Sergey Bubnovsky sore knees what to do

How many people suffer from pain in your knees! Sometimes such pain cause the leg becomes impossible to bend even a little. Basically, this situation is associated with damage to ligaments, cartilage and the joint. The efforts of the doctors to assist patients with affected knees very often bring only temporary relief. And some patients can only help surgery, sometimes associated even with the replacement joint. Many wonder: he advises to do Sergey Bubnovsky, if knees hurt?

Сергей бубновский болят колени что делать

Doctor Sergey Bubnovsky has developed a unique method of rehabilitation, which not only helps patients return to active life, but to demonstrate the almost complete recovery of the previous forms. So, some patients who were treated with Sergey Bubnovsky, could then win even the Olympic games, but most of the others almost forgot about the disease and continue to walk normally.

Popular about sore

After the successful introduction of the developed technique, Sergey Bubnovsky decided to help people not only in his clinic. He had written a book devoted to knee problems and ways to resolve them. All issues are addressed adequately, the material is presented easily and sometimes even with humor.

The book is divided into several sections, each of which is considered one of the important issues of the pathologies knee and recommended what to do for treatment. The most important thing in the book, which was written by Sergey Bubnovsky is extremely simple and easy to understand presentation of the material. Even far from the medicine man after reading it you will understand why he has sore knees and what you need to do to get rid of the disease.

Today you can find numerous articles, books and monographs devoted to the problem of diseased joints. Almost every doctor examines only the special literature recommended by the teachers and followers of his teaching school. That’s why sometimes you can find completely different views on disease and its treatment. Sergey Bubnovsky, in his work focuses on the needs of patients looking for medical assistance and which is completely uninteresting to the classification of the disease. Most patients, in fact, interested in only one thing: what to do for getting rid of pain and return of normal functioning of the joint.

Written by the author of the book is dedicated primarily to problems of the knee. However, touches upon some other topics which are also important. So, sufficiently described the structure of the joint and talked about its complexity. In addition, we consider such a seemingly not very related with knee disease, such as ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis. And, of course, not the author forgot about the sports injury often suffer knees.

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The author does not doubt that the majority of specialists will criticize some of the approaches he offers in his book. However, in his opinion, the main argument is the result of the treatment. What you have to do it again. Importantly, the technique worked. Because all patients who have problems with joints, only interested in one thing – restoring quality of life.

If you have sore knees, you should familiarize yourself with the material presented by the author in his work.

An original approach to the treatment of

The author of the work categorically rejects all methods and means of folk medicine. Considering only two forms of joint damage (the ones that are the most common – osteoarthritis and arthritis), Dr. Bubnovsky believes that all people’s recipes demonstrate during their treatment complete failure.

Today, conventional medicine considers the treatment of the knee joint only two approaches.

  • Treatment non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in conjunction with chondroprotectors. To medication is usually added physiotherapy, and in severe cases complete the treatment of hormonal therapy.
  • Surgical treatment of the joint, which in recent years has been used increasingly.
  • The approach of the author on the one hand simple, and with another – absolutely not correlated with the tenets of official medicine.

    Failure Use
    Refusal to wear knee pads. In his clinic the emphasis is on the kinesitherapy.
    Avoiding the use of drugs — chondroprotectors. Patients offered exclusively the regular performance of a complex of exercises on specially designed exercise machines.
    Waiver of warm compresses and other remedies. However, occasionally recommended the imposition on the affected knee ice packs and some other procedures.

    Many patients are perplexed as to refuse the most strong painkillers, lasers, and even corticosteroids which, albeit for a short time, but still helped quite difficult. And the fact that he will have to cure just to do some strange exercises, and altogether unusual. Sergey Bubnovsky fully understands the misgivings of some patients, after all, to believe in the magical effect of kinesitherapy uninitiated is really easy. However, the healing process often puts everything in its place.

    The author offers a different approach to the treatment of a pathology, which is fundamentally different from the methods used by official medicine.

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    Problems of modern medicine in treatment of joints

    Сергей бубновский болят колени что делать

    Dr. Bubnovsky in his work quite thoroughly addresses the problems of modern medicine in the treatment of joints, but since the book is dedicated to the treatment of the knees, the joints accentuated the focus. It is no secret, though, and especially not to disseminate information that about three quarters of the patients in whom the joints were replaced with implants, after a while forced to go through another surgery. But the other part of the «cure» is often not everything go smoothly, and they are a very long time walking, use of telescopic crutches. In addition, even if all went well, painless guaranteed period of life after joint replacement does not exceed fifteen years.

    According to Dr. Bubnovsky cases when no replacement not enough, of course there are, but to rush into operation still not worth it. The majority of patients the doctor advises us to try to compete and keep your joints, even despite the fact that their state of emergency. But in the rest to existing treatments a lot of questions.

    Of course, we used to trust doctors, and if the drug is designated, it must be taken. However, the process is simpler than the treatment of the joints of different drugs, probably does not exist. After all, in fact, we treat not doctors, and pharmacists. The situation is such that the doctor after studying the disease on radiography or MRI assigns a number of drugs and acts simply as a mediator between two specialists, one of which performs the diagnostics, and the second provides the drugs. Of course, this somewhat exaggerated picture, but the essence of it is this.

    Almost all the proposed drugs have side effects. Some more, some less, but the warnings are in the annotations of all medications.

    That is, we have to treat one and at the same time do harm to another. After thinking about all the problems the question arises: what to do, what is the solution? It is trying to answer Dr. Bubnovsky, offering their treatment method.

    The Bubnovsky’s technique

    When a person has sore knees, he does not think about the cause of this pain. The best thing for him to do anything to decrease and to preserve the ability to move normally. Alas, but often it is limited to periodic receive pain medication and, in extreme cases, and even anti-inflammatory drugs or chondroprotectors. Thereby the joints to apply more damage, because the disease continues to progress, it only removed the main symptom.

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    Dr. Bubnovsky has developed and believe he offers patients a new treatment method, which is based on kinesitherapy. In this case, is supposed to be used as a therapeutic factor in the deepest articular muscles. The uniqueness of the approach in this case is that the treatment of the joints is carried out exclusively with the involvement of internal resources of the body.

    Developed a new method involves the impact on patients of a complex of special exercises. To do them on the simulators of the new model, has many functions, among which there is even antigravity (MTB) and decompression. The patient makes great efforts, therefore, does not experience weakness and increase pressure. The main thing that is required from the patient is doing the exercises correctly, exactly fulfilling all the movement.

    The training program is developed individually for each patient, taking into consideration many factors. Initially offered to do the exercises in the Lite version gradually loads and the complexity of the exercises increase. It should be noted the absence in the treatment of pain medications that successfully replaced cryohydromorphic or sauna. Of course, in the beginning of the course kineziterapii many patients complain that the knees they ache, but that feeling passes quickly enough.

    Depending on the speed with which positive changes occur in the joints, patients have to undergo one or more cycles of treatment. After reaching the desired effect, the patient is transferred to a preventive program. It allows you to maintain joints in the achieved condition.

    The outcome of treatment gets rid of problems and improving the General condition of the patient.