Sauerkraut gout: the treatment of the disease

Sauerkraut is a product that sign and love in every family. Many of his lovers even can’t imagine how you can sit at the dining table, when it is not the healthy, delicious meals. Long cabbage daily can be found on the table of an ordinary peasant and Royal lunch. Recipes making sauerkraut in the old days many Housewives in the village. Culinary secrets were passed from mouth to mouth, from mother to daughter.

Квашеная капуста при подагре: лечение заболевания

Sauerkraut will help in the treatment of some diseases of the joints

Kwasi cabbage with various spices and products. It combines perfectly with:

  • carrots;
  • cranberries;
  • beets;
  • mushrooms;
  • apples;
  • cumin;
  • juniper and many other ingredients.

Our contemporaries not inferior to prababushka in this glorious work. Cabbage is also fermented, but it has a lot of new, interesting ways. For example, sauerkraut with seaweed and thyme, pickled cabbage, sauerkraut with oranges. Knowing the recipe for fermenting cabbage maybe even a young lady. This vegetable can be cooked with cabbage, cabbage leaves, small or large pieces — as you like.

The benefits of sauerkraut

What is the use of sauerkraut? And why is it so loved and respected in the old days? Of course, not only for its pleasant sour taste. Even then people knew about the beneficial properties of sauerkraut. Long harsh winters were difficult to survive, so it was necessary to provide the family with a product that has a long shelf life, rich in vitamins and, in addition, does not lose its medicinal properties for a long time.

Квашеная капуста при подагре: лечение заболевания

Changes in the joint due to the accumulation of uric acid

Scientists conducted a thorough study of this wonderful vegetable and came to the conclusion that the composition of vitamin C kvashena cabbage is richer than the lemon. It contains almost all the elements of the periodic system. But this method of cooking like pickling, takes the cabbage to the rank of a cure for all diseases.

During the fermentation process the fermentation, the product softens the intense multiplication of lactic acid bacteria.

Taking this product of the food we get has almost digested, ready to digest food. Killing all pathogenic microflora. And here’s an ordinary cabbage leaf acquires a miraculous power, contributing to the preservation and restoration of human health.

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The relationship of traditional medicine to the cabbage

Official medicine also recognizes the benefits of Kale. Prepare for the strongest choleretic and antiulcer drugs, widely used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The substances contained in the cabbage, detrimental effect on the tubercle Bacillus, and this took the scientists. Was created medical products that promote recovery of patients with tuberculosis and patients with joint deformities.

In the treatment of obesity, it is recommended to enter in the daily diet meals, in the main part of which included sauerkraut and seaweed. These products contain few calories, but provide the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and the sea version is also fortified with iodine. Due to its properties, it helps the body rid itself of cholesterol and accumulated toxins.

Квашеная капуста при подагре: лечение заболевания

Doctors believe useful introduction to the diet of the patient sauerkraut

In what diseases you can use sauerkraut? It will help in almost any case. Of course, there are exceptions. Some people with pancreatic diseases, hypertension, gall stones and exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease do not get involved in these acidic foods. The main rule — do not hurt yourself in the process of treatment.

Especially recommended to eat sauerkraut for gout, diabetes, gastritis with low acidity, cancer, worms.

Cabbage in traditional medicine

Of course, the common people in ancient times noticed the healing properties of cabbage and is widely used for the prevention and treatment of the joints, kidneys, heart. Due to the large amount of vitamin C, this tool is traditionally used to treat beriberi, scurvy. Sailors departing on a long voyage, and always had a supply of this product for the prevention of disease. If you eat it every day and my knee does not ache, and the teeth drop out. For all human joints, this product is indispensable.

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Antihistamine properties of cabbage are used to help patients with bronchial asthma or allergic reactions, because other methods of treating these diseases find quite problematic. The best cure for a hangover is the sauerkraut brine, and even before without it there was not a single wedding. And a good hostess always had in my cellar a pot of cold coffee.

It was believed that a pregnant woman suffering from morning sickness, will bring relief and get rid of nausea treatment of cabbage.

This is a legitimate statement, because thanks to its unique composition, this product saturates the body with nutrients and displays products of intoxication.

Квашеная капуста при подагре: лечение заболевания

Cabbage can be used for medicinal purposes

Treated sauerkraut male impotence. Although research on this topic has not been conducted to prove the correctness or fallacy of this method impossible. A special place sauerkraut has always played in the treatment of gout — a severe chronic disease affecting the joints.

Sauerkraut in the treatment of gout

To understand the impact of sauerkraut on a person suffering from gout, it is necessary to consider the causes of this disease. Gout occurs when the violation of excretion of uric acid from the body. This substance gradually accumulates in the joints and ligaments, forming nodules, which leads to a change in the shape of the limbs and severe pain in the knees. First, a strong paroxysmal pain in the affected joints, especially at night, there is swelling, swelling. It was at this point the man turns to the doctor and assigned drug treatment. If time does not begin to adequate treatment, the patient’s condition will deteriorate, attacks of pain of the joints increase, there will be irreversible changes in the joints of patients, the kidney failure.

Sauerkraut gout will reduce inflammation and lessen joint pain.

Although gout cannot be cured until the end, but in time the measures will help to delay the disease and slow down the degradation process. By treating the joints with a specialist, we should not forget about the recipes of traditional medicine. The experience gained over the centuries, often offers a simple, but very effective methods of influence on the body. Treatment of cabbage is simple, affordable, effective method.

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Квашеная капуста при подагре: лечение заболевания

Even a large amount of sauerkraut can easily make your own

Sauerkraut gout restores to a normal level of acid-alkaline metabolism, the violation of which leads to disease. Due to its composition, it displays the salt of uric acid, preventing their deposition in the joints. In addition, it contains proteins, purines and lipids, which increase the disease and, therefore, it is recommended to take in food. To improve the nutritional value of the meals you can season it with kelp (seaweed). Still it is advisable to apply to the sore place a fresh cabbage leaf, it will reduce inflammation, reduce pain of joints.

Unfortunately, no one is immune from the disease. If you had to experience it for yourself, do not be discouraged. Have the means by which you can improve your health. Be sure to visit your rheumatologist regularly take tests to determine the level in the body urea and creatinine, the research. Take medications prescribed by a specialist treating a knee or elbow. Use the secrets of traditional medicine, follow the rules of rational nutrition. Don’t give up on your life, raise children and grandchildren, travel, fall in love and be happy!