Sore knees after childbirth

Quite a lot of young mothers faced with a situation where after the birth they suddenly started to hurt my knees. The question of why aching joints after childbirth, worries many women. It may seem that the birth of a child has nothing to do with the knees or wrists. Almost all young mothers, one before and one later, but certain problems with joints experienced.

Болят колени после родов

Surprised the emergence of unusual sensations, in principle, not necessary, because in the period of gestation the female body varies considerably and can withstand quite large loads. If a woman just after childbirth the knees, you should establish exactly what is happening with the joints, is that a normal process or has a pathology to be treated. Therefore it is important to know the cause of these pains and learn to deal with them.

Causes of pain

The reason that affects changes in the female body during pregnancy, only one is the growing fetus. However, the consequences of its growth is actually several. To cover them all makes no sense, because not all of them affect the joints.

After fertilization, a pregnant woman’s stomach begins to increase in size according to growth of the fetus. This increase is gradually changing the posture of the pregnant woman, which naturally changes the load on the musculoskeletal system. These changes occur gradually over nine months. But after the baby is born the body changes simultaneously. In addition, it is necessary to note the slackness of ligaments, which occurred under the influence of hormones, and stretch the abdominal muscles. Due to all these changes and can start to hurt your knees and other joints of the feet (even sometimes sore finger joints).

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On the condition of the joints of the legs very strong effect and low mobility of women during pregnancy. But after birth, the young mother may not be able to keep the baby, this pain can affect your hands and wrist. Also soreness of the joints of the hands may occur due to feeding not enough in a comfortable position.

Changes in the pregnant woman’s body often lead to lack of calcium and some other minerals. This may cause a whining and sometimes sore hands, wrists, knees and other leg joints. In some cases, may hurt the fingers and sustavchikov.

Rarely, but still happens a situation when the birth process is applied incorrectly to the anesthesia. It may precipitate exacerbations of certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system, staying in the chronic form. There really surprised pain that can occur in any joint, from toes to hands, is simply not worth it. It is necessary to immediately treat the disease.

Knees after giving birth can hurt, like other joints of the feet or hands, due to the natural consequences taking place in the body of a pregnant woman. To surrender to despair and to panic in this situation is not: just a month the condition of the body stabiliziruemost, and the pain will pass by themselves.

What joints can hurt the knees in addition to

The postpartum period may be accompanied by pain not only in my knees. Quite often, one may experience pain in other joints of legs or arms (e.g., wrists), with the emergence of unpleasant feelings is not a result of problems in the body. In addition to the most common causes of joint tenderness, in young mothers may appear discomfort and for many other reasons. Look at the options.

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Болят колени после родов

Pain Reasons
Hurt wrist. When an inexperienced young mother picks up the baby, it is very often she tries unusually widely to place fingers, straining brush. When this position of the fingers is repeated regularly, it may be inflammation of the ligaments of the hands, of course, the appearance of pain is guaranteed. At risk related to the wrist pain are not only young mothers but also other women, whose activity involves fine motor skills. The solution is simple: just easier to choose the location of the fingers, and the pain will be pretty fast.
Many women ask why after giving birth hurts my neck sometimes. There is nothing surprising, because often when the mother feeds the child she tilts her head, leading to unusual and excessive strain on the ligaments, which subsequently react with pain.
A large number of young mothers there is pain in the back. To explain why this happens in most cases is very simple. Many of the abdominal muscles after childbirth stretched much, and when mom picks up the baby, there is a strain in the lower back. Such pain will be after the restoration of muscular system mom.

Defeat can capture any joints, starting from the toes and ending to whiplash.

How to help themselves

In a situation with joint pain after delivery most of the problems could have been avoided by starting to prepare for this in advance. Not for nothing that experienced doctors advise pregnant women to lead a more active life and to do special exercises. However, even if the time for the advance preparation of the post-Natal period is missed, it is not necessary to panic. To help yourself all you can.

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If you became sick after giving birth the knees or wrists, you need the following.

  • To begin to strengthen the muscles, which is designed for many different sets of exercises, some of which can be performed even with the child in her arms.
  • Will have to follow the correct movements while lifting the baby and holding him in her arms. It is often a change of movements or postures can lead to a positive result.
  • Alas, not always the appearance of pain is natural, sometimes is a consequence of the disease. Therefore, when the first manifestations of pain it is necessary to analyze its causes and to make certain conclusions.

    If the pain is long and intense enough, the wave is amplified, there is swelling and limitation of movement, fever, you should not postpone the treatment to the doctor.