Reactive arthritis treatment of folk and traditional media

How to treat reactive arthritis with traditional and folk remedies

Reactive arthritis is a disorder that appears as a response to infection, for example, in the genitals, urinary system, gastrointestinal tract.

The standard arthritis occurs 20-25 days after the onset of infection.

Reactive arthritis due to infections of the urinary organs, provoking factors are infections in the genital organs, urinary bladder, urethra.

If the infection is related to food poisoning, such a state is called enterogastric.

2% of people with such poisoning can last several weeks to appear the inflammation of the joints.

Genetic predisposition also has a certain importance in the development of the disease.

Violation often occurs in 20 — 40 years.

Representatives of the stronger sex more often than women, suffer from this form of arthritis associated with genital infections. With food poisoning, a deviation is observed equally often in both sexes.

Pain and swelling of joints in knees, elbows and toes are the first appearances of the disorder. Other joints can also become inflamed.

Reactive arthritis in diseases of the genitourinary system accompanied by symptoms of inflammation of the prostate and urethra have a strong half, bladder, uterus, vagina in females.

This may occur frequent urge to urinate and burning at this moment. Pain and redness of the eyes, reduction of visual acuity caused by conjunctivitis, which can appear before the development of arthritis or with joint involvement.

Since the disorder has no special features basically, a diagnosis is established by excluding other causes of joint damage.

For diagnosis doctor it is important to carefully question the man, examine it and examine the data of laboratory examinations.

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Curable if the disease?

In reactive arthritis extremely high risk of relapse and transition violations in the chronic form.

However, the treatment of reactive arthritis in the knees and other joints – is quite real, you need to postpone treatment.

The main principles of treatment of this type of arthritis consist of anti-bacterial effects and neutralization of the articular manifestations.


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Of antimicrobial agents at the deviation of the prescribed funds broad-spectrum – azithromycin, doxycycline.

These drugs belong to different species and are taken in a specific pattern selected by the treating doctor. By itself antibiotic therapy not facilitates for arthritis. But the use of antibiotics will neutralize the root cause.

Therapy joint syndrome are two main types of funds – NSAIDs and hormones.

NSAIDs (diclofenac, salicylate, ibuprofen) are used in the complex – inside tablets and topically in ointments. These drugs stop the biochemical reactions that cause inflammation of the joints.

A similar effect have glucocorticoids – dexamethasone diprospan. These funds are also used comprehensively, through ingestion and injection inside the joint.

Both drugs have many side effects, including blood clotting disorder, toxic effect on the liver, stomach and intestine, depression of immunity.

Although the decrease in immunity in this disorder – more good than bad.

During the suppression of immunity impedes the course of autoimmune reactions leading to the defeat of the joints.

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It is for this arthritis used immunosuppressive remedies that stop the growth of cells and reduced immunity. This tool is methotrexate.

It stops the growth of cells, interruption of immune and inflammatory processes, and is therefore the tool of choice in reactive arthritis.

But this medicine is also not without side effects – inhibition of the protective functions is not without a trace. Additionally, methotrexate increases the toxic effects of NSAIDs.

Therefore, the drug should be prescribed and used under strict supervision of a doctor who knows how to treat joint damage with the least risk for the patient.

Traditional medicine

Reactive arthritis and its treatment folk remedies is the use of natural ingredients in combination with certain medical drugs:

  1. This means is the Dimexidum. It is used for compresses. To do this, the drug is mixed in equal parts with woltarena or hydrocortisone. Compress with the resulting composition applied for 30 minutes.
  2. Other medium-wash – mix equal amounts of grated radish and horseradish. Before applying the compress the patient’s joint is smeared with vegetable oil.
  3. 200 ml of vegetable oil connected with an equal amount of comfrey leaves. The resulting composition to boil for half an hour on low heat. Then broth to filter, add 50 ml of beeswax and a little oil to the composition of Vit. E. This ointment be rubbed into the affected area.
  4. Put on the affected area wrap with hot dry Maritime smolt. After spread joint fir oil and put salt.

Traditional recipes do not affect the cause of. Because without medications in the treatment of violations is not enough, and traditional methods only increase the action of these agents.

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How to treat reactive arthritis in children


With proper treatment the causes of the disease of arthritis disappear in a few weeks. Half suffered disorder symptoms may appear again. The condition can become chronic.

The sooner you start treatment reactive arthropathy, the greater the likelihood that the lesion will be defeated in the short term, and its manifestations will not be to disturb a long time.

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Reactive arthritis — an inflammatory disease affecting the joints that develops after the transfer of some infections. A complex of symptoms that indicate the disease.