Scoliosis and the army is incompatible

Сколиоз и армия - это вещи несовместимые

About the scoliosis and the army to say that it’s incompatible. However, in Russia with this disease still call. Posture is not only an aesthetic category, which evaluated the appearance of man, but also an indicator of health status. It is no secret: it recruits every year is getting worse.

Scoliosis is currently one of the most common ailments. They suffer a considerable number of Russian youths. When it comes to the recruitment and medical examination, thus, a question arises: to serve in the army with scoliosis of 2 degrees will take or not?

What is the problem?

The slightest curvature of the spine is always dangerous. Problems in violation of its proper functioning do not arise at once. Most people have the initial stage of this disease can not be detected visually see its symptoms only at the second stage.

The disease manifests with the following symptoms:

  • curvature of the spine in the frontal plane to the left and to the right;
  • the increase in the number of physiological curvatures (thoracic kyphosis, thoracic scoliosis, lumbar and cervical lordosis);
  • twisting (rotation) of the vertebrae.

Сколиоз и армия - это вещи несовместимые

The patient not only disrupted the posture and proportion of the body, curved spine affects the function of internal organs.

Rotation is the rotation of the vertebrae around its axis. This turn is accompanied by asymmetry. At the level of the curvature of the marked drooping of the pelvis and the curvature of the spine visible in any position of the patient. Visible on the radiographic images, the angle of curvature which can be of the order of 11-25°.

As the show held in 2014 research, most often the disease affects children and adolescents aged 6 to 16 years. Young men into the army call after they left school, but such diseases develop in adolescence.

Causes of scoliosis of 2 degrees:

  • rickets;
  • improper diet;
  • problems with posture.

Rickets is considered a children’s disease, but when it comes time to call in the armed forces, recalls his disorders of the spine. Diseases caused by improper diet, are found recruits everywhere. Lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body — a guarantee of scoliosis. Incorrect position of the body when a person walks or sits, leads to the fact that scoliosis progresses to an advanced stage.

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In some cases, to become a rookie COP is not threatened?

Сколиоз и армия - это вещи несовместимые

In order to put the final verdict on the validity, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination to provide a medical history, x-rays of different projections and reference. Only a medical Commission, working in the military, can decide your fate.

It all depends on which category gets the recruit. Category A will include healthy young men who have no contraindications and can serve in any part. Category B imposes restriction on the Desk, and the only category exempt from conscription. Those who fell into the category G is given temporary release from service. To receive a second medical examination after six months. The one who fell into the category D are fully exempt from service with the white military card.

Before 2014, many educational institutions have been officially entered the health saving technologies of training. But comfortable, useful, properly distributing the load on the spine and musculoskeletal system furniture is not everywhere. The uneven distribution of weight — specific issue. Scoliosis of 2 degrees is developing dynamically, if it has prerequisites. Backpacks and briefcases today’s students are either in hand or on the shoulder. The spine are not formed yet, and this load is only on one side of the body usually leads to the fact that scoliosis screening is quickly transferred in the 2nd stage.

Do in the army with scoliosis of 2 stage?

The disease usually klassificeret by the method of localization, the degree of curvature of the spine, clinical and clinical-radiological patterns of disease occurrence. In 2014 the recruits it aprogressive and progressive scoliosis 2 degrees. At the initial stage of the cervical-thoracic, thoracic, thoracic, lumbar, lumbosacral scoliosis, the army is not contraindicated. The only exceptions are those cases when a recruit is not taken into the army due to the presence of serious diseases, the cause of which was scoliosis. Young men suffering from scoliosis of 1 degree, to serve in the armed forces call. The angle of curvature of the spine is 1-10°.

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Сколиоз и армия - это вещи несовместимые

Clarification on the possible degrees of curvature of the spine

Until 2014 when scoliosis of 2 degrees, the army has endured, not all young men of military age. Formally it was thought that this disease in the armed forces do not call, but to prove the presence of disease recruits was not always possible. The symptoms of the disease when it is in the 2nd stage of its development, visible.

The posture of the person is disturbed functioning of the back muscles, because they are in constant tension. Disruption of the ligamentous-muscular apparatus, blood circulation — all this is associated with scoliosis of 2 degrees. Therefore, if the recruit angle of spinal curvature was 11-25°, the draft Board had to release him from the army. While service in the armed forces he is not threatened only in times of peace, however, scoliosis of 2 degrees is not considered a barrier to conscription in time of war.

When the call for service in the armed forces in 2014 to confirm the presence of scoliosis of 2 degrees, it was necessary to pass x-ray examination. The doctor conducting the examination of the recruit had the right to make only a preliminary conclusion of «suspicion of a scoliosis». The results of the study and examination confirmed the assumption that the disease is.

The medical Board must examine x-ray pictures to ensure not only the availability of spinal curvature, but also that the radiograph is performed correctly in the vertical and horizontal projection.

It all depends on the clinical picture

The Russian army continues to be in the process of reform. In legislation concerning recruits are subject to constant changes. 2014 was no exception. The armed forces are interested in replenishing their ranks with healthy recruits. As noted by the representatives of the medical draft boards, the health of young men every year is getting worse. With scoliosis of 1 degree were taken into the army, at the 3 extent of disease — no. The answer to the question, take the army with scoliosis 2nd stage, depends on the clinical picture of the disease.

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Do 2014 the army with grade 2 disease? Yes, take. But here there are nuances. The list of diseases for 2014 recruits in the army includes not just a list of names of illnesses, but also to stage of disease in which a boy is recruited into the armed forces. According to the document, the army does not threaten conscripts suffering from a fixed scoliosis of 2 degrees.

Tests young men pass, as before. If the recruit has a fixed scoliosis of 2 degrees, and the angle of spinal curvature is more than 11°, a young man must liberate from the army. In such cases, are required to assign a category of validity (validity) or «E» (unfit for military service). Which of the categories will be assigned to the person suffering from scoliosis fixed, decide on the draft Board. In the future urged the young man to prove the existence of illness and unsuitability for military service is not required, since 2005 medical re-examination cancelled.

There are still a few changes to the rules of conscription, which was introduced in 2014. The army now has the right to call young men suffering from flat feet 2 degrees. Stage 2 osteoarthritis is no longer exempt from service as bronchial asthma, rupture of the retina, a neurological disease.