Rib hump (a severe form of scoliosis): resection and other treatments, photos of the violation

Rib hump as severe curvature in scoliosis

Left in the distant past Soviet childhood, where the idol was a man of action – an unusually easy going, bodily movable scientist-traveler, Pathfinder, hunter, gold digger-cowboy – and one of the most popular and respected occupations among the kids was «verkholuzye»: climbing on roofs, perestanem over fences, climbing on high trees.

At the moment when his hands tighten on the next tree, and the legs bitches on the bark, seeking support, and similar periods of life, the spine cannot bend the letter «SIC» – he’s as straight as a string, and the most stressful.

But voltage is the voltage normal, proper, working. Voltage running on straightening the «line of life» of the spine.

Because only straight spine is able to provide the proper support body and smooth (without clips and «steals») the activity of the internal organs.

And that means – and the life of the owner as specific and direct as this column of vertebrae.

But sometimes «life line» makes a zigzag. Left or right. The phenomenon is on the medical (and educational) «dialect» is called: scoliosis.

He leads to a situation when the ribs on one side of the body diverge as the open-drop outspread fan, and the other is like the fan as close as possible to the recessed-built. The thorax then resembles the fur of the accordion or Bayan, where the top is stretched and the bottom is closed. Loop fur accordion screw and the resemblance will be complete.

This situation is called a rib hump.

Why the back «yoke»?

Scoliosis is formed gradually, and at first absolutely painless. First, it is only a certain pose (the child draws intently, leaning one arm and half the body on the table, while the other, free hand resting on the thigh).

But as the «Central axis» of the body (the spine) over and over again (year after year) all the more «twisted» (the phenomenon called torsion), «pressure» familiar posture, the vertebrae become wedge-shape, forming from the spine reminiscent of the rocker arc, and back – similar to hill hump.

Given that at the table of the child seat pretty early (to school he already knew how to read and write), the threshold of the first class crosses internally almost formed the student-scoliotic, the back of which is «remembered» as not necessary, but it is customary to recline on the table.

What is so bad Desk for the formation of children’s skeleton?

The table is not a Desk, specially constructed physician-scientists. So he:

  • may be too low (or too high);
  • does not have a fixed distance to the chair (which may stand too close or too far from the table).
  • does not provide a comfortable (and working) the position of the legs under it (they either hang freely, or too badly bent);
  • because a flat surface does not provide physiological to practice the position of the hands.

But there are other reasons for incorrectness of the posture occupied by the spine. Noted that the spine «weak» in insecure children. And the reason for this can be:

  • and family conflicts;
  • and shyness about existing or imagined defect of the body;
  • and poor child health (the tendency to chronic infections or impaired metabolism, connective tissue disease or pathology of fetal development).
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The case can also be in the spine (including the consequences of its surgical treatment).

«The street-snake», or where the needle is there and the thread

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If in the first 3 years (or up to 5-6 years) life because not expressed even of scoliosis, the abnormal shape of the spine may not be as noticeable (smoothed developed compensatory postures and gait), as it is worsening (increase of torsion and «deflection» of the spine to the side, especially in the thoracic) rib hump appears more clearly and the body acquires a certain configuration.

Since the position of the ribs rigidly depends on the shape of the spine when curvature they also change their position in space – «where the needle goes, the thread».

The body takes this form, as though the child climbed over the fence, and already half leaned on the other side. But not climbed, and so are in this position and left: spin – «the rocker», one blade (on the side, which «focused» his «tip» scoliosis) higher than the other and sticks out the back (although the need to prolegate the back) and the ribs spread apart («splayed»).

For clarification in questionable (at the beginning of the process) case, the examinee is asked to bend the back, leaning forward and filed his shoulders forward. At this site is undergoing rebuilding, will speak more clearly and vividly.

With the full development of the rib hump the back is asymmetrical and resembles a crooked (which occupies one half of it), a hill with a «comb» spine at its foot, formed a distinct sinuous line,»snake» from a protruding spinous processes.

Breast this option becomes «sunken», «sunken» appearance, becoming flat or even concave.

But the hump of protruding ribs are capable to appear in breast part of the body. If the left-sided scoliosis, a hump formed at the left if right handed on the right.

Treatment options, or «and the hump is still there…»

Theoretically, the healing of the rib hump looks like.

Because it is a consequence of scoliosis, to return the offset of the thorax (ribs, along with all the concomitant elements) in place is sufficient «only» to correct scoliosis! After elimination of the curvature of the ribs will fall into place by themselves – and made them hump will disappear.

Therefore, the question of treatment is, first and foremost, a matter of time (or rather age).

If in 3-6 years back you can still «persuade» and give it the correct position by purely physical measures, 13-16 years, the spine and ribs have finally (and completely incorrectly) is formed, and medicine can only offer surgery. And not the fact that it will help – too strong, the inertia of the habits of incorrect posture.

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To preserve» the hump on the achieved stage of development:

  • the formation of the child the proper culture of the body;
  • the wearing orthopedic corset;
  • using techniques of physical therapy.

Preventive measures

The ability to «properly» sit, lie down, carry heavy loads and even standing of the child should be taught from childhood (despite shouting, screaming, and other violent displays of protest). This is best done by the example of fairy-tale characters.

Requirements for school satchel or backpack is simple:

  • weight not more than 15% by weight of the student;
  • adjacent to the back side (made of flexible plastic) must be flat and soft (padded foam), the ideal – special orthopedic back.

Even if the gravity is small, should teach the child to make «halts» and release from the burden of the shoulders and back.

Constant wearing athletic shoes with a flat sole is also not recommended as wearing shoes with a heel height of over 2 cm.

Caveat: as a child sitting at the table of the house, as he sits in the classroom at school. Therefore, taught his first school days to the correct working posture, will not have later «breaking through the knee» to the established habit of incorrect seat.

For homework better suited to a Desk or similar table.

You must make sure that the child is not «Brokeback», reclining in the chair watching TV, and periodically stood up and straightened his back.

Sleep on a too-soft mattress is a nightly curvature of the spine during sleep under weight of his own body, sleeping on a too soft is the lack of a full night of muscle relaxation.

About the size and firmness of the pillow. Both figures should be of medium size pillow is too big and too soft, causing problems with the organs of the neck and spine.

Perfect cushion in the form of a roller, which creates a secure base III and IV cervical vertebrae.

Wearing correctly (with the help of a doctor) chosen orthopedic corset, reducing the stress on the child’s spine, prevents further deformation.

Complex physical therapy

The main group activities conservative therapy includes the use of methods of physiotherapy, including:

  • special gymnastics;
  • exercises performed in water;
  • gaming elements in conjunction with sports.

The effect should be the same uniform develops all muscle groups of the body, which will help stabilize the spine.

Do not neglect the massage, and breathing exercises and similar techniques.

All therapeutic measures should be undertaken only with the permission of the attending physician.

Equally important is the treatment of the underlying disease, leading to disruption of metabolism in the tissues of the child’s spine.

Resection, as a last resort

In case of failure of conservative treatment of rib hump resort to surgical correction, consisting in the artificial restoration of the shape of the chest, involving resection of ribs that form the hump.

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Surgery can be performed exclusively on the convex side with osteotomy edges (as with his subsequent move, and without it), possible resection of a large segment of the rib or solely by its medial part.

Surgical technique could be interference on the convex side, in combination with osteotomy of the ribs on the concave side and then move resected fragments (with a view to lengthening the shorter ribs on the concave side).

Despite the apparent large number of methods of surgical correction and 100% compliant method of treatment is not yet found.

«Prognosis», or views of the future

There are two aspects that will shape the future of the owner of the rib hump.

First, aesthetically, psychologically, involves the alienation of the patient from a normal life and to human society in view of the obvious deformities of his body. This affects the nature of the patient, and the state of mind within his inner circle.

The second is the degree of deformation of the spine and thorax, leading to the problems are placed within these structures bodies, that is «perspective» as a neurological progression, and General conditions (in particular, increase with age, cardiopulmonary failure).

Therefore, the necessary measures to prevent the progression of pathology before the expiry of the formation of children’s skeleton and a child’s growth:

  • regular preventive examinations for the early detection of pathology of the spine;
  • treatment of the underlying disease, contributing to the process;
  • the focus of parents on the issues of «education» proper posture and body culture in General.

Prevention: keep the straps and hold on trails!

Only maximum mobility with childhood way of life is able to guarantee the child from the risk of scoliosis and rib hump!

Not only stealing the child’s childhood, not depriving him of the opportunity to «live crowd», playing and fantasizing with similar, capabilities to do something seemingly insane (to develop a sense of self-esteem), having «child-Indian» approach to life: keep the straps and hold on trails! – you can be sure of his future.

Future direct and flexible spine.