Sore neck and head: causes of migraines

Болит шея и голова: причины возникновения мигрениOften patients complain to a doctor that they have a sore neck and head. Whether to underestimate these symptoms? They may indicate the presence of serious diseases, including cervical migraine. In most cases, it is necessary to consult specialists.

Pain in the neck and head can be caused by multiple reasons:

  • Damage to the musculoskeletal system. The pain may start after injuries of muscles, ligaments, spinal discs and vertebrae themselves. If the injury occurred long ago, the pain may occur after illness or extreme stress. Neck pain worse turning the head, not subsided for a long time.
  • Birth trauma and acquired diseases. To acquired abnormalities of the joints include osteoarthritis. The main signs of the disease: headache (especially when turning the head), neck, there is the crunch of the cervical vertebrae.
  • Stress. In a state of excitement of the human muscles are constantly in spasm. This causes neck and shoulder pain and discomfort, accompanied by headache. The constant presence of the organism as a stress capable of causing severe diseases such as osteochondrosis.
  • Infectious diseases. Many infections, especially of the gastrointestinal tract, negatively affect the musculoskeletal system of man, causing arthritis.
  • Often, the headache is called migraine. This disorder affects mainly women and can be inherited. Manifests itself in young people aged 20 to 30 years. As a rule, takes place in old age (after 50 years).

  • Migraine: symptoms and treatment

    Migraine – a neurological disorder, the main symptoms of which are regular severe headaches (often in one half of the head). In this case the patient has no injury, tumors, glaucoma and other pathologies, accompanied by headaches.

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    Болит шея и голова: причины возникновения мигрени

      • long-lasting headache (may last up to three days, is enhanced by the tilt and rotation of the head);
      • pain in the neck;
      • heart palpitations and surges of blood pressure;
      • weakness, possible fainting;
      • nausea and vomiting;
      • excessive sweating, chills;
      • disorders of hearing, vision and coordination.

    Migraine symptoms can be varied, examination by a neurologist will help make the correct diagnosis. If you have migraine, treatment should begin immediately, without waiting for the increase in pain. In crisis and in need of rest in a darkened room, a light massage of the cervical and head as well helps acupuncture. Water treatments in combination with physical therapy will relieve the first signs of incipient attack.

    Prevention of migraines involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle, diet with the exception of spirits, coffee and chocolate. Don’t skip meals, it is better to eat often, but gradually. Try to worry less, stress often leads to crisis.

    Cervical migraine

    It occurs because of impaired blood flow in the vertebral arteries (left or right). In the first stage, vasoconstriction is a reversible process. Further changes are irreversible, the occurrence of the disease is complicated. The disease occurs for several reasons:

    Болит шея и голова: причины возникновения мигрени

    Inflammation and depletion of the cartilage tissue leads to deformation of the vertebrae and pinching of the nerve endings

  • The vascular lesions, pathology of formation of the arteries and vessels.
  • Injury that occur when a sudden jolt (perhaps in a car accident).
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae.
  • Myositis (inflammation of muscles).
  • The disease begins with muscle injury with reduction of the lumen of the artery. Spasms often begin when tilting and rotating the head. .

    Symptoms of cervical migraine:

    • paroxysmal or throbbing headache, worse when bending and turning the head;
    • recurring pain in the occipital region;
    • eye pain, frontal and auricular regions;
    • the occurrence of nausea and dizziness, sometimes loss of consciousness;
    • temporary loss of hearing and vision;
    • loss of consciousness with a sharp turn of the head.

    For the diagnosis of the disease is prescribed ultrasound examination along with x-rays of the cervical. The condition of the arteries is determined by MRI in the neck, be sure to carry out extended blood tests.

    Diagnosis and treatment a neurologist and osteopath. It is the use of medicines and vitamins in conjunction with massage. In the case of timely started treatment cervical migraine much easier, but after a long illness I can only take the attacks of the disease.

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    Low back pain: causes

    Osteochondrosis is a common cause of headaches, and occurs as a result of loss of elasticity of the intervertebral discs and deformations. The vertebrae closer together, and the nerve roots branching from the spine, zaselyalsya. This causes pain and discomfort when turning the head.
    The symptoms of osteochondrosis:

    • neck pain (back);
    • the pain is worse when turning the head;
    • numbness of hands and feet;
    • discomfort in the spine.

    Neck and headache often appears among sedentary people. Carrying heavy bags also lead to additional load on the neck, what causes degenerative disc disease. Accurate diagnosis can be made after a thorough examination, which is prescribed by a neurologist. The examination includes CT scan, x-rays of the cervical or MRI. Treatment of osteoarthritis is complex, it includes conservative methods in combination with a point acupuncture and gentle massage.

    The neck can get sick if the person, for example, sharply turned his head. In addition, sometimes the pain in the cervical spine occurs due to the inflammation of lymph nodes after untreated infectious disease. Diagnosing the disease is easy, as the back you can see a small lump (enlarged lymph nodes).

    If you have a severe headache that persist for a long time and is increased when turning the head, immediately consult a doctor. Diagnosed disease is easier to cure.