Rice diet in osteochondrosis

Rice diet in osteochondrosis is one of the most affordable, easy to use, and effective means of traditional medicine. However, this treatment lasts a long time and almost never used as a stand alone. Rather, it is regarded as an effective preparation for final deliverance from osteoarthritis.Рисовая диета при остеохондрозе

The mechanism of the effects on the body

«Rice diet» is the collective name that combines several techniques are approximately equal in their effectiveness. But this does not mean that each affected osteochondrosis of spine area there is a separate diet. The mechanism of their effects on the body are the same and therefore the same technique can be used and how to diet in osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, and how to diet with cervical osteochondrosis.

Rice is the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of Asian countries. Although scientific studies do not give reason to believe this cereal a panacea for all ills, they confirm the presence of rice a large number of nutrients: amino acids and trace elements. In addition, life expectancy and low percentage of diseases of the joints, allowing the Asians to lead an active life to a ripe old age, are eloquent evidence of the considerable benefits of rice to the human body. The value of rice is not only rich in mineral composition, but also in its ability to absorb, retain and excrete waste products and toxic substances. Rice diet allows:

  • excrete the excess salt;
  • to get rid of excess water;
  • to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • to spend General health of the body.

Therefore, rice diet in osteochondrosis is so effective. Properties of rice allow to remove weight, thus reducing stress on the joints. And its ability to collect and excrete the salt prevents the deposition of salt crystals, while maintaining the elasticity of cartilage.

A big mistake would be to assume that the transition solely on the rice diet in osteochondrosis of the spine will help to solve all associated with the disease problems. Treatment of osteoarthritis should be performed in the complex – then we can hope for a positive outcome.

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Popular rice diet

The most common diet in osteochondrosis of the spine – is 6 week. Before you begin this diet, you need to do a little training. First 6 half-liter glass jars are numbered serially from 1 to 6.

Within each poured 2 tablespoons of rice, pour it with water and cover with gauze to protect from dust. The water in all banks need to change the daily.

Рисовая диета при остеохондрозеThe scheme of diet is that after a day of banks No. 1 drained water, rice put in a pan, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and boil 5 min. Cooked rice eaten for Breakfast. Between Breakfast and lunch for at least 4 hours not only to eat anything, but drink.

In the released Bank No. 1 again poured the rice, pour water and put her in the 6th jar. The next day the same procedure is done with the rice from the jar No. 2, which will take place around the jar No. 1. To eat this scheme must be strictly 42 days.

Such a diet in osteochondrosis is useful in that from the soaked rice along with water removes all gluten, thereby increase its absorption properties. However, during the diet, especially in the first 3 weeks, you need to carefully monitor the work of the kidneys because it passes through a large amount of water and toxins can cause the disease. It is recommended to maintain normal kidney to enter into the daily menu of an infusion of the leaves and berries of cranberries.

Another popular technique is the method of cooking rice. Breakfast is about 50-100 gr. rice thus rice in a saucepan, pour water, bring to a boil and cook 5 minutes Then boiling water is drained, the rice is washed and all repeat first 4 times, after which the rice you can eat. If you wish for boiled rice per taste and add honey and /or butter. Between Breakfast and lunch also cannot eat or drink anything. Treatment is carried out according to the scheme: a monthly course of diet, a 1.5 week break and re-month course.

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In the evening instead of tea to maintain the kidneys it is better to drink cranberry or pine broth.

Asian medicinal rice methods

The most famous of these Asian diets – Tibetan and Chinese.


Cooking rice


Tibetan. According to the Tibetan technique of rice grain is washed first and then tablespoons poured into the jar. The number of spoons should be appropriate to the age of the person: 1 year – 1 spoon of rice. Pour rice, pour water and put in the fridge. Every day at 7 am and the water is drained from the banks, gaining a spoonful of rice, 2-3 minutes boil it and eat. The rest of the rice, fill with water and send it back in the fridge. Two important features of this diet: first, the rice needs to cook without adding salt, and secondly, the diet should last as long as it is eaten the last spoon of rice.
Chinese. Chinese diet take 1 kg of rice, poured it in a jar or pot and pour boiled water. A bowl of rice sent to 5 days in a cool place, all the time 2-3 times a day, washed rice and change the water. After 5 days, the grains of rice spread on clean paper and dried. Dried rice stored in a paper bag in a dry place. Every morning one of them take a spoon, cook it and eat it on an empty stomach as it is hot. A minimum of 4 hours after Breakfast can not eat or drink anything.

Рисовая диета при остеохондрозе

Chinese diet you should strictly observe within 2-3 months. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated, but the interval between two courses must be at least six months.

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The danger of uncontrolled use of diet

Starting dietary treatment, it is important to ensure the diet in osteochondrosis of the spine remains balanced. Daily diet must ensure intake of sufficient amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals, while staying low-calorie. Products osteochondrosis should be consumed in small portions, but 5-6 times a day.

Although the national medicine considers rice product, completely safe for human health, but uncontrolled passion similar diets can lead to serious health complications. Besides the already mentioned large load on the kidneys, causes any rice diet is absolutely contraindicated for people with chronic kidney disease, rice still has on the body and visibly marked fastening effect. Therefore, excessive rice diet might lead to constipation.

It is not recommended rice diet and the presence of infectious diseases. Any infection in most cases become the cause of intoxication, to cope with which can only be eating plenty of fluids. And rice diet greatly reduces fluid in the body, so objectively it is the antithesis of the treatment of infectious diseases.

We must not forget that the diet in osteochondrosis of the cervical or any other type of osteochondrosis is, first of all, the treatment of the disease and, like any therapeutic exercise, it must pass with the approval and under the supervision of a physician.