Sore knees after a workout

Pain after workout at the gym is a frequent complaint. In most cases this is a reaction of the muscles to unaccustomed physical stress. But if after a workout, sore knees, back, lower back, or other joints, such a problem need to pay attention. So the body lets you know that there have been violations, and this clearly requires referral to a specialist.

Болят колени после тренировки

What is muscle pain?

Often during exercise, especially when running the latest approaches in the muscles, there is pain, spasm or burning. In General, this is a normal phenomenon, because during physical activity the muscle fibers stands out lactic acid. With each repetition of the exercise it gets bigger. It irritates the nerve endings, so the muscles are sore and «burn».

But do not think that the more sore muscles, more effective workout. Can’t do to the feeling that muscles are about to «explode». Moderation and a healthy balance in everything is the key to a slim body and health. After completion of the exercise lactic acid is washed away by the blood stream from the muscles. Pain and burning sensation passes, and you can feel a surge of strength.

There is still such a thing as belated pain. It occurs in 1-3 days after exercise. Muscles are composed of the finest fibers, called myofibrils. In their length they are not the same. When performing exercises on a short myofibrils cracks. After a few days these cracks are filled with protein and «overgrown,» which leads to the fact that muscles are sore. If muscles are trained, the short fibers are not remains, they are not eager and almost sick.

Typically, this pain occurs in those muscles that were trained. The nature of the pain dull. It only occurs with movement or with pressure on the muscle. After a few days of pain of that kind disappear.

But there is also «bad» pain that arises from injury to muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints or bones. When such damage pain can be quite sharp, it does not disappear at rest. In such cases, contacting a specialist is required.

In addition to the visual examination the doctor may also need x-ray study or MRI.

Back pain and lower back: causes

There are two main reasons why after a workout, back pain, lower back or joints. The first reason is an old injury or disturbance in the body, which is compounded by the classes in the hall. The second reason pains – the wrong execution of the exercises. Incorrect load distribution on the joints and muscles, while gravity becomes one of the main causes of damage.

There are also possible reasons why a sore back and loins.

  • Myositis is inflammation of muscles as a result of strong surge. The intensity of pain and the place of their localization may be different.
  • Pathology of locomotor apparatus, for example, scoliosis, flat feet. Due to the curvature of the spine, the load is distributed unevenly. The same thing happens with flat feet when the foot does not perform a damping function.
  • Nerve entrapment occurs when in place of the passage there is a barrier that puts pressure on the nerve.
  • Intervertebral hernia.
  • Most often muscles and joints suffer the most from the deadlift. More precisely, the problem is not the exercise itself, but wrong execution and too much gravity. Deadlift is a basic exercise that can be performed with a barbell. Performing the deadlift helps to develop the thigh muscles, strengthens the lower back and shoulder girdle.

    The exercise is basic due to the fact that when the execution involved approximately ¾ of all muscles, and it promotes lean muscle mass. Variations and ways to perform a deadlift can be many, but technique should be same. Knees should be slightly bent and back straight. Bent back when weight lifting causes back or lower back is injured and hurts.

    Болят колени после тренировки

    If the person is not in sports, then performing a deadlift is done first with low weight.

    After exercise you may feel a tingling or burning sensation in the muscles. Pain when performing the exercises invalid. With the deadlift movement should be calm, no sudden movements. Raising the bar jerks can seriously injure your shoulder or lap. Inconvenient location of the fingerboard (too high or low) is another way to get injured. Pull the stomach, doing exercise, also should not. Because of this, the back can be rounded, which creates a load on the lower back.

    Pain in the shoulder and knee joints

    After a workout can also hurt your knees. This is due to too large load, which is applied. This can occur if pre-workout for a long time to warm up by running. Running creates a lot of pressure on the knees. This is unnecessary, if during training you will perform exercises such as dead lifts or dead lift. Running is better to replace the warm up using the exercise bike or orbitrek.

    Pain in the shoulder joints is another major obstacle to employment in the room. The shoulder joint often aches due to the inability to stabilize him. This is due to improper technique of the exercise, for example, during lifting weights. Shoulder itself can have a weak muscular-ligamentous apparatus. A large number of repetitions while lifting weights can also injure the shoulder joint.

    Be careful when playing on the bar. Especially when fatigue, movement can be performed by the jerks that can damage the shoulder joint.

    By doing exercises, we should not forget about the correct neck position to avoid possible injuries. The neck should be smooth, the top is «looking» at the ceiling. The neck is often sore after a wrong execution of exercises on a press. In the «hands in the castle on the back» when lifting the torso neck involuntarily stretches forth (and need to relax her muscles and raise the head only with the help of hands). This is why neck pain can accompany the person for several days. Neck exactly the same needs to warm up, like any other parts of the body, so before you start training, you need to do small exercises for the muscles of the neck.

    How to relieve pain after a workout

    The view that pain after exercise is good, is incorrect. And when the feet and hands seem to lead and they are unable to move, also not the norm. Too large and sudden loads are stressful for our body and it does not go in his favor. A mild aching pain, aggravated by motion – that’s normal after a workout. Therefore, before you visit a gym, you should be familiar with the following guidelines.

    Recommendations The result
    Exercise regularly. Attempts to urgently bring myself up a week before the summer holidays often end with injuries. To go to the gym or play sports you need to constantly. Regular exercise will no longer cause pain and discomfort. Lactic acid will be produced in the same volume, but the body will have already adapted to it.
    Increase the load slowly. Do not try the first day doing max number of reps and try all the machines.
    Before class to do the workout. Warmed up muscles are more elastic and less prone to injury.

    Болят колени после тренировки

    If the next day you woke up and realized that overdid it at the gym and now I can’t move my arm or leg, there are several ways to relieve muscle pain.

  • Take a warm (not hot) bath. Baths can be done with the addition of sea salt or herbal decoctions. This treatment has a warming effect, softens the muscles and animal pain.
  • Put on painful places compresses or massage. The massage should be done with light circular movements. You should not do massage. With the help of massage normalizes blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues.
  • Don’t delay the next trip to the gym for a long time. Classes start in 3-4 days. This is necessary to avoid the «vicious circle». Prolonged inaction will most likely lead you back to painful sensations in the muscles. Exercises also help to accelerate metabolism and promote healing.
  • For quick muscle recovery, you can try swimming lessons.
  • If the pain after a workout is missing, it is possible that the muscles were weak, or there’s so much pressure already familiar to the body. Although there is the possibility that the rehabilitation exercises done at the end of the workout, increased blood flow, and with it the lactic acid is quickly flushed out of muscles, leaving long painful sensations. The main thing is to distinguish «good» pain from «bad». Sharp and severe pain in the joints, bones or muscles indicates the presence of injury.

    Suspicious symptoms as soon as possible consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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