Rigidity of the neck muscles

Neck muscles, like others, can suffer from rigidity. Rigidity of muscles represents an abnormal increase in tone, leading to sustainable resistance to the efforts of deformation. As a rule, this pathology is a consequence of certain disorders in the peripheral or Central nervous systems. When this pathology of the neck muscles there is a limit stooping head, making it impossible to touch the chin to the sternum. Such as, explain the increased tone of muscles-extensors of the neck, is one of the most clear symptoms of meninges.

In addition, cervical movement may be limited by the presence of cervical degenerative disc disease, peritonei or parkinsonism. However, these States differ from irritation of the meninges by the fact that the mobility of the neck is restricted completely, whereas in lesions of the meninges rotation or extension of the neck occur freely, the difficulties arise only during flexion. The assessment of muscle tone is an important criterion for the diagnosis of diseases that have such symptoms.Ригидность шейных мышц

Causes rigidity of the neck muscles

The main thing to remember: rigidity is not a separate disease. It is a mere manifestation of any disease and it is often a symptom. Precisely the detection of this symptom, doctors need to accurately find out the root cause of its appearance, and only after that to start treatment. Note that rigidity is strong enough to affect the Central nervous system, which can make substantial differences in its clinical manifestation.

Mainly the rigidity provoked by such reasons:

  • stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic);
  • meningitis;
  • sciatica cervical;
  • low back pain, particularly acute;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • encephalitis;
  • traumatic or other damage to the cervical.

In addition, often the muscles are sore and stiffness occurs as a result of professional activities. In this case, increased muscle tone, triggered by blood circulation and is manifested in aching sensations in the head, therapy is not required. The simplest exercises, but are performed regularly, contribute to relieving discomfort and restoring the normal blood supply.

Prolonged muscle tension along with limited mobility of the neck often enough cause them to spasm.

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Rigidity and its manifestations

Since rigidity of muscles is manifested quite clearly, because of their increased tone is not very difficult to notice, and the pathology can be seen almost immediately. People who have rigidity, noticeably stand out among healthy, because the movements of the neck are constrained. That is why they usually turn the entire body where it is necessary and sufficient to rotate only the head, and this is clearly evident.

For diagnosis enough to spend an extremely simple test: the head of the sick person is placed on the doctor’s hand, trying to tilt the patient’s chin closer to his chest. During the test acts solely the doctor. The efforts of the sick person is no need, on the contrary, he should try to relax the neck muscles as much as possible. If there is even a small rigidity, to connect the chest and the chin will not work – at least a small gap will remain.

Be sure to take into account such nuance. Sometimes, in a stable stiffness as a result of attempts to make any movement very sore muscles. This may indicate the presence of serious pathology.

Rigidity may be accompanied by headaches. Quite often, sore arms or hands. Sometimes, you may experience blurred vision.

Ригидность шейных мышц

Treatment of muscle rigidity of the cervical

Typically, treatment begins with the patient, identifying the full list of complaints and identify the source of pathology. Severe condition (meningitis, etc.) require serious treatment. In this case, the method of treatment is determined strictly individually, can be appointed to take complex vitamins, various antibiotics and other drugs.

The greatest relevance of the rigidity of the neck muscles is in the presence of degenerative disc disease, so it is important to know how to act in this situation.



Basic movements (turning the head or stretching) will help to prevent the emergence of primary stiffness. In no case do not try to pump up the neck. Regardless of the primary disease, the muscles of the neck man you need to unload during the day. Even a little exercise is an excellent prevention, because the rigidity of osteochondrosis develops gradually: initially, there is only feeling mild discomfort and inconvenience, but over time, numbness and restriction of movement.
Good effect and massage. Enough even Amateur massage, which just warming up the neck muscles and spine in the course of their location. All hand movements should be carried out gently and painlessly. The main objective is the stimulation of blood flow.
If a person has a sore and tense neck muscles, can help cheap wearing the orthopedic collar. Soft and comfortable device perfectly helps to relax muscles and return them to their normal state. While wearing the you need to start gradually (first ten minutes), eventually increasing the duration of sessions. After some time, the collar stop worrying about the person and can wear it for several hours.

Rigidity is almost always eliminated after treatment of the underlying disease.

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Professional activity and rigidity of the neck muscles

With the development of civilization came a host of new professions, some of which, undoubtedly, can serve as the immediate cause of the development of human rigidity in the neck muscles. Alas, there is a misconception that to prevent the illness simply to pump up the neck. For example, a programmer, or almost any specialist working with IT-technologies.

A person working at the monitor, almost constantly maintained a forced position in which the head is tilted forward. This is what leads to the gradual enslavement of the muscles in the neck. A little later a man feels the muscles are sore more often, and over time, there is real rigidity. In principle, to deal with this disease is quite simple, you only need to regularly be interrupted to perform a simple set of exercises. The opinion that if you regularly attend the gym and pump up the neck, it will save you from the occurrence in it of problems – wrong. Of course, some use there, but to call the powerful neck, the cure for rigidity is impossible. But regular performance of a number of simple exercises will really help.

Ригидность шейных мышцA person who wants to pump up his neck, at the gym problems can occur because of this. First and foremost, you must consider the increased load on the cervical of such a person, because you can pump up the muscles of the neck only, loading them on a regular basis. Another trouble that happens much less frequently, is the risk of various injuries (micro and not only), the consequences of which cannot be predicted. Well, the last thing you need to consider is willing to pump up the neck: powerful, muscular neck belt is often itself limits its mobility, which provokes the development of certain diseases.

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In General people have a profession with a high risk of rigidity, it is possible to give a few tips. The first and main: to pump up the neck shouldn’t try, it will not give any effect, and even harm. Most likely, the breach affected not only the neck but also of the thoracic. Therefore, the second tip: you need to do to strengthen the muscles of the body. Of course, it is not quick, but the effect will be unambiguously positive. Those looking just to pump up powerful and beautiful neck do so at your own risk.

During prolonged work at the computer, you should regularly take breaks and perform simple exercises to stretch the neck.