands and feet are always warm. If we get cold – we can rise the temperature of the whole body, if we hurt – possible local swelling and fever in an area. If we are tired – there is a sensation of chills throughout the body, and if experience negative emotions such as fear may feel the chill in the fingers or toes. Typically, the cooling occurs in the field of violation of circulation of blood and energy – where the disturbed qi flow.

Medical direction of the ancient art of qigong helps to get rid of diseases and disease prevention, helps keep the body alert and the mind clear.

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At what age you can do

The qi Gong for the spine is available to almost all age groups. It is suitable people age, most of whom are concerned about their joints and spine – gymnastics requires a significant effort and is possible even for frail patients. For them there are special exercises complex which will help to find a competent instructor.

To perform appropriate to their age and condition exercises health benefits can the younger people. If their work is related to prolonged static load, for example, long sitting behind the computer, young people bent posture, tone of muscles is increased, the vertebrae are poorly supplied with blood. All this leads to the development of various disorders and diseases of the spine even in young age. But thanks to his perseverance and the correct choice of the technique can successfully cope with the disease at an early stage and continue to support the health of the body.Цигун для позвоночника

For qi Gong classes can be people of any age.

Who needs a qigong

The qigong will be very useful in the prevention and the people of different ages who believe do not experience back pain in joints of hands and feet, consider myself quite healthy, but eat properly and lead a sedentary lifestyle. And the absence or lack of movements, as is known, can provoke not only a set of extra pounds, but a variety of ailments. To counter this will help special complexes.

Qi Gong classes to the spine by special treatment technique is available even for people with weak back muscles because of exercises just help to develop muscle strength and build a strong muscular corset. And it helps to get rid of slouching, scoliosis and other back problems. Even herniation, scoliosis and other ailments accompanied by pain in the back, healing qi Gong classes can be useful and indeed, necessary. And to do the exercises can even those who is overweight and suffers from shortness of breath during physical exertion, because:

  • all movements are performed smoothly and steadily, no sudden twisting and bending;
  • observed the combination of movement and breathing, the inhale and exhale calm and not increased;
  • the load on certain muscle groups is replaced by relaxation and then by using other parts of the body;
  • the amplitude of the movements match the capabilities of the practitioner.
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But it is important to engage in under the guidance of a competent instructor, and in complex cases, not try using complexes qigong, can help themselves. Without having proper knowledge, you can only harm your body. Movement and breathing exercises that seem simple, in fact, have great healing power and have a positive impact only when they are properly executed.Цигун для позвоночника

You can learn qigong exercises for self-descriptions and video tutorials. But still a better and safer option would be to do this under the control of a knowledgeable and experienced instructor who will help you to learn the basics and will save you from errors when executing the movements.

Complex for rehabilitation of the spine

If you regularly practice a special complex for the spine, it is possible to form a correct posture and get rid of the back pain that occurs after prolonged stress. Exercise complex have an effect on the muscles of the back, abdomen, buttocks. The impact extends to the shoulders, shoulder blades and the joints of the hands, make use of the joints of the legs and waist. The smoothness and softness of execution of movements allow you to practice complex to everyone, regardless of gender and age. Class helps relieve stiffness in the lower back, especially people who by the nature of their work spend a lot of time in a static sitting position.

Original position

Movement and breath

Standing with his hands down. Raise your hands through the sides up above the head, close together fingers breath. Then slowly lower your arms to the sides and down – exhale.
Also standing straight, with his hands down. Do the same thing, lifting on tiptoes. Hands up, lifting on tiptoes, the top of pull up – breath. Gently fall on all foot – exhale.
The standing position by spreading the hands to the sides, palms down. Stretch the fingers apart (to infinity), stretching the chest inhale. Bring the brush to the shoulders, the elbows remain bent, relax – exhale. Next step: turn your hands palms upwards and continue the same stretch and then relax. Listen to their feelings between exercises, make a movement or noise in the body.
Standing with hands raised and the knees slightly to prosohnut. Without changing the position of the hands, lean forward with a straight back, folding in the waist – exhale. The opinion goes to the floor, which helps to keep the neck relaxed. Hold for a few seconds, slowly return to starting position – breath.
Standing, hands on waist. Do a head nodding movement, holding the chin on the sternum. 6-8 movements with gradually increasing amplitude. Breathing arbitrary.
Feet shoulder width apart, hands up, palms facing towards each other. Shift your weight to the right foot, left foot rests on the toes. Lean slightly to the right and feel how stretched your left side. Tilt – exhale to linger for 1-2 seconds. Straighten up breath. The same to the left.
Standing, the focus of the hands on the waist. Keeping your back straight and stretched out the top of the head up, turn your head to the right. Pull the neck and chin describe a semi-circle from one shoulder to the other – exhale. Return to starting position – breath. Head to the left and repeat the movement in the other direction.
Feet together, hands up in the castle. Fixing the pelvis, slowly rotate your body, twisting at the waist. Turn traction arms– exhale, starting position – inhale. Concentrate on stretching the back and sides.
Standing on one leg, the second bent at the knee and lift. Rotate the foot alternately in different directions. Same with the other leg. Breathing arbitrary.
Standing, back straight, arms down. Repeat the first breathing exercise. Praise yourself for the work done.

Health and medical qi Gong for joints and spine, helps relieve back pain, developing muscular system, relieve mental stress. With regular practice improves coordination, develops balance, increases mobility of hip and ankle joints.