Sick bladder and lower back, frequent urination: causes

If a person suffers from pain in the lower back, it does not mean that he started having back problems. Pain in the upper back can indicate malfunctions of the cardiovascular system, and pain in the sacrum area — the inflammation of the bladder.

Болят мочевой пузырь и поясница, частое мочеиспускание: причины

You must remember that if a sore lower back, do not self medicate. This rule applies to receive pain medication. If you have back problems, regardless of the location of the pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Features of lower back pain

The presence of back pain is a very alarming signal. He says that in the body that something is wrong. The nature of pain can be varied. An attack often begins suddenly and unexpectedly disappears. Discomfort in the lower back can be permanent. During exercise the pain is often amplified, but at rest can not be felt.

Back pain are often radiating in nature, as a symptom of disease of the hip joint. That is why in diagnosing the disease medical professionals be sure to check with the patient, as manifested pain symptoms, with what intensity they occur and what changes in the functioning of the organism that accompany them. Lower back pain can occur when the following ailments:

  • pyelonephritis;
  • cystitis;
  • sclerosis of the cervix;
  • tuberculosis of the lower spine;
  • excess amounts of salts in the urine;
  • endometriosis;
  • a variety of inflammation.

Болят мочевой пузырь и поясница, частое мочеиспускание: причины

When a person has pain in the lower back, he begins to suspect yourself of various diseases of the back. This symptom may be one of the signs of rapidly developing inflammation of internal organs. Pain in the bladder as a sign of cystitis can appear immediately. If back ache in lower back and frequent urination is observed, it can be a symptom of bladder inflammation or inflammatory processes in the kidneys. Discomfort in the lower back is sometimes a symptom of diseases of the spine.

If the lower back aches and discomfort arise from the left, then the right of the spine, this may indicate the presence of serious diseases. As soon as possible to diagnose them and begin treatment. Patients often complain of pain or discomfort in the abdomen. These feelings can wear surrounding the character, then starts to hurt and lower back.

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Why can hurt the bladder

In the human body everything is interconnected. If back pain, it can be a manifestation of pyelonephritis, which occurs in parallel with inflammation of the bladder. Frequent urination and back pain are not necessarily symptoms of cystitis. When the bladder is sick it may be a manifestation of diseases of the genital organs.

Cystitis in humans, cloudy urine and a burning sensation occurs during urination. This symptom may occur with inflammation of the uterine appendages, prostate, pneumonia or pleurisy. It is possible to frequent urination. Not yet diagnosed, any self-medication is unacceptable, because that will be useful in one disease, would be disastrous in others. For getting rid of back pain we should know its causes and treatment begin with their elimination.

If a bladder trouble and have back pain, it can be not only signs of cystitis. The clinical picture of various diseases of the genitourinary system combine these symptoms. Pain and frequent urination in some cases point to the neurosis of the bladder. This disease usually develops in people in old age. As the aging of the bladder wall weaken. The patients had frequent uncontrollable urination, delivers the inconvenience, discomfort and a feeling of psychological oppression.

Болят мочевой пузырь и поясница, частое мочеиспускание: причины

Multiple tumors in the bladder

The bladder endometriosis develops as a result of endometriosis is genital. In the presence of this disease in humans, there is pain in the back and the abdomen. About the presence of disease indicates not only the lower back, the pain occurs in lower abdomen, frequent probably painful urination.

In the critical days of pain in women in the abdomen and lower back increases significantly. While it may radiate to the rectum.

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Causes and diagnosis of pain symptoms

Lower back pain can be a sign of the presence of an excess amount of salts in the urine. The reason for this phenomenon is improper diet. In the best case, when there is frequent urination, salt derived. In the worst — not just remain in the body and gradually turn into stones.

If the urine becomes turbid, and its color becomes reddish, it is one of the visual signs of the presence of the excess amount of salts. Syndrome irritation in this area occurs in people of all ages. Painful frequent urination is one of its symptoms. The person feels that the bladder is full and frequent urge to the toilet he encountered, usually at night. Have tuberculosis of the bladder similar symptoms. Frequent urination — one of the symptoms and the disease. In this case, cells urine present blood impurities.

Болят мочевой пузырь и поясница, частое мочеиспускание: причины

Sclerosis of the cervix is diagnosed by doctors very difficult. If all above described ailments patients usually complain of pain in the bladder. When sclerosis of the cervix this symptom is also present, as frequent painful urination, turbid impurities in the urine. This complicates diagnosis of the disease.

The clinical picture of the disease can be found signs of cystitis and pyelonephritis. No less complex manifestations observed, and in the presence of sand in the bladder. The person feels back pain and severe pain during urination signs that are often inherent in cystitis. It is noteworthy that cystitis can occur in the human body as a consequence of the presence of sand in the bladder and an excess amount of salts contained in the urine.

Pain and frequent painful urination can also occur with injuries of the bladder. This phenomenon is rare, but still exists. In this case the pains are secondary, and treatment of the disease starts from the area of injury.

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Methods of eliminating back pain

If you have pain in the back or bladder, you should immediately contact the medical facility. These symptoms will not go away, cramps will constantly grow, if we do not take appropriate measures. Frequent urination will not stop by itself, but its intensity and soreness will increase with the development of the disease. Diseases in which there are similar symptoms, mass. The only exception is a situation when the bladder burst. In this case, the patient appears sharp pain in the area of the bursting body.

You must know that the above symptoms can occur in pregnant women. This is due to a change in the functioning of the kidneys and bladder, which presses the fruit. If you have been diagnosed with human cystitis, the treatment of disease, as well as any other similar diseases, is carried out only as a whole. The patient is prescribed antibiotics, the selection of which is carried out strictly in accordance with the stage of disease, patient’s age, General health, individual characteristics of the organism.

If cystitis occurs in pregnant women who used the most sparing drugs. Antibiotics are prescribed only if we are talking about saving the life of the mother and the unborn child. Without biochemical analysis of urine and determine the causes of pain, disorders of urination no therapy is carried out.