Scoliosis of 1 degree treatment

Treatment of scoliosis of 2 degrees, as treatment of 3 degrees of scoliosis can be extremely difficult. These stages represent a serious health hazard. Meanwhile, initial, stage 1 disease is considered to be an easy and completely amenable to elimination. Slightly curved spine can still be corrected with special exercises and other therapies. The risk of virtually irreversible forms of curvature is large and increases over time.

Regardless of a left or right scoliosis deformed spine, severity due to delayed treatment is equally high. The initial stage is not congenital, and acquired scoliosis can effectively treat pathology at home. But to correct the situation only by constant supervision and regular conduct of special procedures, observance of rules of healthy lifestyle.Сколиоз 1 степени лечение

When the first signs appear

As soon as he discovered the first symptoms, you should consult with an orthopedist or neurologist to begin daily monitoring of the posture and the regime of sedentary activities or physical activity, diet. But remember that to treat have no symptoms and the very serious and dangerous disease, to eliminate its causes and sources.

The disease can be congenital. There is medical opinion that children acquired curvature to identify almost impossible, because the musculoskeletal structure is not formed. But if the child attends a ballet school or a gymnastics section, sometimes you can notice the excessive elasticity of the ligaments. It speaks about the syndrome of systemic hypermobility. Such as cartilage, indicates pathology. If the mobility of the child is low, it is poorly developed muscles, there is reason for concern and immediate treatment in clinic.

About congenital scoliosis symptoms may indicate disease of one of the parents. Family with hereditary risk should be particularly attentive to the posture, movements, postures, and physiological development of the child from birth. A left or right scoliosis is expressed impaired posture, hyperlordosis, a slouch figure.

Deformed rib cage, changed the structure of the hip joints, other disorders of the musculoskeletal system is a potential symptoms of scoliosis.

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The possible consequences of the disease

If a left or right scoliosis can not be cured at initial stages may develop 2-4 degree, the appearance of complications, disability. Running pathology causes loss of motor activity, disability, the health of many internal organs.

Possible complications of scoliosis:

  • increases the risk of developing chronic bronchitis or pneumonia;
  • deformed thorax;
  • limited breathing capacity of the lungs;
  • is developing pulmonary insufficiency;
  • there are signs of heart failure;
  • increases the risk of coronary heart disease.

Сколиоз 1 степени лечениеIf, immediately after the first symptoms do not take urgent measures, the body will launch a powerful pathological processes. The same pattern is observed in case of incorrect treatment at home. Dysfunction of the internal organs significantly reduces vital signs.

If you decide to treat a left or a right scoliosis in the home, certainly consult a doctor. Should not be afraid of irradiation x-rays of the child, because only x-rays can show the true picture of the condition of the spine and will allow time to correct the deformity.

How to act at the initial stage of the disease

Any doctor begins to treat the patient only after ascertaining the sources of the causes of pathology. Medical appointments are made, taking into account age, sex, physical condition of the person. First degree requires advance preventive measures to remedy the situation and eliminate the rudimentary left or right scoliosis.


Not recommended

Special gymnastics. Physical therapy Badminton.
In the absence of contraindications – swimming A game of bowling.
You can do martial arts. Tennis.
Prevention – uniform strengthening of a muscular corset to better support the spine. These classes are associated with the application of uneven load on the spine. They can increase right-sided scoliosis.

To prevent a progressive curvature, it is possible to do massage. Massage can effectively treat atrophied muscles, improve blood circulation. Its advantage is the availability of execution at home. In the process procedures is the active stimulation of the relaxed muscle and a relaxation of tension fibers. Improve after the procedure occurs, only if they are performs experienced and competent masseur.

A massage therapist is appointed annually. Intensive blood circulation improves metabolism in the curved area. By improving muscle tone gradually formed a strong muscular corset.

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Approximate set of exercises

If the symptoms of spinal curvature, you can try to fix it with a set of special exercises. Therapeutic exercises will strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture. Not to cause harm, to achieve health effects, it is advisable to choose a jungle gym individually with the attending physician. The load increase should not be sharp but gradual. Sudden overloading of the muscles to neutralize the results of the parallel therapy.

The sequential execution of all exercises complex helps get rid of strain, strengthen the body, increase resistance to various diseases. A typical set of movements at the initial stage include:Сколиоз 1 степени лечение

  • the tilting movement in different directions;
  • one-time execution of the lift arms, ostavlenie legs to the side and tilt;
  • from the prone position implementation of the deflections of the back;
  • bending backwards with a stick in his raised hands;
  • cross climbs the opposite extremities;
  • the rise and bringing back the upper limbs;
  • the execution of the try standing with linked hands.

At home physiotherapy is the most affordable, convenient, efficient way of forming the locomotor apparatus.

Useful physiotherapy

The first degree of spinal deformity requires both massage and gymnastics, but also in other related procedures. Tangible effect as the carrying out of physiotherapeutic procedures, which enhance the effect of massage and exercise therapy on the musculoskeletal system. Useful in electrophoresis, heat treatments, muscle stimulation. In the process of completing the treatment course, you should regularly see a podiatrist. The doctor needs to monitor dynamic changes, make the appropriate adjustments in therapy, help to determine the optimal treatment.

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An effective method for the treatment of scoliosis are the classes in biofeedback training equipment. «Smart» simulators give the patient the ability to control the strength and range of motion and observe on the monitor the correct execution of the exercise. Unique intelligent system works on the principle of biofeedback and is used not only in the treatment of scoliosis, but when the recovery after injuries and operations.

Modern medico-technical industry produces special devices that are useful for self-treatment at home. Each patient available devices operating on the principle of pulse therapy. The basis of operation of the device lies the effect of electrical impulses on the cortex, are the control centers of the body. Under the influence of pulses of the activation of the affected areas of the musculoskeletal system, failures in their operation are eliminated, casts a powerful regenerating mechanism (regeneration) of the bone, cartilage, muscle fibers.

Any chosen method of treatment should be used with caution. Read the annotations to devices, pay attention to contraindications and warnings. If you feel unwell pick up alternative means of therapy.