Sore joints fingers during pregnancy: what to do

Болят суставы пальцев рук во время беременности: что делатьMany women often complain that they have sore joints fingers during pregnancy. This phenomenon is justified and is peculiar to the female organism in the period of carrying a child. During pregnancy start to hurt not only the joints on the arms.

Sometimes these painful sensations appear in the feet and knees. The nature of this disease may be different. But in most cases, such pain is associated with a load experienced by the female body.

Unpleasant symptoms

During pregnancy 70% of women experience painful sensations in the hands, back and legs. Such a phenomenon is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, these unpleasant prolonged pain after childbirth stop. But some young mothers such symptom may continue in postremoval period. Most often pain in the hands begin to pursue the woman in the third trimester of pregnancy when the expectant mother begins to gain weight. Precede the joint pain swelling throughout the body.

Sore joints fingers during pregnancy in women due to the fact that occurs by displacement of the nerve of the tube connecting the brush with the hand. Stable operation of the nerves is disturbed, the result is a young mother feels pain in his fingers. But prolonged pain is not the only symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Often with it comes:

  • Frequent itching and burning in the palms, fingers.
  • Pain in the forearm. Usually has a strong, sharp and sudden in nature.
  • The weakness of the fingers are a little numb hands.
  • Numbness of the fingers individually.
  • Болят суставы пальцев рук во время беременности: что делатьTo reduce the incidence of such pain is quite simple. For this you need to unlearn to sleep with my hands under the pillow, the appearance of pain to move your fingers and stretch your wrist. Due to the fact that the mother will move her hands during the day and do the massage brush will be developed. Avoid the monotonous work, it may cause pain hands during pregnancy. Try not to keep hands constantly at the bottom. It will provoke a strong rush of blood and swelling of the limbs.

    Cause symptoms like painful sensations may also be arthritis or arthrosis. If the woman previously suffered from these diseases, then you need to inform the doctor. In addition, before the young mother could be at risk, and such disease could appear or worsen during pregnancy.

    In most cases these symptoms disappear after childbirth. Within a few months the woman is swelling, the body cope with stress. In that case, if the pain does not disappear, you should consult a doctor.

    The cause of pain in the hands can be a violation of the nerve channels.If such a defect does not disappear after pregnancy, the woman can offer to do the surgery. As a result, the pressure on the nerve will decrease the unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

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    Causes of pain in the joints

    Painful sensations in the hands, back and legs can be caused by inflammation of the joints. After conception occurs, the female body is much weaker, and the immune system is compromised. If mothers were chronic joint disease, during pregnancy happens aggravation. In this case you need to seek help from a professional.

    Болят суставы пальцев рук во время беременности: что делатьThe doctor will prescribe the exact course of essential drugs that can be taken. To self-medicate at any stage of pregnancy is dangerous. Such precautions related to the fact that it is undesirable to take drugs for the treatment of joints during the period of carrying a child. Because you can harm not only your body, but baby.

    Aching joints, of fingers often because of the lack of vitamins and nutrients in the body. In many cases, this lack of calcium. During pregnancy a woman needs to consume a large daily intake of calcium (if not allergic). This element is contained in cheese, milk, cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt. If the nutrition of the future mother to be incorrect or unbalanced (calcium not absorbed), it can cause pain of this nature. In order to determine the level of calcium in the body, it is necessary to do a blood test. Biochemical study will help to know the answer to this question. If the woman’s body is inadequate in calcium, the doctor can prescribe her a special diet and supplements.

    Aching joints during and after pregnancy often because of excess of the hormone relaxin. A similar substance is produced from any pregnant women, it is necessary for a normal pregnancy. It primarily softens the joints of the body. Otherwise, the hip bones would simply not disperse under the pressure of increasing uterus.

    The hormone relaxin has side effects on the body. It can be pain in the limbs. If the pain associated with excessive content of this hormone, the woman has just to wait.

    To neutralize the hormone relaxin drug way is impossible. After some time after childbirth hormonal stabiliziruemost, joint pain go away on its own.

    How to cope with painful feelings

    The joints of the hands during pregnancy is often subject to pain. To avoid them, perform some simple exercises. These classes will improve blood circulation. Make sure to stretch your hands very carefully. If any manipulation bring you pain, try to avoid them. Ensure that hands were not massive heavy jewelry.

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    RUB hands. You can attach a small bag with ice to nausea the joint, but not SuperCool it. To relieve the pain and swelling of the hands, by placing them in a bowl of cold water. However, this method does not help everyone. Raise your hands up to improve blood flow. When back pain or brush, it is advisable to do a light massage. Thoroughly massage into each finger, then whole hand, rise up above the elbows, the shoulders, ask to well kneaded the back. It will improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

    Young mothers are often sore knees. In order to cope with this problem, you can use aromatic essential oil. Their action is often underestimated. Dial a small bowl of warm water and add 2-3 drops of oil. This water saturate a piece of cloth or gauze bandage and apply to the inflamed place. Help to get rid of puffiness oil of juniper. But during pregnancy it can bring unexpected effects and be bad for health. Therefore should not be used.

    Болят суставы пальцев рук во время беременности: что делать

    Active point of impact on the palm of the hand

    Impact on key points on the body can help you cope with any painful sensations. Turn the hand back side up and grab your wrist. Put two fingers of other hand bending. Right on the line with your fingers will be the required point. Try to put pressure on this place. If you have experienced a dull ache from depression, you found it. Press the point of 6-8 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times. Then do the same with the other hand.

    Quite effective method to eliminate pain is reflexology. This technique is the impact on the foot of the patient. At a distance of 2 cm from the ring finger on the leg feel for the point. When you click on it you should receive the pain sensation. Apply pressure on it for 10 seconds. The pain should pass quickly and for a long time.

    The use of homeopathy alone is not recommended. It is best to consult a doctor before starting treatment.

    Recipes of traditional medicine

    If back pain after childbirth, it is best to take relaxing baths with sea salt. To do this, pour into a bath of 250 g of sea salt, you can add essential oils, and take salt treatments on for 20 minutes. You can replace sea salt for bran. For this procedure, boil 1 kg of fresh bran 10-15 minutes. Strain the infusion and pour into the tub.

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    Coniferous baths with birch to help relieve swelling and pain in the joints. Take 1 kg of birch leaves and boil 7 liters of water for half an hour. Birch leaves can replace 1 kg of pine needles. Once the mixture precipated, strain it and add to a hot bath.

    At home you can prepare the ointment, which should always be applied when long-lasting pains in the joints. Mix salt (200 g) and dry mustard (200g). Add to the mix a little wax and put in a warm dry place overnight.

    Болят суставы пальцев рук во время беременности: что делатьThe next morning you will have a finished product. At night, cover all affected areas of the body with ointment and RUB it well into the skin. The mixture should be fully absorbed. In the morning wash the whole body. If in addition, the joints ache, they are swollen, at night you can wrap the affected areas. The swelling will soon pass and the pain will decrease.

    The ointment of birch buds long been popular in folk medicine as a remedy for inflammation of the joints. Birch buds for ointment can be taken fresh, and dry. Take unsalted sunflower oil (800 g), birch buds (400 g) and place the ingredients in a vessel, preferably a clay. Then place the container in a warm place for 24 hours for a battery. If you use dry buds, then increase the steeping time up to 50 hours. The resulting mixture sieve and add 7 g of camphor. Stir and let stand in a cool place. Wear ointment on the affected joints at night.

    A compress of oatmeal. Take 4-6 tbsp of cereal, pour them with hot water and put on fire. Cook the oatmeal on low heat for 5-7 minutes. The porridge should be quite thick, so do not overdo it with boiling water. Once the oatmeal is cooked, remove from the heat and let cool 3-4 minutes. Porridge needs to be hot, but not scalding. Put the finished product on the cloth and roll (so that the mess does not spill). Apply the poultice on all night.