Sore knees after Cycling: what to do

Болят колени после велосипеда: что делатьIn order to health was strong and was maintained in perfect condition, there are a lot of ways. One of them is Cycling. It’s a great sport, which is a very positive impact on overall health. However, many cyclists heard, and some personally encountered a problem like pain in knees after Cycling.

If you are driving on small distances and make it is also not every day that you can not be afraid of pain. But if the norm were frequent trips by bike or during the day, you drive more than 100 km, then the issue may make itself felt. In this case, you just need to know what to do with the appearance of pain.

  • Why the need for bandages and knee pads

  • Why can hurt my knees after a bike trip that would depend

    Pain can indicate the presence of such unpleasant disease as deforming arthrosis of the cartilage of the joint. Doctors can’t treat it. All you can do is only to arrest its development. To bring themselves to such condition, you need a very long ride, ignoring the pain in my knees. You can end up becoming disabled, recovery will take years.

    Every sportsman, whatever sport he did, there are occupational diseases. Cycling is a frequent injury of the knee and in some cases the hip. This happens because of permanent loads, the duration and the unnaturalness which the body simply can not withstand. If your knees are experiencing such loads for a short time, and then give it a rest, no problems. But if the joints work hard and you don’t give them time to recover, then soon the disease will manifest itself.

    In case of arthrosis of the knee joint, the following occurs. This joint consists of two bones, between which there is a synovial lubricant. It is essential that the joints normally move. If the density of this lubrication increases or decreases its amount, the friction of the bones getting stronger, they can even touch each other. Because of this pain, and eventually you can end up with osteoarthritis. And rooting can only one knee.

    Болят колени после велосипеда: что делать
    Before you start Cycling, you should know some rules that will help avoid injury of the joints.

  • If you just bought a bike, do not immediately embark on a long journey.
  • You must have a good physical preparation for travel.
  • You need to know with what frequency it is best to pedal the bike.
  • You should not immediately begin to ride the big gear.
  • The weaknesses of our body’s ligaments and joints. And if the muscles are simply sore from overuse, the pain this time and will not lead to complications. With the ligaments and joints are another story. Cords are very easy to tear, and joints can suffer from over-stress or hypothermia. It is therefore very important to be able to pedal properly, with the right gear.

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    If fast to pedal, you are guaranteed only the strong fatigue. But if at low cadence will be a significant load, and you can not boast of a good physical preparation, you can expect very unpleasant consequences. If severe trauma to the joints is almost not restored, perhaps with the help of surgery. If the tear of the ligament, can help only surgical intervention.

    Болят колени после велосипеда: что делатьEven if the ligaments are only slightly stretched, they don’t fully recover. It is therefore important to treat the joints and ligaments. To prevent them from hypothermia and overload.

    If the beginning of the season was due to the appearance of pain, it most likely means that you haven’t roll out. To more accurately determine why knees hurt after bike, can only be a specialist. So if joint pain started to bother you very often, it is better to immediately consult a doctor.

    Causes of pain and their elimination

    Consider the most important causes unpleasant symptom.

    Reason 1. Dehydration

    If the way to consume little liquid, this will lead to the fact that the knee will decrease the amount allocated for the lubrication of synovial substance. Moreover, the dehydration of the joints will occur much sooner than the rest of the body. You need to drink every 20-30 minutes, in spite of the cold, or the fact that you don’t even want. And don’t drink soda because it flushes the body of necessary calcium for us. Perfect mineral water without gas.

    We should not forget about the leaching of salts. This occurs when excessive sweating in the summer heat and due to the consumption of large amounts of fluid. So in hot weather you should drink at a minimum. Preference is given to mineral water, as it will help at least partially make up for the lost salt. In the water you can add a small amount of salt or sugar.

    2. the cause of Low cadence

    Болят колени после велосипеда: что делать

    Excessive load leads to a ligament injury

    If you rotate the pedals on a stationary bike at low speed, you have to exert more effort, respectively, on the knee joints is given increased load. This leads to the fact that ligaments and joints injuries, pain in the knees causes a lot of trouble. Better frequent and easy rotation than heavy and slow. At slow rotation of the pedals with a large load of the knee joint is gradually damaged.

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    Many people think that if you go on a big transfer, it can be nice to pump up the legs. Alas, this opinion is erroneous. This Cycling is the reason that the muscles lose their mobility, and the joints receive an excessive load.

    Low cadence is bad only in one case — when the athlete in this case is going in high gear. The result is a power pedaling. If you do so often and long, the disease of the joints will soon make themselves known. It is therefore recommended to switch to a low gear and try to drive with the right speed, using a high cadence.

    A way out would be riding on easy gear with fast pedaling. The optimal cadence 100-110 rpm. However, in order to rotate the pedals, you need a good warm-up. Professional cyclists can wind up to 180 rpm. The legs are much more useful if the rotation is fast, but to get involved is not necessary. The optimal cadence in this case is within 120 rpm. It is useful to add that a very high cadence also harmful. In this case all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. For someone norm — 70 rpm, and someone 120 under force.

    When you increase the cadence to reinforce the joints, but to ride for this you need little and often. That is left, and as soon as the knee starts to hurt — right home. For workout joints can be used in different ways. Perfect special exercises, exercise bikes.

    Reason 3. Unheated or poorly heated joints

    Болят колени после велосипеда: что делать

    When pedaling, the knees are experiencing heavy load, and if you drive on rough roads or going up a hill, load increases even more. Unheated or poorly heated lap very quickly may get hurt. In autumn and winter and they are easy to chill, because the articular ends lubrication. The result is increased friction and load on joints increases.

    Before you leave home, you should do up to 25 reps. The first 2-3 kilometers you drive calmly, without raising the tempo. If the outside temperature is less than +29, the knees should be lubricated and warming cream and insulate them with knee pads. To synovial fluid functioned well in the moment of pedaling, using special means for warming. They are used if you need to go in bad weather, for example, in the rain or at a very low temperature.

    Use knee pads are recommended. If the pain in my knees doesn’t bother, you can wear a simple elastic, but in frosty weather, respectively, are insulated. If it were any injury or damage, you must apply joint bandages.

    You should take extra care if you ride a bike or go to spin class, while having a disease of the back. For example, a hernia of the spine. You will need a special corset, which will keep your back in position.

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    Why the need for bandages and knee pads

    Bandages, knee pads and other safety protective devices in place perform the following essential functions.

  • Protect muscles and ligaments from sprains, create compression of the joints.
  • Provide joints warm to help reduce pain and improve circulation and allow the skin to breathe.
  • The work of the joints is accompanied by the constant massage of active points and the entire joint area.
  • If you wear these protective devices, the bruises and abrasions you can forget.
  • Болят колени после велосипеда: что делать

    Experts recommend the use of knee pads, even if it’s warm out. They can be worn at the initial stage of the trip to quickly warm up the knee joints. In the winter, to avoid hypothermia, which may be the cause of rheumatic diseases, is to dress warmer, the clothes should not hamper movement. In snowy and rainy weather, it is advisable not to ride or wear warm waterproof clothing. In such times it is better to do at home on the bike.

    Knee pain can occur due to incorrect adjustment of the saddle. To pedal with bent legs — not a pleasant occupation. It is not surprising, if your knees hurt after this trip. You need to adjust the saddle to your height so that my leg was fully straight. The location of the kneecap should be over the pedal spindle and the pedal — in position for three hours. With a plumb needs to be adjusted saddle. Foot keep the pedal in the correct position. The big toe should be below the pedal axis.

    If you follow all the above recommendations, knee pain will not bother you. But if pain and discomfort is still there, you should immediately consult a specialist. In any case it is not necessary to self-medicate.