Sore lower back after C-section

Many women giving birth by caesarean section, complain of severe lumbar pain. Complex and demanding post-partum period in these patients occurs on the background of exhausting discomfort. It certainly affects the psychological state of the mother, her mood. Back pain after carrying out the woman a caesarean section may indicate the presence of serious complications from the surgery.

The choice in favor of cesarean section as a method of getting rid of the pain of childbirth can actually make a woman in labor. She agrees to the operation and confirms his signature on the relevant document. But before you make this choice, it is necessary to obtain a complete picture of possible serious consequences, more dangerous than pain in childbirth.Болит поясница после кесарева

The doctor also may prescribe surgery after the study of the health status of the patient, structure of organs and the behavior of her pregnancy. For cesarean section there are a number of official medical indications.

In what cases is surgery indicated

Caesarian section is performed, if the appearance of a baby into the world naturally for some reason impossible or involves potential danger to the health and life of mothers. Through an incision made in the abdominal cavity of women, from the uterus to extract the fetus. The operation can be planned or emergency.

With a planned cesarean section the incision is made in the horizontal plane. If in the process of natural childbirth arose the need for surgical intervention, is the vertical incision. The operation is prescribed for the presence of causative factors:

  • the presence of systemic diseases (heart disease, retinal detachment);
  • infectious lesions of the external genital organs, viral or allergic diseases;
  • malposition of the fetus;
  • risk of uterine rupture due to the divergence of the scar from the previous birth;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • the small size of the pelvis;
  • the location of the placenta in position, prevents the exit of the child.
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Emergency surgery prescribed natural process of tribal manipulation. The need for surgical intervention confirms the responsible specialist obstetric Department. Indications for emergency surgical measures:

  • development of hypoxia in children;
  • excessive stretching of the uterine tissues, the threat of uterine rupture or the skin of the abdomen;
  • unexpected detachment of the placenta, fraught with the death of the fetus;
  • cessation of labor or her mild.

When you need the stay of mothers in hospital under observation. Minimum medical outpatient control – 48 hours.

In the area of the incision, put a bag of ice in order to avoid blood loss and intensive reduction of the walls of the uterus. At the same time the mother, prescribed pain medication and medication to restore the functions of digestion. In addition, necessarily prescribe antibiotics.

The cause of the pain syndrome

After cesarean section, many women stomach hurts, lower abdomen, waist or back. Some patients experience intense pain when urinating. The appearance of the pain syndrome is due to the fact that caesarean section is a major surgery. On the healing of incisions required a certain period of time, the required large domestic reserves of the body. But the body weakened by pregnancy and childbirth, so the faster healing of stitches is rare.

Болит поясница после кесареваLower back ache in women after cesarean section mainly due to entrapment of the nerve endings.

Pregnancy is accompanied by a continuously increasing load on the spine. By the end of the period it reaches the maximum. Appear pain syndromes in the area of spins at the initial time, gradually the body gets used to them. When childbirth is over, the pain renewed with increased force, manifested in the form of phantom limb syndrome. There are various spasms, pinched nerve roots.

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There are cases of manifestations of acute lower back pain after childbirth. If it was planned a natural process, but after attempts urgently arose the need for a caesarean section, in this case, there is some stretching of the muscles. This leads to acute pain after the extraction of the fetus. Back pain often in women with curved structure of the spine.

On the status of women emerging from the caesarean section, is affected by hormonal changes in the body. The process of gestation is accompanied by active secretion of hormones softening ligaments and joints to facilitate the exit of the baby through the birth canal. To restore the normal hormonal balance lumbar pain bother a woman when she is standing or sitting.

Lumbar region aches sometimes because of improper installation of a catheter for epidural anesthesia or a proper selection of its diameter.

The scar resulting from a cesarean section, provokes pain syndromes of the lower zone of the spine, especially when rocking on hands or feeding the baby. Sometimes the discomfort of the lumbar area is a diffused pain syndrome abdominal or uterine region. Uneven accretion shortened abdominal muscles, moving the equilibrium point lead to an increase in the total load on the lower back.

Massage will help to get rid of the discomfort

Effective means to prevent the release of pain is massage. It can be done at home or in the terms massage medical institutions. Get a massage comfortably in the prone position. Suitable stable table, having a rigid surface with a soft, natural upholstery.

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Every day you should perform a gentle massage flowing movements, rolling in the impact point on the lumbar muscles. It is useful to use applicator Kuznetsova, hand massagers wooden balls. Before you begin to apply the massage, you should consult with your doctor, who will select an individual set of procedures.

Intense hard massage in all the cases shown in the postpartum period.

Rehabilitation postpartum period involves administration of anesthetics and antispasmodics, analgesics do not penetrate into breast milk. Women injections of oxytocin. This causes enhanced uterine contractions. It is recommended that a regime of limited physical exertion.