Sore lower back after ovulation

The woman created by nature, to conceive and bear children. The whole female body is subtly tailored to this purpose. He is very sensitive to any changes. Monthly cycle in women is a real hormonal stress to the whole organism. Women, particularly sensitive in this period, to feel even the smallest changes in hormonal levels. This is manifested as external and internal characteristics. The lower back may be sore after ovulation and during menstrual days. The pain in the first days of menstruation is considered normal. Her take for granted. If the lower abdomen during menstruation sore and pulls, taking pain medication, comply with bed rest.Болит поясница после овуляции

With pain in the abdomen during menstruation to the doctor rarely. Women accustomed to that during menstruation pulls the lower abdomen, but the pain after ovulation many guards. It causes anxiety and confusion, especially if you’ve had unprotected sexual intercourse. Pain can be of different intensity, from mild to quite palpable, radiating to the lower back. Pain that lasts more than two days and are growing and require immediate treatment to the doctor.

How is the process

Ovulation is a physiological process, occurring monthly in the female body. Mature female egg leaving the ovary goes into the fallopian tube. At this time it is ready for fertilization. If it does not, she is along with the epidermal layer of the uterus is rejected, menstruation occurs. The cycle lasts from twenty to thirty-five days. The ripened egg leaves after a yellow body.

When the follicle grows, the ovary is stretched slightly. There are nagging pains in the lower back and lower abdomen. This process can be accompanied by the following symptoms:

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  • pulls and hurts in the lower abdomen;
  • it hurts and pulls the lower back;
  • headache;
  • loss of appetite;
  • drowsiness.

Such symptoms when the abdomen and the loin pull and get sick; the usual, and if fertilization does not occur, they do not last more than two days. If the abdomen and lower back ache, pain increasing, it is necessary to address to the gynecologist. This may indicate the onset of pregnancy, the pain is the first signs of the birth of a new life. Pain after ovulation is called «ovulation syndrome.» Not all women face this syndrome. Sometimes it can appear after suffering gynecological diseases or childbirth.

Nagging pain can be felt in the lower abdomen on the right or left. It depends on from which ovary released the egg.

What can be said of the survey

At survey the gynecologist drew attention to the following: how long is the pain, the localization and concentration of the pain focus, frequency, body temperature and other signs. Provides diagnosis, including a pelvic examination, ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and small pelvis, blood and urine tests. In rare cases carried out laparoscopy. Laparoscopy – a medical procedure during which, through micronukes in the navel, inserted a tube with microarray. This allows the doctor through the monitor screen using optical lamps, to detect serious pathology, including the presence of cancer.

Болит поясница после овуляцииWhat can be said to severe pain that continues more than two days? If you pull the lower abdomen, the pain is felt in the lower back, the left or right side, possible urinary tract infection or diseases of organs of abdominal cavity:

  • inflammation, including cystitis;
  • cyst rupture;
  • appendicitis;
  • colitis.
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All these diseases require immediate treatment. A burst Appendix, for example, can lead to peritonitis and death. In these cases, the pain is sharp, acute, with the increase of temperature above 37 degrees, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache.

Do treat pain after ovulation? If ovulation syndrome is not associated with other diseases and does not cause much concern, treatment is not required. Rarely this discomfort tells about gynecological disease. But it is not excluded. The doctor, guided by this symptom, you may find the inflammation of the fallopian tubes or salpingitis, chronic inflammation in the pelvis, ovarian cysts, endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a serious disease. It occurs when the endometrial layer that covers the uterus, grows on other organs. The endometrium can get to the ovaries, intestines or other abdominal organs. Treated medically or operatively. Also the pain may signal ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg hits the uterus, and attaches to the fallopian tubes or other structures. Thus, the fetus begins to develop outside the uterus.

Ectopic pregnancy is manifested in severe pain in the lower abdomen, spotting, cramps. You should immediately consult a doctor if these symptoms. In any case can not be treated independently. This can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.

Болит поясница после овуляции


Than relieve pain

If pain after ovulation lower abdomen and lower back caused by diseases of internal organs or other abnormalities after the diagnostic tests, the doctor prescribes treatment. It can be conservative or surgical. Conservative treatment includes the prescription of hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs. If infection is discovered, antibiotics are appointed. Surgical intervention is indicated for ectopic pregnancy, poor endometriosis and ovarian cyst.

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Is it possible to remove the pain itself, if not too bad? Yes, to reduce pain in the lower back and lower abdomen during ovulation you can own.



Apply on the lower abdomen warmer. It may be bottle with warm, but not hot water. The duration of no more than 5-10 minutes. This will reduce the spasms and relieve the pain.
Take the medication. A painkiller except aspiranturas, or any relieving spasms, for example, Nospanum.
Helps light massage of the lower back. Need to massage lightly clockwise. You can do massage by using tennis balls. Take two balls, put in a fabric pouch. Lay on top of, the bag should be under the lower back. Easily apply pressure on them, prokatyvaja in the back.

Massage can be done several times a day for 3-5 minutes.