Sore knees: how to treat, what is the cause of the pain

Болят колени: чем лечить, в чем причина болиPain in knees is a common complaint, which apply to the doctor. Soreness and scrunch restrict mobility, are forced to take frequent breaks while walking. Sometimes the pain become unbearable, violate the usual rhythm of life and make it impossible to sleep.

Treatment of the knees is granted after the preliminary diagnosis requiring examination by a doctor and careful instrumental examination. In order to determine how to treat the knee, the specialist should know everything about the nature of pain and its causes.

Pain in knee after injury

The knee joint has a complex structure: the mobility is ensured by bones, muscles and ligaments. Damage to one of the elements of the knee joint causes pain, leads to loss of mobility. If the knee hurts, perhaps it is a consequence of the following phenomena:

  • tear of meniscus;
  • bursitis of the knee joint;
  • fracture or displacement of the patella;
  • dislocation of the knee joint;
  • stretching of tendons or ligaments.

The meniscus is a layer of cartilage inside the knee joint. When you break the torn part of the meniscus begins to hang, creates obstacles when driving. The victim there is pain, difficulties in walking and straightening the knee. Possible causes of meniscus tear: injury, degenerative changes of the meniscus in the elderly.

Болят колени: чем лечить, в чем причина болиThe pain in my knees when bursitis is caused by inflammation of periarticular bags — Bursa. The causes of the variety of bursitis: inflammation of periarticular bags can be the result of injuries, inflammatory diseases of the joints, excessive stress. The Bursa is filled with blood, the patient has severe pain, numbness, limited mobility.

Knee pain at fracture or displacement of the patella (patella) are usually painful, aggravated by the attempt to rely on the leg or pull it. Fractures of the patella in some cases can be felt or seen in the retraction of the damaged area. Most often a fracture of the patella is the result of a fall on a flexed knee. More rarely a fracture occurs after a direct blow to the kneecap.

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Dislocation of the knee joint is accompanied by damage of the joint capsule and ligaments. There is a dislocation due to the strong mechanical action. The presence of injury in this case is evidenced by pain, swelling, impaired function and deformity of the knee.

Stretching of the ligaments and tendons that support the patella, occurs when a direct blow or the result of performing movements with excessive stress of the knee. Diagnosed a sprain of the knee ligaments and tendons most often in athletes involved in weightlifting, football, basketball, hockey. When stretching a bad knee is swollen, formed bruising, difficulty moving the joint.

Causes of knee pain in diseases of the

Болят колени: чем лечить, в чем причина боли

Arthritis cartilage of the joint breaks

In a situation when knees hurt, and injury is possible, it is necessary to look for internal causes unpleasant symptoms. Pain in the knee region may be due to the presence of the following diseases:

  • osteoarthritis;
  • a Baker’s cyst;
  • dissecting Legg;
  • disease Osgood-Shlatter.

Болят колени: чем лечить, в чем причина боли

Rent-the patient osteochondritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is expressed in a periodic pains that go away after a rest or application of heat. Most often, the disease attacks people in the age. Patients appears deformation and stiffness of the joint.

A Baker’s cyst is a solid tumor on the back of the knee. The tumor causes discomfort, feeling of tightness, difficulty in movement. When large amounts of Baker’s cyst patients experience swelling. The reasons for the appearance of the tumor: injury, cartilage defects, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

When dissecting the Legg (disease Koenig) the peel covering the bone portion of the cartilage, the patient experiences aching pain that increases when you try to move your leg. With full exfoliation of the area of the cartilage starts to move around the knee joint and hinders movement.

The exact causes of diseases of unknown Koenig. There are suggestions that dissecting Legg occurs due to trauma, endocrine disorders, growth disorders of bones.

Disease Osgood-Shlatter destroyed the tuberosity of the tibia and its core. The illness occurs most often in adolescents 12-18 years due to injury. Pain disease Osgood-Shlatter gradually increase acute when squatting, going up and down the stairs.

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How to heal knees

Болят колени: чем лечить, в чем причина боли

Pathological changes in the bones of the patient disease Osgood-Shlatter

For the choice of treatment knee specialists provide diagnosis, including examination of the injured area, ultrasound, radiodiagnosis. A suitable method for diagnosis depends on the type of damage. How to treat sore knees, doctors decide on the basis of the diagnosis.

Treat injuries and diseases of the knees of conservative and surgical methods. Conservative treatment for fractures, dissecting the Legg, disease Osgood-Shlatter is to provide complete rest to the injured limb by applying gypsum harness, brace or fixation dressing. When you stretch on the damaged joint is overlaid with a special bandage. Knee pain, the treatment of which is bezoperatsionnye, reduced by the intake of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. To strengthen the effect of the medicine called physical therapy, massage, magnet therapy.

When bursitis the choice of method of treatment depends on the stage of the disease. In the acute period recommended rest, the use of a pressure bandage, overlaying warming compresses. Traumatic bursitis is treated by injecting a solution of hydrocortisone.

Surgical treatment is used when you break the meniscus, the displacement of the patella, Baker’s cyst. When the meniscus tear knees the treatment is carried out by arthroscopy — malotravmaticheskih operations performed through two small incisions. During the operation, the torn part is removed, the inner edge of the meniscus flattens out. A Baker’s cyst is treated by surgical removal.

Knee pain, the causes of which lie in osteoarthritis, reduce through lifestyle changes. To slow the progression of the disease useful a harmonious blend throughout the day, periods of activity and rest, special exercises. Patients with osteoarthritis are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy.

Homemade treatments

To cure knee in a home with severe injuries is impossible, but possible for some time to dull the pain. Here are some effective methods how to treat sore knee at home:

  • medication;
  • overlay cold and the retaining bandages;
  • provision of rest;
  • the imposition of compresses.
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The medication is effective for minor injuries (bruises) and exacerbation of pain in patients with osteoarthritis. To reduce the pain will help the following drugs: ibuprofen, Panadol, tylenol. It should be remembered that all painkillers have a number of contraindications, so before their reception it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Болят колени: чем лечить, в чем причина болиOverlay cold effectively to eliminate the pain and swelling after injury. If the nature of the injury is unknown, should ensure that the leg still, if possible, using a splint or a firm bandage. The pain symptoms of minor injuries and serious fractures are often similar, so it is advisable to play it safe and go to the emergency room where the doctor will determine the severity of the injury.

Homemade recipes include the imposition of compresses. To treat the knee with the use of the compress, apply a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and honey, the juice of onions, tincture of celandine, a decoction of dandelion. Compresses are effective for pain after injuries. In case of serious injury, this method only temporarily mask the problem, eliminating discomfort.

The knee is an important part of the body that defines the ability to move freely. Any damage to the knees are about the treatment to the trauma. If the injury is excluded, and pains appear periodically for a long time, should be screened for installation causes pain.

How to treat sore knees, determined only by the doctor based on the diagnostic results. Treatment at home is acceptable only for minor injuries, not dangerous complications.