Self-massage of the knee joint and neck osteochondrosis

Самомассаж коленного сустава и шеи при остеохондрозе

Knee pain — the first sign of need of massage

Attacks of pain in osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis nobody joy. For example, pain in the neck with osteochondrosis may not subside all day. Any movement of the head causes pain, often accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, incoordination, blurred vision. Not least the range of feelings experienced by the person suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Pain can remind myself at any moment. It often felt at night, it is able to provoke the slightest frigorism or stress. For osteoarthritis of the knee significantly hampered the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and every movement causing pain.
With pain symptoms, modern medicine is struggling with analgesics. If the pain becomes unbearable and the disease is progressing is surgery, which can be carried out with cervical osteochondrosis, and osteoarthritis. The restoration of articular and vertebral tissues in any case occurs relatively slowly. To treatment was as efficient as possible, the desired flow of oxygen to the affected areas.

It can provide a set of exercises specially adapted for the treatment of a disease, and regular massage treatments. Last offered in public hospitals and private clinics. But what if there is no time to visit them or the money to pay for massage services? You can learn how to perform the massage of the cervical and extremities.

Fighting with osteochondrosis and its complications

The neck — mobile, most agile and therefore vulnerable region of the spine.Self-massage neck osteochondrosis is vital, it is designed to not only reduce pain symptoms, but also improve the overall health of the person.

Massage treatments, as confirmed by numerous medical studies, really can slow the progression of the disease. This is particularly noticeable in the initial stages of its development.

Самомассаж коленного сустава и шеи при остеохондрозеExperts recommend in cervical osteochondrosis to carry out massage treatments, while in a special chair designed for this purpose. If such apartment or house there, it is quite suitable ordinary chair where you can relax. Relaxed state of man is a prerequisite for a positive effect not only in the treatment of osteoarthritis, but osteoarthritis of the hip joint. In a nervous state such procedures are not performed, otherwise the massage can have the opposite effect.

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When performing self-massage is a very important course of action. The procedure begins with the cervical portion, and from the back. First massage the area between his shoulder blades, then the area of the forearm and the chest, above the breast. All actions are performed gently, without jerks and pressure. So it is necessary to perform massage services and with arthrosis of the hip joint. During the massage allowed only light kneading motion. In the neck can run squeeze and podrachivaya movement. The back is massaged towards the neck.

Cervical massaged in the direction from top to bottom. First stroking it, then carry out a squeezing motion and proceed to massage his hand. These movements gradually replaced the stroking and rubbing. Complete the massage of the neck, and hip area, is dramatically impossible. It is necessary to conduct multiple soft stroking of the area where you performed the procedure.

Medical practice, 5-7 massage is enough to improve the health of the person and began to decrease in pain.

How to help your feet

When self-massage of the knee joint it is necessary to observe certain sequence. A lot depends on to reduce pain symptoms what disease the massage. With osteoarthritis of the knee massage is carried out bottom-up procedures start with stroking and rubbing. Knee osteoarthritis has a negative impact not only on the site where there was lesion of the articular tissue and the neighboring region, which is why massage treatment considering also as a prophylactic.

With osteoarthritis of the knee massage is carried out on the lower leg and then knee. First, the procedure is performed by using circular strokes. To relieve pain symptoms, careful movements perform Pat on the skin and kneading. Process complete a series of active and passive movements, they alternate with each other, and then you can already proceed to the stroking of the knee. Such a technique of massages used for osteoarthritis of the hip joint and other articular diseases of the extremities.

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During the massage you can perform vibration and «cutting» edge of his hand. Rubbing are straight, circular and spiral. With arthrosis of the hip joint helps finger shower — easy squeezing with the fingertips, it is necessary to do very carefully.

You must know that massage on any area of the body is performed only on an empty stomach. After a therapeutic or prophylactic massage you can eat a small piece of chocolate and immediately proceed to the exercises exercise therapy. With arthrosis of the hip joint, injury of the knee and other parts of the body the massage is not carried out after 14.00 hours.

Самомассаж коленного сустава и шеи при остеохондрозеDuring the procedure, you can use ointments and rastirok, if their use is not contraindicated. Arthrosis of the hip joint are excellent for procedures performed in the water. If the disease affected knee, they also recommend performing daily. Dry massage performed with warm hands. The procedure should not be performed before going to sleep. The interval between the procedure and the time bedtime should be at least 2 hours.

From osteoarthritis helps and warm-up, it is used when the disease struck his knee. It significantly increases the massage effect .

What to do in more severe cases

Self-massage is necessary and in severe forms of joint damage. It helps when the hip joint coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis. Experts in this case suggest to use for the procedure vibrating devices, but you must know that in coxarthrosis of the hip joint they are used very carefully, so as not to cause harm to the body. The procedure is performed in the supine position. In coxarthrosis of the hip joint, it is important not to overload the afflicted leg. This rule applies to massage treatments.

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Massage starts with stroking the lateral and upper parts of the thigh. In coxarthrosis of the hip joint, the procedure can be done with one or both hands. The correct direction of movements — from the bottom up. Then muscle rubs his fist in the longitudinal direction. Next, carefully stretch the thigh muscles and gently tapping the fist of the front side surface. Only then in coxarthrosis of the hip joint can massage the back of the thigh. Complete massage stroking is mandatory.

This massage can be done in the sitting position. Sometimes the hip or knee joints are massaged in a standing position. After the procedures in any case can not take a cold shower or be in a cold room. When selecting a rubbing, which would be massage, be sure to take into account the tolerability of the patient. This rule applies to funds used for massage, aromatic oils that can be used to execute it.