Rheumatoid arthritis: treatment of folk remedies, effective methods

Ревматоидный артрит: лечение народными средствами, действенные методы

The joints are injured due to the thinning of the connective cartilage

Rheumatoid arthritis is a severe joint disease that affects adults and children. In the course of the disease affected the joint, its cartilage and joint capsule. Traditional methods can not fully heal the patient, but it’s a great addition to the standard methods of struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. Every patient has its peculiarities of an organism and, accordingly, each need individual guidance on treatment. That is why, before applying treatment, it is best to consult with your doctor.

Compresses and other popular treatments

If the patient has progressive arthritis folk treatment potato tincture can help to get rid of the main symptoms of the disease. To prepare the medicine, take 1 potato and grate it on a fine grater. Pour the resulting mass of 300 ml of yogurt and take according to schedule. First 10 days the medication you need to drink 1 glass every day. The next 10 days, reduce dose to 1 time in 2 days. Last 10 days take the infusion of 1 times in 3 days. The full course of treatment is 60 days. The patient will be able to not only get rid of swelling and pain, but also to prevent the destruction of the tissues of the body.

Compresses play an important role in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis at home. To prepare effective gadgets you will need 20 g of flowers of Buttercup. Grind them well to a pulp, flowers should give juice. Put the slurry on the cloth and apply to the affected area. Wrap the poultice with plastic wrap and insulate. Leave the compress on for 2 hours. In some cases, this folk remedy can leave traces on the skin that look like blisters. Don’t be alarmed, they quickly pass. The next few times, before making the lotion, cover the affected area with gauze. After a course of such procedures, the symptoms significantly reduced.

Ревматоидный артрит: лечение народными средствами, действенные методы

When damage occurs to the cartilage the bone contact in the joint leads to inflammation and deformation

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment can not do without the use of Apple cider vinegar. Take it 1 teaspoon, diluted in 300 ml of warm water, every day for 4 times 30 minutes before a meal. This treatment lasts 2 weeks and cleans well the symptoms of arthritis. Before you start this treatment, contact your doctor. If you have a disease of the stomach or intestinal tract, it is possible that this treatment method will not work. The doctor may exclude such treatment folk remedies or advise to reduce the dose of vinegar in 2 times.

Bay leaf helps patients with different joint diseases. In order to make a useful decoction, you need to take a whole bundle of Bay leaf and pour the ingredient 2 liters of water. Place the container on the fire and bring to a boil. After that, leave the broth on the stove for another 10 minutes. Pour the medicine into a convenient container, insulate well and put in a dry warm place for 4 hours. Strained infusion take 100 ml every day.

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There are different methods of getting rid of this disease. You can treat rheumatoid arthritis folk remedies, and they give a quick result.

Medicinal properties of wheat

Any grains or legumes can help patients with diseases of the joints. The use of such means of treatment allows to permanently get rid of the symptoms of the disease and has a good effect on the General condition of the patient. In this recipe you can replace wheat with other cereals or legumes. It can be beans, rye, peas or beans.

To treat rheumatoid arthritis with cereals, grains to begin to germinate. To do this, rinse well with wheat (or any other ingredient). Moisten the cheesecloth and place it in an enamel container. Then put beans. Cover the ingredient on top of a thin layer of wet gauze. Put the 1 layer of wheat. You can repeat the procedure several times.

Pour the top layer of water but do not pour the wheat completely. Wheat sprout for 2 days. For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is suitable only sprouted wheat, so if the grain is not given sprouts, then take the other and repeat the procedure. Ensure that the wheat grass was not longer than 2 mm. the more they become, the more dangerous they are to health. The shoots longer than 3 mm for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis are not suitable. They are quite toxic and poisonous.

Ревматоидный артрит: лечение народными средствами, действенные методыWhen the wheat is ready for further use, rinse it well. This product can simply be eaten. Add a certain amount of Wheatgrass at all meals. In order for such treatment was not in vain, carefully chew the seeds, so the nutrients absorb better.

There is another method of treating the germinated wheat. Miss all of the grain through the grinder. The resulting mass may be mixed with honey, dried fruits and nuts. Will have a delicious dessert.

If you have arthritis, the popular treatment with wheat will be able to return the elasticity of joints and ligaments, take away the painful symptoms and improve overall health.

Healthy drinks

Ревматоидный артрит: лечение народными средствами, действенные методыIn rheumatoid arthritis patients allowed red wine. It has a wide range of useful properties and helps to eliminate disease. Heat 250 ml of good red wine. Stir in 2 tbsp. of dry mustard and mix thoroughly. When the medication is ready, take a piece of cloth and wet it in the wine. A little squeeze of the compress (so the wine is not dripping) and apply to the inflamed area of the body. After 10-20 minutes the wash off. This folk remedy for the 1st time removes the pain and allows the joint to function normally.

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Wine to eat with rheumatoid arthritis can inside. To prepare the medicine, take the bottle of red wine and add 1 liter of juice (400 ml of celery juice and 600 ml of carrot juice). Mix well with the cure and refrigerate for 4 hours. Drink 200-250 ml of medication per day for 2 weeks. This medicine should not be kept long, it is better to prepare a fresh mixture a little every 2 days.

The manifestation of such diseases should also be consumed throughout the day juices, which will help to normalize metabolic processes in the body, to remove the inflammation and reduce swelling. The pain will pass, if every day to drink a glass of Apple or grapefruit juice. Preferably, this drink add 1 tbsp of honey.

Make useful mixture:

  • Carrot juice — 200 ml beetroot juice — 60 ml cucumber juice — 60 ml.
  • Carrot juice — 160 ml cabbage juice — 80 ml, juice of lettuce — 80 ml.
  • Carrot juice and 200 ml spinach juice — 180 ml.
  • In a therapeutic blend of juices you can add a spoon of honey. It is very good for arthritis and is considered a universal medicine. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, traditional methods of treatment involve the use of a day, at least 50 g of honey.

    Ointments against arthritis

    Ревматоидный артрит: лечение народными средствами, действенные методы

    Turpentine ointment — basis for preparation of the homemade potions

    Turpentine ointment — a great folk remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Just enough to mix 200 ml of turpentine, 4 g of camphor, 200 ml of olive oil (you can substitute vegetable) and 200 ml of alcohol. Mix all the components and leave the ointment in the refrigerator for 3 hours. When the medication is ready, RUB them with damaged parts of the body. Ensure that the ointment is fully absorbed.

    The symptoms of arthritis can be removed by using honey and radish. Both of these components have useful properties that can restore the functioning of the body. Take 200 g of fresh natural honey, 300 ml of radish juice, 100 grams of vodka and 20 g of salt. Put all the ingredients in a container and shuffle thoroughly. Leave the medication on for 2 hours in a cool dry place. RUB the ointment into the sore joints every night. Such treatment folk remedies will bring quick and noticeable results.

    Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis folk remedy from eggs will help to strengthen cartilage tissue, remove swelling and relieve pain. You will need 70 g of mustard powder, 55 g of camphor, 100 ml of ethanol and 10 ml of whipped egg whites. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Apply the medication every morning on the affected joints.

    Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, it is advisable to make an ointment of egg and camphor. This medicine can be used in case of sharp exacerbations of the disease.

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    Useful herbal teas and infusions

    There are various effective methods of treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Decoctions and infusions help get rid of all the symptoms of the disease and prevent its spread. For effective treatment prepare a decoction of birch. Take 50 g of birch leaves, 50 g of violets and 40 g of nettle. Pour all the components in 500 ml of boiling water. Give the medicine to cool to room temperature and take on 100-150 ml several times a day before meals.

    The symptoms of arthritis can be reduced if you use a tincture of elderberry. Take 15 g of flowers of this plant, 70 g of willow bark and 50 g of dry birch leaves. Pour all the components in 400 ml of hot boiled water and let it brew broth for 3-4 hours. Take on 100 g 4 times a day 1 hour before meals.

    During periods of exacerbation of the disease need to drink a special tea. In order to prepare it, it is necessary to take 50 g of rosehips, 50 g black currant leaves and 50 leaves of bilberry. The leaves can be replaced by berries. Pour all ingredients with boiling water and allow tea to brew for 4 hours. Drink the medication before every meal for 100 ml.

    Among the many ways of treating arthritis, you can highlight the treatment of chestnuts. The infusion of this product extremely useful. Take 200 g of flowers plants and fill them with 100 ml of vodka. Tightly close the container and place it in a dry, dark place for 2 weeks. When the medication is ready, can take it 4 drops 2 times a day before meals.

    If the patient has arthritis, treatment of folk remedies should be started immediately. This will help prevent further spread and progression of the disease.