Sciatica: causes, symptoms, treatment of the disease

Радикулит: причины, симптомы, лечение заболеванияWhat is sciatica? This is not a specific disease. Is a collection of disease symptoms that arise from the patient on the basis of another disease or in the presence of an inflammatory process in the body. The disease most often can be caused by irritation or compression of nerve endings. As a result, they lose their sensitivity and are unable to function normally.

There are several types of sciatica. This disease can be chronic form, and from time to time to escalate. Usually pain occur in the spine. When driving, weight lifting or with little physical exertion manifestation of the disease may become stronger. To combat radiculitis, osteochondrosis, you can use various methods of modern therapy. Such treatment must be prescribed by a doctor.

The causes of the disease

The disease is not independent and just can not occur. This is a set of symptoms that trigger sciatica. They begin to manifest in the human body due to nerve damage. To disrupt their work maybe because of the impact of different diseases, prior to the sciatica.

In most cases, low back pain becomes the cause of development of such diseases. It contributes to the development intervertebral hernia, and the appearance of osteophytes that cause compression of the nerve channels. In other cases, the cause of the pain can be so acute spinal cord injury, damage of internal organs, tumors in the nervous system, deformation of the intervertebral tissues.
Low back pain often becomes a provocateur of herniated discs.

Радикулит: причины, симптомы, лечение заболевания

Between the vertebrae are special discs that are responsible for normal functioning of the spine. Their damage — the reason for the disease. If disturbed their elasticity, they can not properly perform its function. It osteochondrosis provokes the destruction of the intervertebral discs. As a result, the protrusion portion of the spine, and at this point begins to form a hernia. The tumor provokes the compression of the nerve channels that are close and this can cause of sciatica.

But not only low back pain is able to trigger the development of the disease. Often in patients with injuries of the spine are formed osteophytes. Such provocateurs sciatica effect of the hernia, affecting the nerve endings. Stenosis of the spine and the defeat of the foraminal canals are also causes of sciatica.

Irritation and compression of the nerve endings to provoke the inflammatory response in the back. Such reasons lead to pain symptoms in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. In addition to pain, the disease can manifest several other symptoms. It may be numbness, tingling in the affected area and muscle spasm. The attack of sciatica can be caused by severe stress, hypothermia, severe and frequent physical exercise.

Thoracic manifestations

This defeat shows the development of the inflammatory process in the thoracic spine. The symptoms in this case are very characteristic and easy to distinguish from osteoarthritis. The disease is manifested by severe pain in the affected area, numbness of the chest area, weakness in the muscles. This sciatica is quite rare. This is because this portion of the spine quite hard to damage and it is mainly remains stationary. Rarely an attack of sciatica can happen in the thoracic spine. In most cases, this injury happens in women.

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Радикулит: причины, симптомы, лечение заболеванияThe flexibility of this region is very limited and there are very rarely undergo fundamental age-related changes in the structure of the spine. The thoracic is always firmly fixed, and, in order to disturb the position of the intervertebral discs in this area, efforts should be made. But the development of such a sciatica, to exclude completely not worth it. There are several factors that can trigger the development of this disease:

  • Herniated dick.
  • Protrusion of the spinal disc.
  • Trauma of the spine.
  • The destruction or deformation of the discs.
  • Foraminal stenosis.
  • Low back pain.
  • Arthritis.
  • The osteophytes.

  • The defeat of the lumbar spine

    If the disease is localized in the lower back, this lumbar sciatica. Here, the spine consists of 5 major departments, which are very movable. Here is the center of gravity of the human body. Signs of this disease are completely identical with any manifestation of any other forms of sciatica. The patient is experiencing severe back pain, muscles become relaxed, and sometimes they spasm, the affected area of the body is often numb. Similar symptoms occur with other forms of the disease. But localization depends on what part of the spine has been damaged or bent nerve endings.

    Often this form of sciatica is called sciatica. Such a spinal injury involves injury of the sciatic nerve. In this form of sciatica the patient experiences severe pain not only in lower back but also in the pelvis, and sometimes pain may occur even in the legs. Most powerful manifestation of sciatica — pain in the butt and across the lower part of the body. The causes of such disease can be many. To cause disease able low back pain, arthritis or osteoarthritis of the spine, the inter disc hernia, spinal deformity, fracture of the vertebrae, stenosis, fracture, nerve canal, spondylolisthesis.

    The appearance of sciatica symptoms will start to show fairly quickly. Initially there will be pain in the lower back, then it will spread to the thigh, and soon the sciatica can cover the entire lower torso. The patient with worsening disease is hard enough to do anything: walk, Crouch, turn around and even lie. Pain with sciatica is not aching. It’s sharp and appears very sharply.

    In most cases sciatica is manifested not only by day but also at night. Patients experiencing severe pain, even when their spine is at rest. Often sciatica at night manifests itself in shooting pain in the extremities. Loss of sensation of the limbs and strong muscle relaxation also symptoms of sciatica. In many patients, these signs apply not only to the hip or waist, but even on the toes. The reason for this phenomenon may be neurological in nature.

    Cervical disease

    A similar disease indicates that a spinal injury occurred in the cervical spine. In this case, most sciatica patient will have to suffer the neck, shoulders and upper torso. Initially, cervical radiculitis is manifested in exactly the same way as any form. A patient comes in severe pain and spasm, the muscles lose their density and become soft, disintegrate the overall sensitivity of the affected Department. But cervical radiculitis may occur in patients with different intensity, and frequency of the pain can vary. This factor depends on which side there has been damage to the nerve canal.

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    If you have cervical radiculitis, the symptoms can be triggered by completely different factors. It may be an infectious disease, arthrosis or arthritis, osteochondrosis, vertebral fracture, disc herniation, osteoarthritis and other diseases that trigger inflammation. Sciatica can manifest as pain only in the area of the damaged portion of the spine and in the shoulders, arms, and fingers of the patient. In this part of the dorsum there are 7 vertebrae, which are surrounded by 8 nerve roots. Their constant irritation and squeezing provoke the development of sciatica. Each pair of nerve endings responsible for a certain division of the cervical portion of the spine.

    Радикулит: причины, симптомы, лечение заболеванияSciatica can be caused not only to defeat nerve endings, but also injury of the muscles located near the spine. Sciatica can occur with symptoms such as dizziness, severe headaches (mainly occipital), fatigue, hearing loss. Ligaments in the affected area to become dry and lose elasticity due to circulatory disorders.

    Depending on which side was damaged neural tube, the side of the patient’s body will suffer the most. Quite often, cervical radiculitis is manifested only the right or only the left half of the upper torso. If the cause of the disease is osteoarthritis, a consequence of the disease can be a myocardial infarction. Sciatica causes severe and stabbing pain. Therefore, when the initial symptoms of the disease should consult a doctor to verify the diagnosis.

    Methods of treatment

    The treatment of the disease depends on the underlying causes of its appearance. You first need to eliminate and cure the symptoms of sciatica: pain, weakness of the muscles and return the body sensitivity. Conservative treatment will help get rid of sciatica. Medications prescribed to reduce inflammation. They will help to defeat the main symptoms of sciatica. Pain the patient will shrink and the swelling will take place. The doctor may prescribe the patient a course of physiotherapy. Sciatica can cause poor circulation and this treatment will restore it. In addition, physiotherapy will reduce the pressure on nerve endings, which in most cases becomes the main reason for the development of sciatica.

    Patients with this diagnosis are often prescribed courses of therapeutic massage and gymnastics. Importantly, the patient had no contraindications, and then the treatment will result. Physiotherapy will help overcome low back pain and any disease that develop on its soil. To carry such loads preferably on a regular basis, but the patient needs to do gymnastics under the guidance of an experienced coach.

    Радикулит: причины, симптомы, лечение заболеванияSeparate impact on the affected the spine may lead to progression of the sciatica and not to its recovery. Proper impact on the muscles and vertebrae with physical therapy will help after some time to completely get rid of all forms of sciatica. To get the desired effect is possible only by doing regular exercises.

    Often, in order to overcome sciatica, a doctor assigned to the acupuncture. By acting on the important points in the body a doctor can completely cure sciatica in a patient. This method of treatment is considered subsidiary. In our time, finally to cure sciatica is only possible medicamentous way. This allows to eliminate not only the symptoms but also the root cause of the disease.

    The patient may resort to additional methods of treatment to accelerate the effect and defeat the sciatica as quickly as possible. You can use the laser or vacuum therapy. The description of these methods speaks to their effectiveness. Electrical stimulation, dry elongation and magnetopuncture will help to cure sciatica is much faster. Typically the rate of any such treatment is about 20 sessions.

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    Traditional methods of treatment

    What to do if the disease progresses? In addition to standard treatment methods, you can use the advice of traditional medicine. Sciatica may be cured using garlic. Healing properties this product eliminates pain and removes the cause of disease — osteochondrosis. Take 3 garlic cloves and mash them to a pulp. After that, pour the mass of 1 liter of water and put on fire. Sciatica needs to be treated with warm compresses. So put the resulting mass in a cloth and apply to the affected area. Wrap the back of a warm scarf. The compress can be worn all day.

    Sciatica can be cured with the help of sheep’s wool. Take a small piece of fabric from sheep’s wool and dip it in salt solution. Once the compress is ready, apply it on the affected area of the spine. Sciatica will pass after a few sessions of this procedure. Salt affects the pain and removes inflammation.

    Радикулит: причины, симптомы, лечение заболеванияCan I bathe with sciatica? Of course, Yes. If you have no problems with heart and blood vessels, can regularly visit the bath. Sciatica will be held if at least 2 times a week to bathe and RUB the affected area with a broom. During the procedure, you can RUB the sore spot black soap. After the procedure, you must warm up. Just 2-3 sessions in order to significantly cure sciatica.

    In order to get rid of the disease forever, regularly use the infusion of wild garlic. Rubbing such a remedy will prevent and cure sciatica. Fill a large jar with the garlic and fill it with alcohol. You can substitute vodka. Put the medicine to infuse in a warm dry place for 30 days. After you strain it and regularly RUB the affected area. Sciatica will pass very quickly.

    The healing properties of clay have long been proven. Cure acute sciatica normal clay is very simple. Take a small container and fill it halfway with clay. Add enough water to make a thick dough. Add to the mix 1 tbsp. of kerosene. Take a small part of the mass, make the cake and lay to the sore spot. Sciatica will be held, if to do this procedure 2 times a day for 1 week. To cure sciatica quickly and efficiently, lubricate the cloth with vegetable oil, apply to the affected area. Put the radish wrap and well pack. Sciatica will cease to bother after 3 hours.