Reactive synovitis of the knee joint: exercise, nutrition

Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питаниеIf in the synovial membrane of the joint causes inflammation and exudates formed, then starts exudative synovitis (refer to ICD 10). Speaking about clinical practice, it is worth noting that synovitis can be infectious and aseptic.

Disease causes for development is different. Most often synovitis occurs after a man injured his leg as a result of injury. When damage to the joint occurs post-traumatic synovitis of the knee joint (refer to ICD 10). It relates to the aseptic forms of the disease.

Compared to other diseases that occur in the body may develop a reactive synovitis. Such diseases include autoimmune processes and metabolic pathology. Reactive lesions of the joints you can often observe in children. For example, a child injured in the game right knee, then bruised right knee could cause the development of synovitis.

Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питание

How does the knee joint of a person

Synovitis of the knee joint has reasons for the emergence of a completely different. And because of the types of synovitis, each one has its own symptoms. Tenosynovitis sometimes occurs, in the other case, allergic synovitis. In all cases, treatment is chosen individually.

To self-medicate with detection of the disease is not necessary, it is best to consult the doctor. What kind of recovery program will choose the doctor depends on the severity of the disease. Treatment may involve surgery or be on medication. If the physician chooses surgery, therapy should be supplemented by treatment conducive to the correction of metabolic disorders. In addition, the designated repair therapy.

The cause of reactive synovitis in some cases is arthritis. For the treatment the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs, if necessary, analgesics. It all depends on the severity of the case. If the disease is advanced, it is possible to remove damaged tissue. To do this, the doctor recommends arthroscopic surgery.

Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питаниеIt should be noted that it is important to determine the etiology of the disease, to pay attention to the symptoms. Possible not only reactive synovitis, and tenosynovitis but (refer to ICD 10), infectious or allergic synovitis. In the treatment of great importance is symptomatic and restorative therapy. If the doctor sees that the possibility of development of infectious process, it is required to appoint antibacterial preparations.

In order to make the right diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a diagnostic arthroscopy. In some cases of reactive synovitis may be occult. To identify widely used thermal method. Sometimes the disease requires the use of special tires. For example, minimal synovitis (refer to ICD 10) involves the use of a patella or a normal pressure bandage.

If the patient suffers from reactive synovitis, he indicated treatment in specialized sanatoriums, in addition, help the physical therapy. Very well, if the patient can go to the resorts where practiced mud therapy. To help restore the health of adults and children also sodium chloride and sulphide mineral water.

Do not forget about traditional methods. Treatment of folk remedies can be effective. Helps reduce inflammation oil of Laurel leaves, it is gently rubbed into the knee. To cook oil pretty simple. To do this, take a Cup of vegetable oil (it can be anything), add two tablespoons of crushed Bay leaf. Close the container tightly and leave for a week. After that strain the oil and RUB it on the affected areas. To do this it is recommended that at least three times a day. The tool will help if you have disease of the elbow joint (refer to ICD 10) and other types of synovitis.

The disease can occur if the patient is suffering from bursitis. Several types of synovitis, the causes are different, but all cases are similar severe pain and inflammation. To the disease should be taken very seriously, immediately to begin treatment.

First, the Clinician assesses the patient’s condition. In some cases, when conventional treatment using medicines does not help, the doctor prescribes surgery.

The causes of synovitis

You need to elaborate on what may be the cause of the disease. If we talk about the inflammation, it can occur for several reasons at any time. If you hurt yourself, cut knee or even received a slight abrasion can cause the onset of the disease. Severe injuries increase the likelihood of developing the disease.

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In addition, it is worth considering that reactive synovitis in children may occur as a response to allergic reactions.The child after a trauma can occur synovitis of the elbow joint or wrist joint (refer to ICD 10), to begin tenosynovitis.

The cause of the disease in some cases becomes mechanical impact and joint instability.

If you are already suffering from this disease should visit the doctor. If the first signs of synovitis, and you think you have acute synovitis — do not hesitate to urgently take care of their health.

The symptoms of the disease

Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питаниеTo diagnose the disease, especially if we are talking about disease that occurs in an acute form. Symptoms include:

  • Severe pain in the joint.
  • The decreased mobility of the knee.
  • The weakening of the ligamentous apparatus.
  • In addition, temperature can increase, although this occurs very rarely. The position became critical, contact physician at first sign of symptoms. Special care should be taken to the health of children, which can injure the knee or elbow when playing games. Then the child can be diagnosed with the disease of the elbow joint.

    It should be noted that the disease can be dangerous. The tribes of man — the place is always very busy. If you injure this area, inflammation occurs very quickly. Symptoms appear on the second day, the person begins to experience severe discomfort.

    Most often, the ailment is accompanied not sharp, but aching, constantly pulling pain. The doctor in this situation should be especially careful not to confuse reactive synovitis of the knee with some other disease with similar symptoms. As a rule, synovitis knee blush. If the time to begin treatment, tenosynovitis in adults and children are not dangerous.

    Before prescribe treatment, the doctor produces a diagnosis. First, he examines the knee, then the doctor needs to assess how much the damaged joint due to a disease.

    Diagnosis often requires taking puncture. It is as follows. The doctor makes a small puncture of the skin and takes a sample, which is carefully studied. It gives an understanding of how much damaged tissue. Only by diagnosing synovitis of the knee, the doctor prescribes treatment.

    If changes or damage to the joint is too large, the doctor makes the decision about surgical intervention. Since the disease of the elbow joint gives a person a lot of trouble, do not delay visit to the doctor.

    The treatment of the disease

    Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питание

    Where can accumulate synovial fluid in the knee

    Synovitis of knee-joint cured by different methods, select the one that is most suitable in a given situation. The doctor evaluates each case and selects the necessary medicines. At different stages of the disease can be used medical therapy or surgical intervention.

    It is very common for beginning treatment, it is necessary to immobilize the sore spot. In this case, the doctor puts a splint worn at least a week. If there is a relapse, treatment with the use of brovana, heparin or rumalon. What kind of medicine you need to use the doctor chooses. Synovitis of the right knee and the left knee joint are easiest to treat in the early stages of the disease.

    Needless to say, synovitis of the knee treatment involve long term, especially in the most advanced cases that require the removal of the joint. But it is done very rarely, only when other treatments cannot stop the disease. In most cases of reactive synovitis of the knee joint perfectly cured by medicines.

    Often doctors prescribe warming ointment, but it is not necessary to make a decision about using them independently, only relying on symptoms. Surgical intervention may be administered if drug therapy did not help.

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    If we talk about the treatment prognosis, much depends on what stage of the disease, the patient sought help. Do not pull the time, after all, or it can create chronic synovitis. In this case, you will have a lifetime to support a bad knee, holding therapy from time to time.

    Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питаниеIf hurt — consult your doctor to rule out tenosynovitis. Qualified medical aid, rendered in time, will prevent development of the disease. In most cases, the Outlook is positive, the disease is curable. Often the most rapid recovery of prescribed massages.

    In some cases, when assigned to surgery, is removing the source of inflammation. The prognosis is also favorable if the operation was done in time. Curing disease is easy. You only need not to delay seeking help even if the pain is not very strong, and you have moderate to marked synovitis.

    When you go to your appointment, the doctor will ask you a list of questions. It is for them to be compiled picture of the disease. The doctor usually asks you to answer whether there is a chronic disease, whether the injury and infectious diseases. In addition, the doctor will ask about the presence of congenital abnormalities of the tissues or bones. Before you make a decision about treatment, the doctor evaluates your General condition, detailed questioning about the nature of pain in the joint.

    When the disease may be effusion into the cavity. After the external examination of the knee, the physician writes a referral for MRI and ultrasound. In order to understand whether there is fluid infection, does puncture. Note that the liquid is the main source of the disease.

    How to make a puncture

    Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питание

    Removing the accumulated synovial fluid in knee after injury

    Puncture allows you to quickly remove the accumulated fluid. Do not be afraid that the procedure will be painful. Anesthesia is not required, you almost won’t feel a thing. The doctor inserts a thin needle into the place where the accumulated liquid, and then gently draw it up the syringe. Thus, the puncture is not only a means to obtain tissue for analysis, but and effective treatment method which is widely used in synovitis.

    After the doctor aspirates from the knee stagnant liquid, it will introduce the antibiotic. This allows you to quickly stop the disease. Note that after the procedure, the knee must be protected from loads. Usually the attending physician prescribes the rest for a few days. Also credited with the cold, on the joint imposed tight bandage.

    You need to ensure that the joints in the rest period is not loaded. Of course, the harmful and the opposite situation, when a person remains in bed, thinking that this will make it easier for him to defeat the disease, but this is not true. If there were complications, enroll in a secondary appointment to see your doctor.

    In fact, you need no more than five to seven days of rest, this is sufficient for recovery after illness. Then you need to begin to develop a joint, you can do massage.

    If the patient complains of severe pain, your doctor may prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. When moderate synovitis of the knee joint develops on the background of osteoarthritis, the doctor completes the therapy with chondroprotectors. These drugs are particularly effective in restoring joint cartilage, the disease is cured faster. Corticosteroids are used in therapy are quite rare, they are introduced to the area around the joint. Especially well they help if diagnosed with recurrent synovitis.

    Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питаниеThe General condition may facilitate the appointment of anti-inflammatory ointments. It has a positive effect on the condition of the joints, brings relief to the patient.

    When synovitis has become a chronic disease, it is assigned to arthroscopy. This operation, which removes the salt crystals are removed the bone fragments or cartilage. It should be noted that a person after surgery is recovering very quickly. Large incisions in the operation is not done, you can not be afraid of what will remain visible, ugly scars.

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    When synovitis help compresses of herbs. This is a good alternative pharmaceutical ointments in the treatment of synovitis of the knee joint. But we should not self-medicate and rely on compresses or ointments.

    If you wish to make compresses, tell your doctor about your decision. In some cases it is not necessary to make compresses due to contraindications.


    The doctor on admission assess the patient’s condition, it can not only endorse the compresses, and then assign a therapy, various physiotherapy treatments. If the patient leads a sedentary lifestyle, the doctor will recommend gymnastic exercises. But they should only do so after leaving inflammation.

    Реактивный синовит коленного сустава: физические упражнения, питаниеTo begin to perform exercises that need lying down, do not dramatically loading a bad knee. Exercises after arthroscopy simple to handle them each. The rise of direct legs, flexion and extension of the patient’s joint, the treatment is only the first stage, after it always goes to recovery. Keep this in mind.

    Once you exercise, lying a few days, continue to exercise, sitting on a chair. They can be done with a small load. Flexion and leg lifts you need to perform effortlessly. Be sure to pay attention to the condition of knee pain should not be. First, the amplitude of movements and speed of their implementation should be small.

    If possible, sign up in the pool for Aqua aerobics. Remember that during the course, you should not experience discomfort, then physical exercise will bring you only benefits.

    A balanced diet

    If you have been diagnosed with synovitis, pay special attention to their nutrition. It is especially important to follow a diet those who are overweight, because extra pounds be a big burden on a sore knee. But to starve or go on a strict diet is impossible in any case! This can significantly harm your body will make the treatment of synovitis longer.

    Is more to consider, what products should eat. It is better to stay those that are rich in vitamins and minerals, but which will not allow to gain extra pounds.

    If you have synovitis in the diet is to introduce those foods that contain a lot of protein. These include seafood and fish, rabbit meat and Turkey. Buy those products that contain a lot of calcium. It can be nuts, cheese and other dairy products.

    Also, you should eat more greens, vegetables and fruits, they contain some vital vitamins: K, E, And C. be Sure to have been in the diet foods rich in iron are legumes, Brussels sprouts or cauliflower. In Luka and the seaweed contains a lot of sulfur and potassium.

    Be sure to observe the correct drinking regime. Then the treatment of synovitis of the knee joint will be more quick. Drink pure, non-carbonated water in sufficient quantity. All this will help you to quickly recover from synovitis of the knee joint.

    Pay attention to the shoes

    Be sure to pay attention to the shoes, it should be comfortable. Especially the choice of shoes for women, because the wearing of very high heels is often a cause of arthritis and synovitis.

    The causes of synovitis are different. Now that you know what is synovitis, know the symptoms, engage in prevention of disease. It prevention is the best way to stay healthy. Do not think about how to heal synovitis of the knee joint on its own, it is better to consult the doctor.