S shaped scoliosis of thoracic, lumbar spine 1, 2, 3 and 4 degrees

S-shaped scoliosis: is it possible to fix two arcs of curvature?

S-shaped scoliosis is a pathology of the spine. It is characterized by the presence of two arcs in a lateral projection directed in different directions.

Often, this pathology occurs in children of school age and to a greater extent in girls.

Manifestations of scoliosis due to incorrect body position during class. As students most of the time spend in the classroom, they are often at risk of the disease.

A characteristic feature of the disease is its progressive character that is developing, becomes severe, requiring surgical intervention.

The development of the disease and the affected area

The curvature of the S shape appears immediately. First, the main arc due to uneven load on the spine. It happens when the child sits for a long time at his Desk, which is not designed for his height. Making it difficult to keep the correct posture.

On starting the main arc, the human body tries to restore balance and as a result, on the opposite side occurs a second arc – compensation.

If in the course of the diagnostic examination detected a curvature of the spine in the lumbar spine, there is a possibility that after some time in the thoracic spine will be the second curve but in the opposite side.

Scoliosis S shape affects two of the spine: thoracic and lumbar.

The top of the first arc is in the range from 8 to 10 vertebrae, and the second in the region of 1-3 vertebrae.

The degree of progress of the pathology

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Depending on the nature of the curvature, S-shaped scoliosis is divided into several degrees:

  1. First. At this stage of the disease more noticeable only a single scoliotic curve, while the second arc is barely visible or even absent. The angle of curvature is not more than 10 degrees. It is noteworthy that the S-shaped form of the disease is more difficult to detect. In addition, the pathology of the slope down to rapid progression, therefore, it is important to identify it as early as possible while changes are still reversible.
  2. Second. The angle of curvature is in the range of 10 to 25 degrees. At this stage you can see the asymmetric arrangement of the blades, which is very noticeable when the patient bends the body forward. At this stage, the disease is still under development, so changes of the second arc, yet also invisible.
  3. Third. This is a serious form. The angle of curvature of the first arc is 25-50 degrees. The second bend begins to develop and its angle may be about 25 degrees. During the inspection of patient it is possible to detect a pronounced asymmetry in the thoracic and rib hump. The latter is well seen when the patient leans forward.
  4. Fourth. This is the most severe form of disease, in which the angle of curvature of the primary arc is over 50 degrees and the second bend is located on the 2nd or 3rd stage of development.
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Characteristic symptoms of the disease

S shaped scoliosis of 1 degree almost imperceptible, and therefore does not cause any discomfort to the person. Besides, during diagnostic examination of the initial degree is very difficult to detect.

The changes at the second degree of the disease are already visible. For this stage pathology characterized by the following signs:

  • rotation (rotation) of the vertebrae;
  • the change in the contour of the neck;
  • changing the position of the pelvis.

In addition, visually it is possible to detect the unevenness of the back: the protrusion of the thoracic muscles and in the lumbar region there is a depression. Changes in the spine can be seen at any position of the body.

The third stage may be accompanied by some neurological symptoms. This is due to the strong curvature of the spine as a result the nerve endings of the spinal cord zaselyalsya. For this reason, the patient is experiencing severe pain, making any movement of the body.

In addition, such major changes of the spine do not remain without a trace. Affects many organs and systems of the organism, their normal work is disrupted. Especially strongly gets the heart and lungs, because the disease can lead to the stagnation of the pulmonary circulation.

The characteristic features of 2nd degree violation be added and others:

  • pronounced rotation of the vertebrae;
  • feeling of weakness of the abdominal muscles;
  • the bulging of the front rib;
  • the presence of muscle contractures.

This stage s shaped scoliosis should not be left unattended and it is necessary to timely treatment. Otherwise, more serious complications just cannot be avoided.

The fourth degree disease externally manifested very clearly. The patient constantly under severe pain. Deformation of a body is so significant that it leads to disability. Progressing, the disease can lead to multiple organ failure.

Often the traditional treatment methods ineffective, as physical exercise will bring only suffering. in that case can only help the operation.

Diagnosis of curvature

Depending on the stage of the disease, an accurate diagnosis can be established by external examination of the patient either in the course of further research. On examination, the doctor makes the diagnosis of scoliosis is S-shaped on a number of external signs.

Basically it is the presence of a hump on one side and depression on the other. Often one can observe the asymmetry of the shoulders, shoulder blades and pelvis.

If visual inspection does not show visible changes of the spine, the doctor orders x-rays or MRI of the spine.

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These two techniques allow to determine the angle of curvature and the initial stage of deformation of the spine.

Methods of treatment

The main goal of scoliosis treatment is to stop further development of the disease. If it is in the initial stages, the curvature of the spine can be corrected with traditional methods of treatment.

Good effect treatment for the conduct of:

  • massage;
  • manual therapy;
  • medical gymnastics;
  • acupuncture;
  • physiotherapy.

Use each of these methods needs after consultation with your doctor. Mismatched power load, or extra movement can lead to serious complications.

Medication drugs are not the treatment as it is not correct position of the spine. They are only AIDS to relieve inflammation and pain. The basis of treatment is the conduct of medical gymnastics, massage, physiotherapy.


A positive result provides physical therapy in the treatment of scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees, as it allows to fully align the spine. At other stages of the disease it can be done. So the sooner you get started therapy, the better.

The final formation of the spine occurs in 20-25 years. Therefore, a positive result exercises for S shaped scoliosis are given only in childhood or adolescence. Otherwise, they will not use.

All exercises should be done with minimal load. You can walk on all fours, stretch your neck and legs in passive mode, do the exercise «scissors».

You can also do exercises with the raising of the head, feet, hands lying on the abdomen or back. It is permissible to perform asymmetrical exercises. They allow you to strengthen some muscles and relax others at the same time. But they are chosen strictly individually for each patient.

To secure the result needed to pass massage and physiotherapy.

Due to the fact that this form of the disease is more complex than C-shape, the treatment at home it is not impossible. There are methods on the hood of the spine, as well as special medical corsets.

But to use these funds after the approval of an experienced physician. The incorrect loading or inappropriate size of the corset can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and once again receive expert advice.

What exercises are suitable for treatment with S shaped scoliosis — video instructions:

Possible complications

What exactly can threaten the patient, if not to produce scoliosis treatment? This question asks any of those who have discovered the curvature.

As you know, the disease, starting from the second degree, affects thoracic and lumbar spine.

A powerful blow to the chest

Due to the deformation of the chest, which often leads to displacement of the ribs, first of all, disrupted the heart and lungs. Characteristically such complications do not manifest immediately, but over time.

For a start, people under the influence of physical activity will experience shortness of breath. Then begin to increase the pressure and increase heart rate. And to lower the pressure with drugs is almost impossible. During the cardiac examination, these signs will be visible.

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Advanced form of scoliosis is usually accompanied by coronary heart disease. In some cases, can be neurological disorders, which are expressed by muscle twitching, loss of skin sensitivity on certain areas of the body. Sometimes the disease can be a cause of vision loss.

The lumbar at risk

The curvature of the lumbar vertebrae often leads to pinching the nerve endings. This leads to disruption of the functionality of multiple organs and systems: urinary, sexual, and gastrointestinal tract.

Patients often complain of frequent urination, weakness of the abdominal muscles, constipation, flatulence, swelling of the legs. Often manifested stasis of the pelvic organs.

However, of all the most dangerous complication is spinal cord compression. It can cause paralysis of the lower extremities. In addition to the physiological complications, the disease can lead to the violation of the human psychological condition.

Preventive measures

Since the precise causes of a particular form of scoliosis is not installed, therefore no preventative measures can fully protect from risk of disease.

But it is possible to take into account some simple recommendations that will help to reduce the load on the spine:

  1. You should always try to keep correct posture.
  2. Active lifestyle does not harm anyone else, and always bring only benefits. You need to alternate physical activity with rest.
  3. Equally important is a healthy and restful sleep. So need to sleep only on the elastic and not on the soft mattress. The only way to reduce the load on the spine and give him rest.

Prevention, like treatment, is also important for normal functioning.

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S-shaped scoliosis should not be underestimated, as it can lead to dangerous complications.

Timely access to a doctor and treatment will help get rid of disturbances and to regain a full life.