Sore lower back radiates to the buttocks

The spine is a unique part of the human body. Thanks to him, our musculoskeletal system functions as a watch. We can stand, move, exercise. All this is available thanks to the strong spine that keeps the body. But if the spine is weak with constant exertion, pain. If damaged the nerve endings in the spinal column, the intervertebral cartilage is destroyed, the first symptom is pain. May hurt the joints, lower back, pain often radiates to the leg, in the buttock.

Болит поясница отдает в ягодицу

Different poses as possible causes of pain

The lower back may be sore sitting or lying down. Discomfort happens during prolonged walking or after exercising. If you have lower back pain that radiates to the buttock, it can signal about serious problems with the spine.

The spine consists of vertebrae. Seven of them are cervical, twelve thoracic, five to the lumbar, five sacral to the Department. Last, the smallest Department – coccygeal. Pain in the spine and hip have experienced almost every inhabitant of the planet. Almost every second person was complaining about lower back pain, it is more vulnerable because of the large range of motion in the lower body. It can manifest itself in different locations of the body, surrender into the hip joint.

The lower back often hurts when sitting, when, it would seem that the load is minimal. In fact quite the opposite. When a person is sitting, the vertebral column suffers the highest load. All the weight that puts pressure on the lumbar. The reasons for sedentary work back pain is often associated with constant sitting and lack of movement. If you sit long in one position, after the start of pain in the hip, left or right cheek.

Prolonged walking or standing can also provoke back pain. Pain during walking may be felt in the lumbar spine and in the hip joint. Pain when walking may be a symptom of degenerative changes of the vertebral arches.

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Lying down back pain may be because of the mattress is irregular in shape. Ideally any provisions should be just a slight bend of the waist forward. This deflection is called lordosis. If the mattress does not support the lumbar deflection, there is a nagging pain. Lying on the stomach, it is also important to maintain the correct position of the spine.

Constantly aches and aches of the back, if you suffer from facet joint. Overload these joints, poor blood circulation lead to strong back pain and the development of spondylosis.

Disorders of the spine and other body systems

The reasons why there are recurrent or persistent back pain may lie not only in the wrong position and load, but also in other diseases.

Most often they are connected with the spine:

  • herniated discs in the lower back;
  • rupture of the intervertebral discs;
  • offset roots and compression;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • posture and curvature of the spine.

Painful sensations can provoke factors not related to the spine:

  • prolonged stress and tension;
  • weak muscular-ligamentous apparatus;
  • vitamin and mineral imbalance;
  • weight;
  • bad habits.

Also lower back pain cause disease of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs. Culprits can be the consequences of fractures, dislocations, bruises. Cause back pain can arthritis and arthrosis in the hip joint. If spasticskie appear lower back pain, difficult movement, difficult to bend, the cross gives in the buttocks, then it could be the sign of elongation.

Болит поясница отдает в ягодицуMatter how sore lower back, it gives you pain in hip, buttock, part of the hip joint or the knee joint. On this basis it is possible to determine what is the cause of ailments. The pain can be sharp, cutting, dull aching, pricking. It can be projected in one location or spread across the back, to affect the hip joint.

Pain during prolonged sitting or standing, numbness of the lower extremities, tingling, stiffness, cough, strengthened lower back pain – these are symptoms of damage to the rootlets of the nerve endings. Even after a short seat back starts to hurt, shoots in the thigh, my leg became numb. Lying down, turning on the left hand side, you can feel the discomfort in the lumbar region and buttock.

In some cases, acute lower back pain requires immediate help if you have symptoms such as:

  • an intense attack of pain;
  • severe pain when walking or changing position;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • fecal incontinence, of urine;
  • cancer.

Prolonged pain in the lumbar spine and hip joint, which at night is increasing, cannot be ignored. The earlier you see a doctor to make a diagnosis, the greater the likelihood of full recovery.

Treatment and diagnosis

Doctors can easily determine the causes of pain in the lower back with the help of diagnostic tests. Assigned to x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, General blood tests, urine, examination by a urologist and gynecologist. Once full of reason treatment.

The sooner you consult a doctor, the higher the probability that it will be conservative. Conservative treatment is manual therapy, massage, acupuncture, mechanical spinal traction, gymnastics. For pain prescribe medications, relieves pain. In the inflammatory process in the joints of the antibiotics are shown.

The main objective is to eliminate the discomfort in the spine, straighten the vertebrae, to remove pain and regain mobility. In acute back pain it is necessary to immobilize the patient and provide complete rest. It is necessary to carry out restorative treatment, which will strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus, will make the spine stronger.

The duration and success of treatment is largely determined by the age in which there is discomfort in the lower back.

Age Forecast
The early pain syndrome appears in adolescence. This suggests that there are serious problems with his back.
Discomfort arising to 35 years. May signal existing intervertebral hernia as well as the development and deepening of the disease after 40-45 years.
Pain that arose after 55 years. A sign of the nerve roots, treatment prognosis is positive. On average the course lasts up to two months.

After treatment, you must follow the doctor’s recommendations. Not SuperCool, properly distribute the load on the spine. To comply with diet, limit alcohol and salt. Daily to do gymnastics, do not overwork. When a sore lower back, to go to the doctor and not to self-medicate.

Many make the mistake of putting the lower back during attacks warm compresses or a heating pad. In fact, this practice only hurts, causing spasm in the muscle and increased pain. To soothe your muscles, you need to put ice pack and take an optimal position in which the pain will be felt the least. The ice freezes the nerves, relieves inflammation, reduces spasms. On the day it is recommended to apply a poultice several times. After consult a doctor.

Problems back does the doctor-vertebrologist. You can also consult a neurologist and an orthopedist. Surgical treatment is indicated.