Shortness of breath osteochondrosis — is it necessary to pay attention to?

Shortness of breath when degenerative disc disease: causes and consequences

In patients who suffer from low back pain, very often during exacerbation of the disease there is severe pain in the chest and heart, gradually passing into permanent shortness of breath.

Such symptoms are characteristic of injuries of the thoracic spine, when there are violations in the structure of the intervertebral discs, accompanied by shortness of breath, the emergence of night snoring and heavy breathing.


Causes of shortness of breath

The spine in the chest area mainly is in a state of immobility, causing the vertebrae to bend in an unnatural way and provoke changes in the structure of the thorax. In the result of recurring problems with blood circulation and breathing shortness of breath occurs which the organism starts as a compensatory process due to lack of oxygen. The reason why shortness of breath occurs in osteochondrosis, can be the following:

  1. Sedentary and sedentary work;
  2. Long sitting at the computer;
  3. Scoliosis and other curvature posture;
  4. Physical exertion causes a person highly to hunch or slouch.

These reasons are highly individual for each case. In the initial stages of the disease shortness of breath can occur with prolonged walking, mobility or severe physical exertion. At the first signs of shortness of breath should immediately consult a doctor and then start treatment of the disease.

If necessary pharmacological assistance, read the description Movalis —

Why not to ignore shortness of breath? Possible consequences

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The danger of this type of osteoarthritis is that it is often confused with cardiovascular disease (angina, myocardial infarction) or respiratory diseases. So, to avoid these diseases and prescribing the right treatment, you must undergo additional medical research specialist.

Delayed treatment of shortness of breath can lead to acute degenerative disc disease, PI which may be a partial loss of respiratory function, leading to disability and even death.

The main remedy is prevention

Prescribe treatment for osteochondrosis can be a doctor. Himself the patient to facilitate their own state must adhere to the following rules:

  • Every day to make the easy physical exercises with emphasis on strengthening and developing muscles of the thoracic spine;
  • Sleep on a firm mattress, while — on a low cushion;
  • Use to ease and normalize breathing aromatherapy based on natural essential oils;
  • Daily to breathe the fresh air and take a walk (preferably in parks or gardens);
  • To increase immunity, to follow the diet and healthy lifestyle.

Dyspnea is one of the manifestations of degenerative disc disease, which should react in a timely manner to prevent disease progression.