Sore arm from the elbow to the hand: causes and treatment

Болит рука от локтя до кисти: причины и лечениеPain in the hands occurs from many people. It can be a point, sharp or aching. In addition, can hurt the entire arm or some particular part (from shoulder to elbow, from elbow to wrist). To find out what is the cause of pain, it is necessary to know what the most commonly associated diseases of the hands. According to statistics, the cause of pain in the hand can be:

  • Strain. Due to monotonous work (monotonous flexor-extensor movements of the hand, for example, when working on the Assembly line), there is compression of the median nerve tendons bones and muscles of the wrist. This condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Quite often, this syndrome also occurs among programmers, pianists, artists, and so on.
  • Sports load. Due to frequent intense training and loads on certain muscle groups inflamed tendon. This can lead to constant pain in the arm movements. Rooting can as arm from shoulder to elbow and from elbow to wrist. In such cases it is necessary to postpone for a time sports and to go on reception to the doctor who will perform the necessary examinations and prescribe treatment.
  • Diseases of the spine. Such diseases as osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases can cause pain in the hands. In any case, the pain can signal the presence of serious disease.
  • Injury. What injuries are one of the main causes of pain in the hand. Damage can be various, from injury to complex fractures. In any case, if you’re injured hands, should immediately consult a doctor. Wrong fusion of bone fracture can also cause pain in the hands to varying degrees.
  • Diseases of the joints. Various diseases of the joints can cause pain in the hands. To articular diseases include arthritis, arthrosis.
  • Other causes. Under this broad concept of the doctors refers to various pathologies associated with the nervous system.
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    Features of treatment

    Болит рука от локтя до кисти: причины и лечение

    Sharp arm movement can cause the rupture and seriously injure the elbow

    After reviewing the causes of pain, it is possible to assume, why there is pain in the right hand, and why — on the left. As is clear from the above, it is possible to divide all types of pain into two types: a temporary nature and caused by chronic diseases. If you feel pain is temporary (injury, stretching, the first «bells» of severe disease, etc.), you need to understand that any temporary can turn into chronic. Pain in the right hand may indicate diseases such as cervical low back pain, and this pain may arise from the shoulder girdle, as may be sore from the elbow to the wrist.

    In any case, the arm pain should be treated by specialists. Initially when the pain you need to consult a therapist. He will give a referral to more specialist (neurologist, traumatologist), who will appoint the necessary examination. What its results will be judged on the nature and cause of the disease.

    When it begins to hurt the right hand, people often do not realize that it is a signal about the need to check the status of the cardiovascular system. That’s when ill his left hand, patients often seek medical. The treatment may include both medication and physiotherapy, which will need to come to the hospital.

    The main thing — remember that the expert must give a direction to the necessary tests and x-rays, if you suspect a fracture, dislocation or sprain, and only after that he should prescribe treatment.

    Through this approach, patients in the early stages of the disease can fully recover from it and continue to live a full life. Do not forget about the skill of the doctor. After all, if a serious illness to be missed at the initial stage, a full recovery is almost impossible, the chances of a speedy recuperation negligible. In any case, you need to go to the specialist who will deliver an accurate diagnosis, and if it will be required to surrender the required number of tests, the desired number of shots, to devote himself entirely to this issue, so that our body requires.

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    How to reduce the pain

    Arm pain can be reduced of folk remedies, but they can be used only in the case when there is a clear cause. For injuries which result in pain, you must fully immobilize the arm. This must be done before visiting the doctor. Assigning the required examination, he will be able to understand and determine the cause of the pain.

    At the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome you must take precautions and regularly do preventive exercises. Work related to the constant tension of any muscle group, requires compliance with precautions. Prevention needs to constantly move, swim and enjoy sports which will help to develop all muscle groups in the hands. If the pain in her right arm caused by inflammatory processes, diseases of the heart or joints, and various diseases of the spine, which can also cause pain in the right or left hands, you must immediately go to the doctor.

    We must not forget that if one method of pain relief is good for certain diseases, in the other case, he can just simply harm the patient.

    Disease prevention

    The most important thing is to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Movement is life. Avoid elevators, walk daily (and not only from the bus stop to home and work), make a leisurely evening walk, which will benefit your whole body.
  • Swim. It is no secret that during swimming develops all muscle groups. If you do not get to regularly enjoy swimming, don’t forget about morning exercises, which will also help to improve blood circulation and General condition of the body.
  • Eat right. For a good operation of your body needs to eat more fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition will help prevent many diseases like cardiovascular and articular.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits, they destroy the body.
  • «Calm! Just stay calm!». It says favorite cartoon character Carlson. And, without a doubt, he was right. The less a person is nervous, the less it occurs diseases. Even when it hurts the right hand, it can be connected with the nerves that trigger inflammatory reactions in the human body.
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    If you adhere to this simple list of tips, you can not think about diseases.