Recipes nettle for treatment of joints: tincture and other means

Treatment of diseased joints with nettles: recipes and tips

Nettle is a unique grass and a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.

It is used in various spheres of life, in the old days nettle was doing the thread and fishing nets, to this day known use of nettle in gastronomy and medicine.

With its high useful properties, nettles can have on the body a beneficial effect in many diseases, including pain in the joints.

Useful properties of nettle

Amazing grass, which is often mistaken for prickly weed, contains in its structure a large number of vitamins and minerals.

Nettle is rich In vitamins a, b, C, E, K, and the following micronutrients: calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, copper and chlorine. Also, nettle contains formic acid and flavonoids.

Thanks to each of these substances nettle has a healing and regenerating action in its proper reception.

For example, vitamin K has a significant impact on blood clotting, in addition, marked anti-inflammatory effect, which has this element.

As the healing herb increases blood clotting, a positive effect is observed in PMS. The amount of vitamin K in General has a beneficial effect on the vascular system.

Famous for the healing herb, the ability to rapidly rid the body of toxins, the effect is due to the high content of nettle lignans and polysaccharides cellulose. Regular, but correct use of plants helps to improve the quality of vision.

The grass will be very useful for people with such chronic diseases as tuberculosis and arteriosclerosis. Drugs nettle is recommended to take in order to improve the health of the immune system.

Nettle has curative effect on the kidneys, bladder and liver, is actively fighting against the possible diseases of these vital organs.

The high content of calcium in the plant is not having a large load on the kidneys, but the nettle is very useful for joints.

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Nettle restores joint health

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Home treatment of joints nettles can be carried out with such diseases as:

  • rheumatism;
  • arthritis and polyarthritis;
  • low back pain.

Cautions and tips

Treatment nettle requires some caution.

It is important to observe the correct dosage, and before use it is best to consult a doctor, because the plant can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.

Please note, nettle can not be used as the primary treatment, the plant can only be applied in the form of additional medicines.

Favorite recipes efficiently and safely

Below are the most effective recipes for treatment of joints on the basis of the may nettle:

  1. For the preparation of a medicament for treatment of joints take 1 part leaves of dioecious nettle, three parts of leaves of black currant and elderberry, according to four pieces of horsetail herb and flowers of tansy, as well as a five-part series. Next, 300 grams of minced raw pour three liters of water, boil. The broth is filtered and poured into a water bath whose temperature is equal to 36-38 degrees. Taking a bath every other day. The course of treatment involves about 20 procedures.
  2. The following recipe is mainly used to treat arthritis and polyarthritis. To prepare the medication you take 2 of dioecious nettle, pepper mint, the shoots of asparagus officinalis, in three parts of grass clover, violets, medicinal and shoots of marsh rosemary, 4 parts series and lingonberry leaves. All the plants are crushed and mixed, then take 2 table spoon collection and pour the liter of boiling water (steep). Broth bring to a boil, boil for ten minutes on low heat and infuse overnight in a thermos. Medicine drink half an hour before meals in 100 ml.
  3. For the treatment of degenerative disc disease using vodka infusion of stinging nettles. For its preparation take one kilogram of the roots of the herbs, crushed them and put into a bottle, pouring 500 ml of vodka. In a dark place medicine insist twelve days, shaking daily. Ready infusion make every day a spoon of the dining room.
  4. For the treatment of rheumatism take two parts of leaves Urtica dioica and flowers of the Siberian elder, one part of calendula medicinal, fruits of a juniper, Maryina root, buckthorn bark olhovidnoy, shoots sweet and bitter nightshade flower and blue cornflower, four parts of horsetail grass, birch leaves and white willow bark. 3 tablespoons collection pour 500 ml boiling water, insist 10 minutes. Drink a glass.
  5. Here’s another recipe, is effective in arthritis: 100 grams of shoots of Urtica dioica mixed with the same quantity of pine needles pine trees, young shoots of silver birch, the roots of creeping grass, the leaves and stems of the horseradish. All the ingredients are pulverized, and then fill them with water and boil for fifteen minutes, then insist four hours. On the bottom of the tub lay the roots of the nettle with a layer of five centimeters, pour hot water and administered to the strained decoction. A bath should take 30 minutes, lost to kidneys in a day. The treatment course includes 10 baths.
  6. For the preparation of remedies for the joints can take on three parts of Urtica dioica and wild strawberries, two parts corn ryltsev leaves of white birch and grass repeshko ordinary. Ingredients to grind, take one tea spoon collection and pour this amount in one Cup of boiled water. The broth should infuse for thirty minutes, then strain. Medication it is recommended one third Cup (the trick three times a day).
  7. For joints there is this recipe: 1 dessert spoon of chopped nettle leaves mixed with the same amount of cowberry leaves, peppermint leaves, flowers pharmacy chamomile, herb St. John’s wort, horsetail, elecampane root, diuretic tea, kidney drooping birch, flax seeds, corn ryltsev leaves and Indian onions. All the plants stirred, and the resulting collection pour one liter of boiling water. Broth insist at least 2 hours in a warm place. Take the drug half a Cup, rubbing in the spine and the joints of patients, 4 times a day. This treatment is complemented with a massage.
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Sometimes you should refrain from using nettles

Although nettle is a healing herb and is very effective in the treatment of joints, it has certain contraindications.

Mainly contraindications to the use of nettle are related to its ability to improve blood clotting.

Thus, the use of plants is not advisable for people with thick blood, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, otherwise greatly increases the risk of blood clots. Do not use nettles if you have a severe kidney disease and hypertension.

It is strictly forbidden to use nettles as a therapeutic agent during pregnancy, the plant may provoke the woman’s uterus for erection and premature birth.

In other cases, the use of nettles will have a positive effect on the entire body and help you to cope with joint disease.