Relaxing back massage: basic rules

Расслабляющий массаж спины: основные правилаAnyone repeatedly faced with pain in the back. Largely the culprit of this is the accumulation of tension in the back muscles for dynamic and static loads. Relaxing back massage helps to remove residual muscle tension. It should be remembered that the stresses are accumulated not only at high physical loads, but when sedentary lifestyle (static muscle work); the latter can affect even stronger.

Massage since ancient times, is the first resort in the treatment and prevention of diseases, eliminate pain and improve the psychological state of the person. Relaxing back massage, despite the seeming ease and carelessness, creates the opportunity to effectively deal with painful phenomena in the back and the lumbar region, to get rid of stressful influences. Massage psychologically tune in to the optimism and activism.

Anatomy and physiology of the back

The back muscles are group of muscles that support the spine. In the back area are located the trapezius and rhomboid muscles, latissimus dorsi and muscle, levator scapulae, upper and lower serratus and muscle, straightening the spine. All these muscles provide the mobility of the spine and the shoulder blades. In addition, they participate in shaping the posture of the person.

The spine fit numerous nerve endings, so the massages the spine is not recommended. But the impact on the side the spine has a positive effect on the nervous system as a whole.

In the area of blades focused a large number of muscles, which can in pathology to give pain. In the lumbar region on both sides of the spine are the kidneys that must be considered when determining the power of massage. The lower back, which is a fairly large bone of the sacrum and coccyx, allow significant massage efforts.

Расслабляющий массаж спины: основные правила

Large back muscles keep the spine in the correct position

Human muscles are working in dynamic and static mode. During active movements repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles can lead to the formation of excess muscle stress, which accumulate and cause pain.

In a stationary state the muscle cells are excited, and the fibers of the muscles tense up. However, their reduction does not occur. The result is the accumulation of static muscle tension that also causes discomfort.

Preparing for a massage session

The main purpose of a relaxing back massage to relieve the unpleasant sensation of pain, relax the muscles and relieve the accumulated tension in them, to provide a burst of physical and psychological forces. Massage enhances performance and elasticity of the muscle fibers. Relaxing massage is particularly useful to man leading an inactive way of life and are mostly engaged in sedentary sitting work. Systematic procedures such massage helps to improve posture by strengthening the back muscles.

An important preparatory step to carrying out a relaxing massage is the establishment of psychological contact between the host and doing the massage. It is necessary to bring the patient into a balanced and relaxed state, which is not worth it to save time on preliminary communication. The massage itself should be conducted in a comfortable environment. It is possible to use a light soothing music. Massaged before the procedure should take a shower or bath.

Расслабляющий массаж спины: основные правилаBefore beginning it is necessary to lay the patient on a bed or massage table back up. The most convenient position suggests that the hands are directed along the trunk, and the head turns to the side. After the patient adopted a position, it is necessary to achieve maximum relaxation.

To enhance the massage effect on the back is recommended to apply a small amount of massage oil for the body. Oil helps to reduce congestion in the muscles and to remove residual stresses in them.

The basic rules of procedure

A relaxing massage is by applying several techniques. All procedures are carried out consistently. It is important to ensure the continuity of the process, and so that the hands are massaging all the time related to the back.

Расслабляющий массаж спины: основные правилаBack massage involves the application of the following basic techniques: superficial and deep stroking, rubbing, kneading, pressing, vibration. The massage begins with light strokes and gradually increase the impact. Massaging is produced first from the bottom, in the sacrum, and gradually move up. After the completion of major procedures, is the final stage, the same primary, with the aim of calming and relaxation of muscles.

Relaxing massage begins with a light planar surface stroking his hands back, placing them on both sides of the spine. Stroking first made in the lumbar region and moves to the neck along the spine. In the top of the palms is circular stroking around the shoulder blades, followed by the movement of the palms down stroke back at the sides, i.e., starts easy compression stroking. Stroking is carried out several times until the butter will not cover evenly the entire surface of the back, and the back muscles are not warmed up.

Planar stroking performed by a relaxed hand and fingers kept straight and together. The direction of movement of the hand can be both transverse and longitudinal and circular and spiral movement. Covers side stroking is done with a relaxed hand, but the thumb in this case is put aside and the fingers are closed.

In the first stage of the treatment is a superficial form of stroking. It has a mild, rhythmic and light movements, which provides a calming influence on the nervous system, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin. Massaging the oil when stroking warms and relaxes the muscles.

Various massage techniques

Расслабляющий массаж спины: основные правилаIn the next stage, a relaxing massage is performed with soft rubbing of the back muscles. Massaging is done in a circular motion with the palms on both sides of the back relative to the spine. At this appointment hands just glide over the skin, as in the first stage, and provide greater stress massage. The rubbing may be performed with the fingers or a support area of the palm.

Rubbing with fingers is done by two methods. When you RUB it with your thumb and other fingers rest on the surface of the back, with the thumb to produce circular rubbing motion. Method is also used when the reference applies thumb and circular movements are carried out with your fingers. Largest application is the grinding of the reference region of the palm by a circular or spiral motion of the brush.

Rubbing is recommended slowly. The number of circular movements of the brush should not exceed 100 per minute of massage. Should not be long to massage one area. The duration of the massage at one point should not exceed 10 seconds.

Further, by hiring so-called easy extruding. This method of massage is done with both hands, laid on top of each other. The longitudinal movement begin in the sacrum area and continue up along the spine with a slight tap to the neck.

Reverse the downward movement is disconnected hands. Hands placed on either side of the spine in close proximity thereto and moving the body down with a slight tap with two fingers. The movement in both directions is slowly and smoothly.

The next stage is deeper rubbing his back. Back massage at this stage is the grounds of the palms in the amplification of depression. The movement of the hands starts from the waist and is up to his neck. Hands are placed on both sides of the back and perform a rapid counter movement of the hands towards each other. Therefore, there is a spiral movement of the hands on the back from the bottom up.


Расслабляющий массаж спины: основные правилаThe following efficient way of the back massage is the kneading. For holding the fingers of one hand grasp the area of skin or muscle slightly retracted, forming a kind of wave. Fingers of the second hand is drawn kneading phase and subsequent slow movement of the folds along the back. The direction of movement — upwards.
Kneading is carried out slowly, painlessly, faster than 60 times per minute. This relaxing massage improves circulation, increases the tone of muscles and increases their elasticity, reduces muscle fatigue.

Subordinated massage usually defined shoulder and scapular area. Relaxing massage in these zones is carried out using intensive kneading. Usually, the kneading is carried out cushions of the fingers. Massage can be performed only by the thumb, two (thumb and index finger) or four fingers. Kneading is made fast in a circular motion with a significant load.

Concludes with a relaxation massage of the back the exact repetition of the first operation is performed: light surface stroking the back from the waist to the neck. So calm down muscles. To consolidate the psychological effect of massage, the patient is advised to maintain prone position for 10-15 minutes.

Back of man is the accumulation of a large number of muscles and nerve centers. Back massage for muscle relaxation calms the nerves, improves blood circulation, eliminates pain and liberating movement.

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