Shoulder arthroscopy: description, purpose

Arthroscopy is a modern method of diagnosis and treatment of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system of man. Shoulder arthroscopy is performed in the treatment of diseases of the shoulder girdle of the patient. The advantage of this method is the lack of need for a full dissection of bodies, which allows to accelerate the process of rehabilitation of the patient.
Артроскопия плечевого сустава: описание, назначение

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical manipulation, which is performed for diagnosis and treatment of damage of the internal parts of the relevant authorities. Carrying out this type of surgery is done using a special instrument, the arthroscope, a type of endoscope. The introduction of the device into the cavity of the structure of the shoulder region is performed through a micro-incision.

Types of arthroscopy, their nature and purpose

Arthroscopic manipulation is ongoing as for diagnosis and therapy encountered orthopedic diseases. This procedure is used by podiatrists in the treatment and diagnosis of «Mature mouse», breaks the surface of the cartilage, tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament and removing damaged cartilage.

In addition to such procedures as arthroscopy of the shoulder joint, in medicine is widely used other varieties of this method of surgical intervention. Among them the most studied are the following types of procedures:

  • hip arthroscopy and allocasuarina muscle structure;
  • arthroscopy of various kinds of lesions on the ankle location meniscus;
  • arthroscopy of the ankle joint.

Артроскопия плечевого сустава: описание, назначение

This surgical method involves minimal injury to the joint

The usual scheme of surgical intervention during the operation is as follows. Done two micrometres. One of them introduces the arthroscope, and the second is for the introduction into the cavity of the organs and structures manipulation of surgical instruments.

Compared to traditional surgical methods of eliminating the threat of disease after this procedure does not require complex rehabilitation. A small and simple set of measures aimed at restoring after this minimal surgical intervention allows to significantly increase the chance of a successful outcome of surgery and reduce the chance of surgical injury to tissues and ligaments. Another advantage of this method of surgical intervention is a moment like the lack of a long rehabilitation period.

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Today is technically the operation of virtually any on the musculoskeletal system of man can be carried out using an arthroscopic method. However, among all regions of the reference frame is most often carried out such manipulation in the following parts of the body:

  • hip joint area;
  • ankle;
  • shoulder;
  • of the knee joint.

Description of arthroscopy of the shoulder and hip joint

Arthroscopy as a method of treatment of injuries of the shoulder joint is used if you experience signs of subacromial impedimenta, osteoarthritis clavicle-acromion of the body of tears of the rotator cuff, chronic tendinitis and tendon rupture. This method is applicable in medicine when patient has chronic instability of the shoulder joint.

Артроскопия плечевого сустава: описание, назначение

Rupture of the tendon due to injury of the shoulder

The use of this less traumatic method of therapy of the shoulder allows to increase the chance of a favorable development of the situation in the postoperative period. It also decreases the rehabilitation time period and its simultaneous simplification. Usually, with this method of treatment of disorders in the shoulder joint of the person very quickly returned to an active lifestyle and to their normal functioning.

Pain arising in the hip may be caused by several reasons. The appearance of pain in the structures of the hip joint when performing physical activity is the basis of operation for diagnosis and therapy. The indication for the procedure may be the limited mobility of the relevant authorities, accompanied by pain sensations.

This type of surgical intervention in the treatment of the hip joint is performed under endotracheal anesthesia. Hip arthroscopy allows to get rid of a large number of violations in the work of this body the musculoskeletal system without requiring recourse to the classical surgery, which, in turn, suggests a more complete opening of the hip structures. Advantage of carrying out this surgery are minimal incision and minor injury to the soft tissues surrounding the operated organ.

The result of the procedure is to reduce pain in the hip region and a significant reduction of terms of rehabilitation of patients after hip arthroscopy.

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Treatment of knee and ankle joints

Артроскопия плечевого сустава: описание, назначение

Sparing method of treatment of the injured knee allows the patient to recover quickly

The use of the technique of arthroscopy in the treatment of the structure of the knee joint and other organs every day more and more replacing the classic method of medicine arthrotomy. The last type of surgery is fading. Today the procedure of arthroscopy is performed when restoring ligaments of a knee structure, and if necessary, operations in situations of chondrolysis.

In addition, the method is used to diagnose injuries and disorders of the meniscus, which is a semilunar cartilage formation, part of the knee structures. When you move into the knee region of the slide heads of the bones takes place directly along the line of the meniscus. The structure of each knee structure is allocated multiple regions of the meniscus (not more than two). Most often susceptible to damage in the interior region of the inner meniscus, since in large measure it is less agile than the external meniscus.

Ankle arthroscopy is a modern method of diagnosis and remedy of various diseases, allowing for intervention at the ankle structures without direct dissection of the ankle. According to medical statistics, injuries of the ankle account for around 21% of all injuries of the musculoskeletal system of man. Conduct non-invasive diagnosis methods difficult. In addition, in some cases, even the use of x-ray interference will not reliably establish the extent and type of injury of the ankle joint. Such pathologies and damage to the ligaments in the area of thin cartilage include various types of cysts is formed in the body, and chondromalacia.

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Indications for carrying out arthroscopy of the meniscus or talocrural region is the emergence of the following diseases:

  • pain with different etiology origin;
  • inflammation in the para-articular tissue of the ankle joint;
  • hemarthrosis;
  • fractures;
  • detachment of the cartilage;
  • instability of the ankle structures;
  • Legg and many other disorders.

In the case of the ankle joint of the operation of an open type there is the possibility of development of dangerous complications, the appearance of pain and instability of the joint. In contrast, the arthroscopy is one of the advanced methods of treatment of various disorders occurring in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.