Recipes horseradish for the treatment of joints: tincture, compress

The recipes tinctures and compresses of horseradish for the treatment of joints

In folk medicine, collected enough knowledge to cure any disease. Modern humanity has become accustomed to the drug therapy, but when she’s not helping, we always refer to the gifts of nature.

In antiquity knew how to get rid of any ailments, and joint problems that are so relevant today, was treated by simple methods.

One of these panaceas is the fuck — the hot and spicy root, which kills viruses, removes parasites, and fights inflammation.

The use of horseradish

Useful properties of horseradish very much, so this plant is used not only in cooking but also in folk medicine and even cosmetology. The value of the burning root is in its composition.

There are a lot of essential oils that smell plants indoors is almost impossible. Horseradish has antiseptic properties, and is rich in vitamins. These include vitamin C, and its amount is twice that of lemon.

A lot of the hell of micro and macronutrients, minerals and resinous substances, carbohydrates and fats. However, the use of grated horseradish may not last longer than a week, so shop seasoning with long shelf life can only be called a flavoring agent.

First and foremost, hell is used for the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and respiratory organs. It enhances the secretion of digestive glands, so it is good for gastritis with low acidity.

Acts as a diuretic and fights against inflammation of the respiratory tract.

What diseases of the joints under the force of the fuck?

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Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, the hell do not replace the treatment of joint. It helps to remove swelling, swelling and pain.

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In ancient times, when medicine had not yet stepped so far, and in the villages about her and never knew, orthopedic problems treated exactly the hell.

In the whole plant, not just its root, but leaves, a lot of active substances, which are needed by the human body.

Therefore, tinctures, ointments, lotions and decoctions did, as from a root, and green leaves.

For each illness and severity of the event had their own recipes. But hell have helped and still can help to get rid of arthrosis, rheumatism, arthritis and even degenerative disc disease.

It helps to heal lumbar sciatica, removes salt. No substitute at the early stages of deformation of the joints. Horseradish treat gout and stop the exacerbation of chronic diseases of the joints.

Popular recipes

Previously, each healer knew when and in what form to give a fuck, to relieve the pain or eliminate the disease. Many recipes have been lost, but traditional medicine has maintained the most effective of them:

  1. Hell from joint pain. Need to dig up the horseradish root, and grind it on a fine grater and the resulting slurry applied to the trouble areas. On top of her to cover with a clean cloth natural composition, such as linen, cotton or wool. On top of need to do bandage to compress subsided. With a bandage you need to walk at least two hours. If too bakes, the root can replace fresh leaves of the plant.
  2. In order to reduce swelling. For this purpose, suitable boiled horseradish root. It must first be cleaned of dirt, and then hold in boiling water for about five minutes. It should become soft, after which it is wrapped in a thin cloth and still warm, apply to the sore spot. To go with this lotion need till hell cools off. By this time the pain in the joint subsides, but the swelling goes down only a few hours after the procedure.
  3. When sciatica. Tear off a fresh sheet of horseradish, scald with boiling water, cover with plastic and apply to the affected area. Top need to bandage, or pin a scarf to wrap disintegrated. This procedure is best done before bedtime, leaving a piece of fuck for the night. In the morning the sheet can be whitish plaque, this suggests that the salt deposits out. In order to achieve the desired effect, you need to hold at least ten regular procedures. In winter, this treatment can be used shabby horseradish root, mixed with a small amount of kerosene.
  4. If you have arthritis. First, a horseradish root grate it on a fine grater, then put in water and bring to boil on low heat. Then on a canvas cloth spread the resulting mush, and cover the problem areas.
  5. For pain in the joints. To resolve pain, enough to make a compress of finely grated horseradish and Apple.
  6. During exacerbation of diseases of the joints. In this case, help annoying mixture of radish, horseradish and mustard. Such a composition will not only help to stop the inflammatory process, but also provides analgesic effects. Components you need to chop, mix and make a lotion. The procedure must be repeated several times a day, for ten days.
  7. Rheumatism, gout and arthritis will help compress of crushed horseradish, it should be covered with cotton cloth.
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Tips for treatment

A compress of fresh horseradish to keep the joints about two hours. At this time it is best to lie down, to read prayers or just good thoughts.

Grate the horseradish is quite problematic, as its flavor hurt the eyes and irritate the nose. This is best done in a draught or in a well ventilated area.

Procedures that use steamed horseradish, can not be repeated more than three times a day to avoid burns.

Contraindications for use of fuck

Despite its healing properties, horseradish is a crucial tool that can not only benefit, but harm. It’s hot and spicy plant, so needs to be treated very carefully.

There are a number of contraindications that prohibit to be treated fuck in some cases.

In any case can not be used to hell during pregnancy and acute inflammatory processes in the body.

If therapy for arthritis includes herbal teas and tinctures hell, you need to be careful to those people who suffer from inflammation of the stomach and intestines, gastritis with high acidity.

You can not use the tool if there are kidney and liver disease. You should be careful with the use of the root of all who are prone to hypertension. Excessive consumption of this product contributes to increase in blood pressure, causing complications can occur.

Starting treatment hell, even the recipes of traditional medicine, it is necessary to consult with a therapist. This plant is considered medicinal, so may have not only therapeutic effect but also a side effect.

This plant is known a lot of good and bad, but the fact remains — this plant is necessary. Its value is difficult to measure, even if it is hot and spicy. Horseradish called Russian ginseng, because its use is as great as the notorious Eastern spice.

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Recipes based on the hell have a long history, stretching back centuries. The wisdom of generations has given us a real cure for debilitating ailments that are sometimes better drugs fighting with them.