Radiculitis of the cervical spine: causes and treatment

Радикулит шейного отдела позвоночника: причины и лечениеThe condition of the spine is very important for human health. Any disease and damage can create serious discomfort, accompanied by pain syndrome and limitation of motion. Sciatica is one of the ailments that can affect the spine.

The symptoms and signs of disease

Radiculitis of the cervical spine is a common disease that affects the spinal nerve roots. It is quite unpleasant disease, which, like the neck-shoulder sciatica can occur even in people at a young age. The treatment of these diseases is a long process, but mostly successful.

Cervical-brachial and cervical radiculitis usually appear suddenly, the man start to disturb the very unpleasant symptoms of the disease. These include:

  • a feeling of weakness;
  • pain in the neck, back and shoulders;
  • headache in the neck;
  • numbness of the hands;
  • dizziness;
  • irregularities in the heart, manifested in the rapid change of blood pressure;
  • the decline in visual acuity.
  • congestion or ringing in the ears.

Радикулит шейного отдела позвоночника: причины и лечение

The pain caused due to pinched nerve roots of the deformed vertebrae

If any of these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. Treatment should begin immediately, as sciatica can become chronic stage.

Chronic sciatica symptoms is the same, but they are not occasional, permanent. While acute pain is usually not observed. Proper treatment will help to reduce the intensity of unpleasant sensations to a minimum.

The causes of the disease

Cervical-brachial radiculitis does not appear by itself. In many respects its development is due to the way of life of the patient. For the occurrence of this disease is a very specific reason.

  • Overeating or improper diet. The result is an overweight, leading to increased load on the spine, its deformation and inflammation of the spinal nerves.
  • Inflammatory and suppurative processes in the area of the cervical spine.
  • A sedentary way of life. Prolonged immobility posture leads to reduced blood flow, deteriorating metabolism. This can lead to congestion and inflammation, resulting in sciatica.
  • Features of professional activity in which the cervical spine is experiencing increased pressure.
  • A weakened immune system. The reasons for this phenomenon may be many, but one of the consequences is the inflammation of the nerve endings of the spine.
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    Радикулит шейного отдела позвоночника: причины и лечение

  • The constant violation of the correct posture. Because of this curvature of the spine, the discs compress nerves, causing inflammation.
  • Age. Normal wear and tear of the body over time, there is abrasion of the intervertebral cartilage, pinched nerves and inflammation.
  • Hypothermia. Prolonged exposure to cold may cause a disease such as cervical radiculitis.
  • Congenital curvature of the spine or displacement of its separate fragments.
  • Received trauma or injury. Violation of the integrity of the individual parts of the spine in most cases causes sciatica.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis. This disease, with the long period development, destroys the cartilage and bone tissue, turning into cervical radiculitis.
  • Inflammatory disease. The infection got into the blood, spreads throughout the body, causing inflammation of certain organs. Spinal nerves — is no exception.
  • Because of the vulnerability of the human body the sciatica is a fairly common disease.

    Treatment of cervical radiculitis

    Modern medicine has learned how to effectively deal with sciatica, including cervical. As a rule, treatment is complex, using several methods simultaneously. Drug therapy is the use of injections and pills. Drugs used to relieve pain, inflammation and improve blood circulation. To improve overall body tone prescribed vitamins. Types of drugs, their dosage and duration of administration depend on the patient’s condition. Self-treatment is unacceptable, the drugs may appoint a doctor.

    If sciatica is caused by the absence of motion, therapeutic exercise can help get rid of the disease. The treatment is in the Commission of certain movements aimed to release tension in the muscles, eliminating pinching and pain. Basically it is the movement of the head and trunk bending in different directions. The physical therapy course is determined by a physician.

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    Радикулит шейного отдела позвоночника: причины и лечение

    Manual therapy is an effective means to ease the pain and relieve tension in the muscles. The massage is carried out at all stages of the disease. Warming up not only the neck but also arms, shoulders, chest and back. If the sciatica is accompanied by headaches, facial muscles also massaging. Massage leads to improved blood supply in the inflamed organs, activating the metabolism, helps to restore tissues elasticity.

    Massage — the procedure is delicate, it should be performed only by an experienced specialist. Too strong impact can cause acute pain or displacement of the vertebrae. As a rule, a course of manual therapy includes 10 sessions.

    During treatment, the patient is recommended to attend work and undertake activities associated with exercise or prolonged sitting in one place. The patient needs rest and warmth.

    Prevention of disease

    There are a few simple rules that will prevent development of the disease or to minimize the possibility of recurrence.

  • In the event of illness to immediately seek medical care and strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor. This will stop the progression of the disease and not allow it to go to a more serious stage.
  • Choose combination diet. Proper nutrition enhances immunity and improve metabolism. The presence of calcium in the diet helps strengthen bone tissue and reduces the rate of abrasion.
  • Not to lift too heavy objects. Excessive stress can cause displacement and destruction of bone material in the area of the neck, pinching and inflammation of the nerve endings.
  • Do not postpone the treatment of inflammatory processes in the body. The infection affects all organs.
  • To abandon soft or strong Flex beds and sofas. If diagnosed with sciatica, you need to purchase a pillowtop mattress.
  • To take measures to get rid of excess weight. This can be achieved through diet or exercise. To reduce the load on the bone tissue will reduce its wear.
  • Constantly monitor your posture. Do not sit long in one position with a bent back.
  • To regularly exercise. In order to be healthy, fairly easy morning exercises and a small evening runs.
  • To prevent local and General hypothermia. In the cold season to wear warm shoes and use a scarf.
  • With proper attention to your body rheumatism can not only prevent but also to cure successfully.