Sore knees after running: causes and prevention

Болят колени после бега: причины и профилактикаJogging helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, immune system and develops the body as a whole. But many face a problem: sore knees after running. Why is there such discomfort?

Improper preparation to the lesson, often the pain occurs in the knee when running. Mismatched shoes, unprepared for a long run the muscles lead to painful symptoms and discomfort in the legs. But if there is regular pain in knee after running, definitely need expert advice.

Causes of pain in the knees

Why hurt your knees? Anatomically, the knee has a complex structure and consists of the knee associated with the leg muscles and their tendons. Causes of pain after running can be a lot.

  • Injury to the meniscus. Pain regular character, appearing during sudden movements, descending the stairs, when lifting weights.
  • When the ligament damage may be a tear or sprain. Usually pain occurs when a strong strain in the knee joint when reinforced training.
  • Arthritis — inflammation of joints. Caused due to injuries or infections. In the beginning of the disease the joint swells, there is a sharp pain when running or walking. The chronic form may be manifested by the change in appearance of the knee. Arthritis often back pain since the disease affects the spine.
  • Болят колени после бега: причины и профилактика

    Inflammation of the cartilage leads to injury of bone

    Arthritis causes destruction of cartilage in the joints with subsequent deformation. Chronic disease in the advanced stage may complete immobilization of the joints.

  • Synovitis — an excessive accumulation of fluid vnutricostna. Occurs usually in the knee and elbow joints. In most cases, caused by infection, penetrating into the synovial fluid.
  • Arthritis has the same symptoms as arthritis, but infect multiple joints.
  • Tendonitis is a chronic disease that affects the tendons. The disease develops very slowly in the first stage the pain only appears when running or heavy load, appearing in the future and in a calm state.
  • Legs and lower back when running is often due to flat feet, as the load on the foot is distributed incorrectly.
  • An injured spine can also cause pain in knees after running.
  • Because the knee is a very complex structure, the onset of pain after running can be caused by abnormalities of the ligaments, tendons, knee joint, and other causes not directly related to the knee.

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    Prevention of the onset of pain while running

    Proper preparation will reduce the risk of pain while running.

  • When walking, running, jumping load on the legs increased. Use special shoes to reduce the likelihood of injury in sports employed. Shoes should feel comfortable on the leg and carefully locking the heel.
  • The knee joint produces a large mobility, but before running it you need to thoroughly prepare: leg muscles need to warm up. Big load while running have on the spine, so warm-up should be carried out, considering this: heat also the back muscles.
  • It is advisable to engage in designated areas. The uneven surface increases the risk of injury while running. Adverse to run are paved paths, because when a dense coating stress on knees and spine increases.
  • Болят колени после бега: причины и профилактика

    During training, distribute the body weight evenly on the whole foot. When focusing only on the toes or heel, there is an additional load on the leg joints and spine.

    During class, observe proper breathing technique. This will help reduce the load on the cardiovascular system and increase the effectiveness of training. While running, the body needs oxygen several times more than at rest. Frequent shortness of breath does not make up for the oxygen supply in the lungs. Even breathing with emphasis on exhalation helps to increase lung ventilation. Wrong is the mouth breathing, it increases the possibility of germs and dust in the throat, contributing to different infections. Experts recommend a mixed breathing, in which oxygen enters through the nose and out through your mouth.

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    Pain relief

    What if during the run I had a sore knee? The main thing is not to overtax the patient’s joint. It is necessary to relax the spine, the foot is desirable to put on the rise.

    What to do when the pain:

    • you can put a bandage on the knee that will help to relieve stress on the affected joint;
    • cold and hot compresses will help to cool and anesthetize the affected place you can use a warming cream;
    • you should not stop exercising, this can lead to even more injuries;
    • anti-inflammatory and painkillers will help to quickly relieve the symptom of pain.

    Constant loads lead to knee injury even if properly running. The load should be distributed evenly, gradually increasing with time. In case of injuries you need to contact the doctor-traumatologist.

    Previously it was thought that regular Jogging develop osteoarthritis of the knee. But at a conference of rheumatologists of America it was denied. Jogging strengthen the spine, lower body mass index, which helps to reduce stress on the joints.