Shoulder arthroplasty: diagnosis, prevention and methods of strengthening

In the musculoskeletal system of the human shoulder joint plays a significant role. He is responsible for the normal functioning of the upper limbs, upright posture, aesthetic appearance of the human figure. However, shoulder cartilage, like any system of the human body, requires careful maintenance and basic knowledge on how to strengthen it.Плечевой сустав: диагностика, профилактика и методы укрепления

Diagnosis of problems, implementation methods

Before turning to the doctor, you need to explore your shoulder joint with the help of simple exercise. To do this, stand with your back to the wall and perform squats. Form knee 90 degrees. Hands should be apart. Slowly bend at the elbow without lifting from the surface of the wall. If this exercise causes discomfort in the shoulder joint, it is a good reason to go to the doctor and get professional help.

Плечевой сустав: диагностика, профилактика и методы укрепленияIn most cases, in addition to the medical scheme, the patient assigned exercises for the development of the joints performed in a certain sequence and at a specified rate. As a rule, this form does not cause discomfort or pain. If such a phenomenon is, from exercises for the shoulder joints is better to refuse.

The emphasis in physical therapy is done on the job, contributing to the development of flexibility of the shoulder joint. It is important not to ignore the muscles that are responsible for rotational motion in the shoulder joint. However, the first thing you should start it warming up. Exercises for the right and left sides, you need to perform by turns, to eliminate imbalance during the development of the shoulder joint. To develop the sides must be evenly, regardless of which side of the shoulder joint was damaged.

During class, you should refrain from abrupt movements that could further injure the shoulder joint. Health complex implies a gradual rehabilitation, which may occur within a few months.

Prevention — as it should be?

Плечевой сустав: диагностика, профилактика и методы укрепленияThe development of a shoulder joint includes a complex of simple exercises to perform which can both adults and children. Post isometric relaxation has a spiritual significance. During the procedures there comes a peace and sense of inner peace.

Conditional exercises for the shoulder cartilage can be divided into several stages:

  • light exercise to allow the muscles;
  • active power load on the shoulder Department;
  • load with the use of additional devices (simulators).

To begin to perform movements designed to warm up hands. This brush should be diluted in different directions and put at shoulder level. Shoulders, at the same time, it is important to fix in a stationary state, so that they did not rise. Hands should perform a circular motion, backwards and forwards. The number of running approaches, from 3 to 6.

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The following exercises to strengthen the ligaments can be called a classic, because in gym class they were performed almost every. Its form is that of the hand bent in the elbow joints and are held parallel to the floor. In this position it is necessary to keep the blades from 5 to 10 times. After completion of the exercise the shoulder joint should stretch, perform in a similar situation a circular motion bent at the elbows with your hands.

Weight training on the shoulder joint include the exercises with dumbbells or a chest expander. If the physical load on the shoulder area of the locomotor apparatus are given for the first time, you should start with a minimum shoulder ballast, weights or dumbbells. This will not only strengthen the ligaments, but also significantly increase lean muscle mass.

Highly sought-after trainer for the shoulder joint is a gymnastic stick. Stretching his arms up, it’s important to set the stick parallel to the floor. Further, slow movements form is moved perpendicular to the floor, first right, then left. This exercise involves all muscle groups of the shoulder joint.

In the group of power includes the movement of the resistance performed using ordinary bath towels. In the raised hands hold the towel. In this position, the shoulder joint should be performed tilts up and side to side.

Use for the shoulder joint will be invaluable, although at the initial stage a person may experience from him a little discomfort. Over time, it will disappear, and to perform the movement without the slightest effort.

Exercise after surgery

The shoulder joint, unlike other systems musculoskeletal system, often subjected to mechanical trauma. The consequence of this is intervention on the shoulder joint, which requires a long period of rehabilitation. In addition to the medically complex patient will be offered and gymnastic course, return movement of the joint after surgery.

Плечевой сустав: диагностика, профилактика и методы укрепления

Complex to recover from a shoulder injury

Any complex consists of a basis, which can be adjusted by the attending physician depending on what form of the disease observed in his patient. Starting position — standing, hands at shoulder width. The patient slowly raises his hands and stretches up. The shoulder joint at this time remains real, even at the maximum tension of the hands. In the next step the movement takes a slightly different look. One hand remains raised, the other placed on the belt. The free extremity of the shoulder part reaches up, allowing you to develop each of the parties. The exercise is performed 10 to 20 times, and then the hands switch places, and the manipulation begins anew.

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Rehabilitation of the shoulder joint includes exercises aimed at warming up the body. Great help in this circular form of body movements performed first one, then the other way. Immediately after this, you can develop directly in the shoulder joint, having a similar circular exercises. The amplitude of the exercise is not strictly limited scope, because after surgery on the shoulder joint the patient may experience severe pain. To withdraw from classes completely is not necessary, their shape may be changed in accordance with the individual characteristics of the person. Exercises are performed before the start of the pain syndrome of the shoulder area, even in minimal percentage.

In the next stage, the shoulder joint grasping fingers, supporting with elbows to each other. In this position performs a circular motion in the internal and external side. Depending on how serious the diagnosis is and how is the rehabilitation after surgery for glenohumeral cartilage, the patient may be given exercises using small weights or gantelek. The essence of these exercises for the shoulder joints is to return the muscles tone and not Overdrive them.

With proper training, the rehabilitation is fast enough, and the former form of activity will return within a month. There are several occasions when post isometric relaxation does not give such quick results. Then the attending physician will be assigned to combined therapy, and post isometric relaxation will be only a Supplement to it.

Rules for the implementation of physical therapy

Order a set of exercises for the shoulder joints gave the desired result, it must be carried out in accordance with the next rules:

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  • Punctuality. After surgery on the shoulder joint not the last role plays the system like medication and exercises. Development of the damaged area should be performed daily, at the same time, regardless of personal preferences and physical condition. If you feel unwell, which is often observed after operations on the shoulder joint, the complex is permitted to perform in a sitting position with some restrictions.
  • Compliance with safety regulations. All movements should be performed progressively, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, its capabilities. The goal of physical therapy is to strengthen and not cripple the already weakened body. That is why at the initial stage are encouraged to develop shoulder cartilage under the supervision of a specialist.
  • Without fanaticism and sudden movements. If the movements that are prescribed by a doctor, give the patient severe discomfort, they should not be done through force. The patient will be given other international development luminaries of medicine, more suitable for the individual characteristics of the human body. In pursuit of a panacea as to strengthen the joints, many simply forget that the body needs rest.
  • Gradual stress on the shoulder area, the increase in time and intensity depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Don’t rush or exercise performed until exhaustion. Shoulder cartilage must be affected, gradually increasing the load. Do not worry if the joints begins with a minimum. Over time, the muscles gain strength, improve their form and structure, to carry out a complex will become many times easier.

    After articular lip got the usual appearance, the treatment is completed. However, this is not a reason to abandon the assigned exercises for the shoulder joint! It will support the body in tone, developing flexibility and elasticity of the shoulder joint.