Shots (injections) into the knee for osteoarthritis of the knee: drugs, rules, reviews

Injections into the knee joint with osteoarthritis: how to choose a drugs and supply of injection

The destruction, deformation of the knee joint, accompanied by pain under load and flexion of the limb is almost certainly osteoarthritis of the knee.

It is a chronic disease, drug therapy which is usually aimed at avoiding exacerbation. In the later stages of the disease, experts recommend an injection of medications into the knee joint. This ensures maximal analgesic effect and increase in period of remission.

The advantages of injections into the joint

Why intra-articular injections are popular with doctors and orthopaedic surgeons? The introduction of the drug directly into the lesion helps to extinguish inflammation faster.

This reduces the consumption of the drug, and increases the accuracy of exposure. Another advantage is the possibility to avoid side effects from the tablets suffer from gastric mucosa, intramuscular injections act on soft tissue.

Intra-articular injections can be used as an ambulance during acute exacerbations. As well as long-term therapy to maintain the health of the knee joint and cartilage regeneration. Patients say that the injections in knee can easily be carried and if the correct setting are rarely painful.

Carry out the procedure needs a doctor in sterile conditions. Home treatment not only will not produce positive results, but even more can worsen the severity of osteoarthritis.

The therapeutic effect depends on the group of administered medications and their purpose. Patients receiving intra-articular injections regularly noted their positive aspects:

  • the medication starts to act immediately, since the introduction;
  • reduces the pain when moving;
  • for a short time the swelling subsides;
  • knee joint range of motion normalized.

Makes sense to undergo a course of injections into the knee joint even at a late stage of osteoarthritis, as due to the direct effect of the drug can tissue regeneration. Sometimes to reduce pain only by means of intra-articular injection.

Important! Do not rely only on injections into the joint as the only remedy to cure osteoarthritis. Treatment should be comprehensive, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise will help longer to avoid relapse.

Intra-articular injections: a review of drugs

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The doctor may Supplement the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee injections in the joint, if conventional therapy does not give positive effect.

Medicines are selected in accordance with the condition of the patient, the individual characteristics of the patient. Is not only the degree of damage of the joint, but also the period of the disease.

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During exacerbation recommended therapy hormonal therapy. In the period of remission it is desirable to stimulate the regenerative properties of cartilage injections of chondroprotectors.


Remove the acute inflammatory process in the knee joint arthrosis with the help of injections of hormonal drugs. The purpose of the use of steroid injections to joints to reduce swelling and reduce pain. Advantages of hormonal injections:

  • a high rate of pain relief;
  • significant reduction of edema;
  • normalization of the temperature in the lesion;
  • the elimination of the inflammatory process.

To treatment gave maximum positive effect, you need to inject corticosteroids. Already the first injection should relieve the pain. If not, the drug need to replace or change the injection site.

It is desirable to carry out the procedure every 10-14 days at most. Therapy used cumulative principle. Only you can make no more than five injections to avoid side effects: the destruction of cartilage tissue in the places of punctures, muscular dystrophy, vasoconstriction, habituation to supporting hormonal therapy.

In the knee joint develops an infection? The use of corticosteroids is contraindicated. In addition, local hormonal therapy is not appointed:

  • when the thinning of bone tissue;
  • high blood pressure, diabetics, HIV-positive;
  • if the knee is a skin infection;
  • if the patient is not 5 years old;
  • in patients with kidney, heart failure.

The injected hormone should anesthetic: lidocaine, procaine. The most popular hormonal drugs for intra-articular injections in the knee:

  • Kenalog;
  • Hydrocortisone;
  • Flosteron;
  • Celeston;
  • Diprospan.

Makes no sense to inject into the joint glucocorticosteroid means a period of remission for prevention. Hormonal drugs do not cure the arthritis, but only dampen the inflammatory process and eliminate its consequences.


The most popular among modern physicians use chondroprotectors. At the heart of them – chondroitin sulfate and/or glucosamine. These drugs are used outside of the stage of inflammation in the joint capsule. The effect of the injection:

  • rapid pain relief;
  • the regeneration of cartilage tissue;
  • food joint;
  • stimulates production of synovial fluid;
  • the reduction of periods of exacerbation;
  • normalization of motor activity.

For a long period of remission chondroprotectors in the joint needs to chop long courses, periodically repeating.

The drugs have the effect of a accumulation. Is there a chance to get rid of arthritis, starting treatment with handprotection at the initial stage of the disease.

In the knee joint are:

  • Alflutop;
  • Chondrogen;
  • Rumalon;
  • Don;
  • Hondrolon.

Cannot inject chondroprotectors, if the patient is diagnosed with infectious lesions of the skin of the knee. In addition, there are contraindications to the use of chondroitin, glucosamine:

  • if the patient has a bleeding tendency;
  • you cannot do injections in knee pregnant and lactating women;
  • when diagnosed with allergies to drugs injection is canceled;
  • if a person develops sepsis.
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Injections of chondroprotectors in the joints in cases of arthritis will have a positive effect with prolonged use. Repeated courses will help to avoid complications and for a long time to get rid of pain.

Hyaluronic acid injections

To rebuild the level of synovial fluid in osteoarthritis in the knee joint, experts recommend to inject hyaluronic acid. These drugs virtually no contraindications (use only is not advisable during pregnancy and while breastfeeding).

The positive effect of the injection:

  • normal level of synovial fluid;
  • the surface of the joint is wetted to a sufficient degree and less degraded;
  • reduces the friction of joint parts;
  • comes to normal motor function;
  • restored elasticity and elasticity of cartilage.

Recommended usage of medicines in this group with the development of gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis I, II degree in remission. Just one course is 3-5 injections.

Between injections should pass in 1-2 weeks. A second course is prescribed by a doctor depending on the type of disease.

Hyaluronic acid contained in the composition of medicines:

  • Agent;
  • Sinogram;
  • Ostenil;
  • Permatron;
  • Geostat.

Ideally, to obtain a stable long period of remission treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee should start as early as possible. If the patient is diagnosed with grade III disease, injections of hyaluronic acid will bring short-term relief.

Blockade novocaine

Pharmacological blockade of the knee joint is held with inflammation, severe pain, substantial cartilage damage.

The injection of novocaine directly into the lesion helps to get rid of pain in a moment. In addition, patients note that after the injection of novocaine is inflammation, normalizes the mobility of the joint.

Novocaine blockade is indicated for infectious arthritis. Along with painkillers, are introduced antibacterial and antiseptic preparations. When deforming osteoarthritis drug blockade are not held.

Proper introduction action of the injection lasts for some time: from one day to one month.


Another type of injections into the joint offer homeopaths as one of the points of complex homeopathic therapy. For the introduction of used solutions of drugs:

  • The Goal Is T;
  • Traumeel S.

Indications for use – the development of joint osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis. The injection is preferably carried out after cleared acute inflammatory process in the knee joint. Frequency – once in three days. Course duration and dosage of the drug is determined by the homeopath.

There is a high regenerative and immunostimulatory effects of drugs, have pronounced analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Solutions possess chondroprotective properties. Contraindication to extra-articular introduction the development of allergic reactions to the components of homeopathic medicines.

10 best injections into the joint for treatment of osteoarthritis

The most popular drugs for injections to knee for osteoarthritis:

  • Alflutop;
  • Permatron;
  • Ostenil;
  • Diprospan;
  • Sinogram;
  • Hondrolon;
  • Geostat;
  • Don;
  • Novocaine blockade;
  • Traumeel S.
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A list of the best preparations you can make only approximately. Since the effect of corticosteroids aimed at removing the inflammation, and chondroprotectors have long-lasting effect. Therefore, the use of such drugs is most effective in the complex.

The effectiveness of the injection in practice

How effective are injections to knee for osteoarthritis can be judged by examining the reviews.

About hormone therapy

I have a terribly swollen knee. Even with the stairs went down hard, the pain is terrible. And rubbed his knee, and warmed, tablets saw, comfrey smeared, Ketoprofen, Diclofenac injections. And the surgeon on reception was offered Kenalog right into the leg.

Scared to stab myself in the knee, but the pain became unbearable, the joint is directly burned. I did, bought the Kenalog 40 and the doctor put a shot only once! Relief came within an hour. And the next day passed and the swelling. The surgeon said that more than chop and don’t need.


The use of hyaluronic acid

First stabbed in the knee Hyalgan, from him long there was a feeling of swelling, but for six months I forgot about the pain in his leg. This year I tried Permatron, one injection per knee per week.

Had three injections, knee began to hurt less, after a month of treatment does not appear aching pain. The doctor advised to repeat the course next year.


Injections of chondroprotectors for joints

For the past five years, my mom hurts every six months Alflutop – 5 injections per course. Osteoarthritis of the knee her for a long time, did not go to the doctor until then, until it became difficult to walk even on a flat road. Take the extra weight there.

With Alflutop mom finally was able to move the knee began to hurt less. When shot there is no discomfort, not appearing bruises.


Is there a cure for knee osteoarthritis with intra-articular injections? Yes, if appointed complex therapy. In addition, the patient needs a change in lifestyle to lose weight and to do special exercises of physiotherapy.