Scoliosis of 2 degrees: do in the army after confirmation of the diagnosis

Сколиоз 2 степени: берут ли в армию после подтверждения диагноза

In the Russian Federation twice a year a call-up for compulsory military service: in the spring, from 1 April to 15 July, autumn — from 1 October to 31 December. The call shall be all adult and able-bodied male persons, having citizenship of the Russian Federation residing in the territory of the state.

However, there are categories of citizens for which the officially appointed special recruiting time.

  • Persons living in the far North.
  • People living in rural areas and engaged in agricultural activities (sowing and harvesting).
  • Persons engaged in teaching activities and working in educational institutions.

  • How is the conscription and the medical examination

    Young people at the place of residence comes the official agenda of the call to the Armed forces, after which the recruits must report to the local draft Board. Many guys wonder: do in the army with a particular disease?

    Ignoring subpoenas and refusing to attend the military are punishable for the recruit. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, it is the evasion of military service in the army. Non-attendance of the military may lead to either administrative or criminal liability. Administrative liability arises when the recruit has the right to official deferral and is not to the military Commissariat after receiving the summons. More severely punish those recruits who do not attend the draft Board, but it does not have the right to deferment of military service in the army.

    Сколиоз 2 степени: берут ли в армию после подтверждения диагноза

    Before sending in a military unit recruits undergo a mandatory medical examination at the place of residence. The young men have the examination of all major physicians: therapist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, dentist, urologist and other specialists. We’ll also need tests for the diagnosis of various diseases.

    Passing an independent medical examination helps to determine the current state of health of recruits. If the young person during the Commission identified certain illnesses and disease, it is likely that his army will not take. Diagnosed disease and health disorders will be medical contraindications to serving in the Russian army.

    The medical Commission makes a decision on the fate of a conscript. He may be a delay while he is treated. The second option he receives a report on the state of health and degree of dysfunction of an organ, which States that for military service he is not fully fit.

    The list of pathologies — contraindication to the service

    Сколиоз 2 степени: берут ли в армию после подтверждения диагноза

    In the official document indicates a number of diseases and pathologies, the presence of which on service in army do not call. To see the list of medical diseases contraindications can each recruit. Only one disease or one of the pathology of this list to a young man released from military duty.

    To disease, is incompatible with service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation include the following.

  • Obviously severe disease: severe impairments of hearing and vision — blindness and deafness, disorders of mental development, disability, lack one or more limbs. All this causes absolute unfitness for military service.
  • A serious infectious disease. Tuberculosis in active phase, HIV infection, leprosy (skin disease) — diagnosed with the youth will not be drafted into the army. If diagnosed with tuberculosis and syphilis, there is a delay from service and treatment, which is followed by re-examination by a medical Commission. The presence of other infectious diseases also is a reason for sending them for medical treatment. If the doctor determines that the infection is incurable, the recruit be found unfit for military service.
  • Сколиоз 2 степени: берут ли в армию после подтверждения диагноза

  • Obesity. Recruits with the third and fourth degree of the disease can obtain deferral from the service and be referred to treatment.
  • Diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma. With these diagnoses in army of the recruit do not take.
  • Malignant and benign tumors are also contraindicated for duty in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.
  • Congenital malformations and anomalies of the internal organs. Retardation in physical development: it includes underweight and inadequate growth (weight less than 45 kg, height less than 150 cm). In these figures the medical Board sends the recruit to the endocrinologist to identify the causes of failure of physical development.
  • Pathology of the kidneys and diseases of the reproductive system. Contraindications for military service is any renal disease with impaired functions of the body and kidney failure. The diseases of the genital organs the decision on unfitness makes a medical Board after examination. It all depends on the severity of the symptoms. If they are expressed slightly, the recruit is recognized as partially fit.
  • Enuresis, stuttering, flat feet is also the reason for the medical Commission summed up the ineptness of the recruit to military service.
  • Food Allergy is a serious reason for passing samples for allergic reactions. If diagnosed with food allergies to those foods that constitute the diet of the soldier, the conscript is transferred to the reserve. Basic foodstuffs in the Russian army is potatoes, flour products, cereals and other traditional products.

  • Will call if the army with scoliosis

    Above it was a question of grave diseases and health disorders that are completely or partially incompatible with military service. The most common reasons for retirement are flat feet, scoliosis and other not so serious illnesses. However, for many diseases there are gradations of so-called severity, which differ in the within and symptoms.

    Posture is one of the indicators of the health of a person. Posture can be defined as the usual position behind, when the person is in a state of rest and motion. This condition is formed in the course of human development from the first months of life.

    Scoliosis is a spine condition in which it is curved in the lateral plane. This disease has several degrees of severity. In the autumn of 2014 in the official list of diseases and pathologies that are not compatible with service, changes were made regarding scoliosis. Unfit for military service is considered to be the recruit with scoliosis of 2 degrees in the 2 stages of development.

    Сколиоз 2 степени: берут ли в армию после подтверждения диагноза

    The degree of scoliosis and how at them crooked spine

  • Scoliosis of 2 degrees angle of spinal curvature is more than 17 degrees.
  • If the spine is curved at an angle of 11 to 17 degrees. Unfit for service in the army the recruit is in violation of motor function.
  • The severity diagnoses to the radiologist by assigning the surveyed x-ray to detect the angle of curvature of the spine. After the medical examination the recruit with scoliosis will be issued by the Commission’s decision: partially fit for service in the armed forces or not fit at all.

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