Reposition the vertebrae of the cervical hernia and subluxations

Вправление позвонков шейного отдела при грыжах и подвывихахWhen you want to reposition any joints of the body, often turn to chiropractors. The spine as a whole neither to fall nor to shift cannot. Shifted vertebrae, therefore, they have to be put in place. Therefore, in order to straighten the spine, you need to straighten the vertebrae. Most common subluxation of the cervical or lumbar vertebrae. Extremely rare, this situation applies to the thoracic spine. Fall is often the knee or shoulder joints.

To put in place the vertebrae alone is not worth it, because it can further complicate their condition. To do a reposition displaced vertebrae is possible only with the necessary knowledge and skills. Return to the place of the cervical and other vertebrae are qualified doctors: chiropractors.

Often require repositioning of shoulder or knee joint. Any misaligned joint causes the patient very severe pain.

Soreness in the spine is felt when you treat the herniated disc. Most often the vertebral joint is carefully set in place.

Why is formed a subluxation of cervical vertebra

When subluxation of the cervical vertebrae articular surface of vertebral bodies are displaced relative to each other. The most common injuries of the first and second cervical vertebrae. The number one vertebra is also called Atlas because it actually keeps all the bones of the skull. In structure it resembles a ring on the lateral surface of which rests the skull.

Вправление позвонков шейного отдела при грыжах и подвывихахThe second vertebra is called the axis and is similar to the first in appearance. The difference between these cervical vertebrae between the odontoid process of the vertebra two.

Typical subluxation of the neck vertebrae for newborn babies. When the baby passes through the birth canal, his neck badly injured because the ligaments and muscle tendons of the baby is very weak.

The displacement of the vertebrae of the cervical in adults and older children is caused by:

  • fall in an uncomfortable position (e.g. when skating);
  • too sharp turn of the head;
  • car accident;
  • incorrect grouping of the body during wrestling or tumbling;
  • diving in deep enough;
  • giperpoverkhnosti of the child;
  • exposure to joint dysplasia:
  • unsuccessful visa on the sports crossbar;
  • when diagnosed with a herniated.
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When the crash injured the knee and also other joints of the extremities. This causes severe pain that prevents a person to move normally. Such injuries require the fastest possible recovery.

The signs by which we can assume the existence of a subluxation of Atlanta or of the axis, are swelling and tenderness in the region of injury, especially on palpation and forced position of the neck when the patient can not freely rotate the head in different directions. If the injury is accompanied by neurological symptomatology, the patient often suffers from insomnia, dizziness, headaches, vision problems. Often the pain spread to the area of the mandible or shoulder girdle.

In some cases the patient may lose consciousness. Due to pinched nerve twigs may experience loss of sensation or numbness in the hands.

How to treat offset

Treatment should begin with fixing the neck stationary. This can be done with the help of special or improvised tools, erecting them from the roller or tire. An experienced doctor makes reduction of the damaged vertebrae immediately upon admission of the patient to the clinic until soft tissue swelling has not been this procedure is a serious impediment. Distinguish reduction of acute and long-term, using the pull loops. In emergency cases, apply surgical treatment.

Вправление позвонков шейного отдела при грыжах и подвывихахAfter setting vyvinute vertebra in place, the patient is encouraged to continue immobilization of the neck using an orthopedic corset. Thanks to this collar with the vertebrae removed part of the load. Weakened ligaments get a chance to recover.

Of medication in the treatment of subluxation of the vertebrae is used primarily anti-inflammatory and pain medications. These include nootropic agents, muscle relaxants, and lidocaine novocaine blockade. Also used vitamins useful for maintenance of the nervous system.

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Outside the acute period, the patient is prescribed a course of acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises.

These measures are aimed at pain relief, reduction of edema of the soft tissues, restoring circulation. Upon receipt of the subluxation of the neck vertebrae treatment should begin immediately. This will help avoid complications, including neurological.

The mechanism of appearance of intervertebral hernia

Intervertebral hernia is diagnosed when the bulging disc inside the spinal canal. A hernia in the neck has a negative impact on the shoulder girdle of the person. Appeared the pain may radiate to the shoulder joint. The hernia is formed due to the loss of drive to their physiological properties. In normal condition, the intervertebral discs provide the necessary when moving cushioning, separating one vertebral joint from the other.

Because the discs themselves are not supplied with blood vessels, power flows into them from adjacent tissue. If the neck muscles are insufficiently or excessively loaded, it is a violation of their blood supply.

Вправление позвонков шейного отдела при грыжах и подвывихахAs a consequence, suffer intervertebral discs: they are gradually flattened, losing vital moisture. According to one medical theory, the weakened ring of the disk is torn. Through the gap from it seeps purposee-creating the hernial education. There is another scientific opinion which suggests that the hernia is getting the disc itself is deformed by degenerative processes.

In any case, the consequence of a hernia becomes infringement of the spinal roots in which collegesa soft tissue inflammation. Herniation puts pressure on a nearby spinal joint causing the patient severe pain. The affected area swells.

As affected by the shoulder belt, diagnose herniation in the neck can be difficult.

The consequences of the herniation of education and its treatment

When hernia incarceration shoulders of the patient can be fully or partially paralyzed. Since the pressure of the hernia is affected by spinal cord damage above the fourth cervical vertebrae can lead to respiratory failure. Flaccid paralysis locks the shoulder joint, if the spinal canal is damaged at the level of the fourth or fifth vertebra. Spastic paralysis affects the joints of the lower extremities. If the infringement occurs at the level of the sixth and seventh vertebrae, paralyzed not only the shoulder section of the body, it also forearms. The elbow joint is usually not affected.

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When herniated cervical region affects not only the shoulder Department. Affected and the brain. In patients weakens the memory, there are dizziness, loss of firmness and stability of gait.

The consequences of the herniation of education can relate to such vital organs as the lungs, heart, liver and lead, in particular, stroke or respiratory spasm.

Treatment gruzevich protrusions of intervertebral disks is divided into conservative and operative. The operation is performed either for health reasons or after ineffective medical treatment. During the surgery removed factors that compress the spinal cord. As a result, the blood circulation normalizes, the disturbed motor activity of the shoulder and other areas of the body is restored.

Conservative therapy includes analgesics, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant funds. After attenuation of the acute phase of the disease for early recovery actively using physical therapy, massage shoulder area, and therapeutic exercises.

Also applies mild traction to the neck manual therapy. Patients are advised to protect your neck with a special collar until their own muscular corset not regain his strength.