Shoulder injury: damage to cuff of the shoulder joint

Травма плеча: повреждение манжеты плечевого суставаA shoulder injury is most often seen in the form of intense pain, sometimes swelling, and impaired performance of the entire hand. Why? The fact that the shoulder joint is the most moveable in the body. Thanks to the functionality of the shoulder joint of the human hand is able to perform many actions on a daily basis in everyday life. The shoulder is capable of movement in all planes, but if you increase the load on it there are various injuries and degenerative changes.

The repeated stress on the shoulder joint loses its stability, and there are problems with performance. The shoulder of the person has its own structure, which includes the rotator cuff. In addition to bones and connective tissue, the shoulder characterized by the presence of muscles and tendons that serve. Together they create a performance of the shoulder. These include the infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularis and small round muscles.

What may occur the injury?

Trauma may occur from damage to bones of the shoulder. It is known that 3 bones: glenoid cavity of scapula, clavicle, and humeral head bone affect the function of entire hand. Thanks to the durable connective tissue of all the bones remain in his position. As for cuffs, each muscle also has its purpose.

Травма плеча: повреждение манжеты плечевого сустава

The structure of the shoulder joint of the person

For example, the subscapularis muscle helps to make a rotational movement inside, and the supraspinatus is responsible for lifting the arm and its fixing (i.e., fixing the shoulder joint) in a specific position. Supraspinatus muscle acts as a guide, while the deltoid determines the strength of shoulder abduction.

Speaking about the function of the infraspinatus component of the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint, it is responsible for outward movement.

One muscle performs the same task, but also helps in the movement of the hands towards the torso. This is a small round muscle. Together, they provide a shoulder.

Symptoms of damage to the shoulder joint

Injury of the shoulder joint or trauma is always accompanied by pain. Depending on the severity of the destruction of the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint pain can be intense and aching. The pain occur due to how serious the gap.

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It can be partial or complete. This means how much the tendon of the muscle was separated from its anatomical position. The symptoms are often pronounced: pain, weakness of hands, sometimes a complete loss of function.

Another feature of the cuff injuries the shoulder joint is that people can’t sleep on the sick side.

Damage to the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint: causes

Травма плеча: повреждение манжеты плечевого суставаTrauma to the shoulder joint or injury — causes is quite common. However, they are not the only one. There are many other factors that provoke problems with the shoulder. The rotator cuff is a muscle tendon, which are insufficiently supplied with blood. Thus, due to poor circulation occurs teknopatia. It is a kind of degenerative changes to the joints of the shoulder.

Some doctors refute this fact, because they believe that blood supply does not affect the state of the structure of the shoulder joint. Instead, they suggest that most of the problems with the rotator cuff due to genetics. That is, if a person has a hereditary pathology of the connective tissue, most likely, to it not to avoid problems with rotational cuff of the shoulder joint. Typically, the connective tissue contains a special kind of protein.

Collagen (protein) is of 4 types. If the percentage of protein 3 or 4 types is elevated, then the development of rinopatii accelerating. As practice shows, the disease can develop in any tendon of the rotator cuff. The person feels great pain when starting to move. If there is teknopatia the supraspinatus tendon, the patient is experiencing pain when the hand is moved in the lateral direction.

If damage to the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint accounts for the subscapularis tendon, the pain bother you during grooming or when hold the fork/spoon to your mouth. Often, doctors call it a frozen shoulder, which is incorrect. This is a different disease, moreover, the symptoms and treatment varies. Shoulder pain — a common symptom of many diseases of this joint. However, each pathology seen and treated in different ways. Tenopathy can provoke prolonged use of multiple antibiotics. This is one of the most common reasons for the development of the disease.

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Травма плеча: повреждение манжеты плечевого сустава

The patient with a damaged shoulder

Other important causes are repeated trauma that occurs in two possible options:

  • Repeated movements strain the tendons of the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint. This is typical of people with specific professions. These include athletes, dancers, teachers (they often write on the blackboard with chalk), painters (who often have to paint the walls). They also come in a different risk: injury of the shoulder joint with the effects, damage bankart (dislocated shoulder) — these injuries people with such occupations are more often. This is due to the fact that the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff weaken and can easily be subjected to damage. They have, as a rule, there has been chronic trauma.
  • The anatomical features. The fact that the birth may be deformed or incorrectly designed the rotator cuff. Thus, over time, this leads to repeated fractures and other injuries of the shoulder.
  • With age genetic diseases do not go away. This also applies to the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint. With age the tendons weaken, and even a small injury, not to mention the fracture or dislocation (damage bankart) that can lead to rupture. The shoulder in this case will require the right treatment, or to recover anything already will not work. So if you have a predisposition to such illnesses, be sure to promptly attend a specialist. Remember that the gap could be when a young man.

    Statistics show that the average age of people suffering from problems of the rotator cuff is 36-55 years.

    Injury of the rotator cuff and diagnostics

    Травма плеча: повреждение манжеты плечевого суставаFirst of all, when you visit your doctor doctors will give an oral survey. They ask about old injuries, mechanism of injury. Then the sore shoulder will have to make a few moves.

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    If the tear is partial then movement is possible, but gives pain. If there is a complete gap, so the hand can perform certain movements. Muscles and tendons are damaged and lost efficiency. You need to pass x-rays to identify the location of the injury and its severity.

    In some cases, to confirm diagnosis and to determine the extent of the damage, the patient undergoes ultrasound examination. In addition, a possible MRI. Thus, after passing all examinations the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatment.

    Treatment of the shoulder joint

    When is the acute phase of the disease, therapy, pain medication, as pain are frequent and intense. If the gap is found incomplete, the hand should be quiet. You can make a bandage, so as not to injure the affected area. If the pain is decreased, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles, but this should be done gradually. The physical exercises prescribed by the doctor and usually run until 8 weeks. To relieve pain and reduce swelling, apply ice.

    Treatment of folk remedies involves making healing herbal tinctures (which have sedative and anti-inflammatory action) and baths made of pine cones.

    The operation is assigned only if:

  • The patient has a complete rupture, which restricts movement of the hand.
  • Revealed incomplete rupture, which is accompanied by severe pain and prevents normal activity joint.
  • The medical treatment proved futile.
  • Surgery is not always successful. The restoration of the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint in individual cases is not possible if the tendon is completely torn. The surgery itself is a complex process. Rehabilitation lasts a long time.