Spa treatment of gout in Russia

Санаторно-курортное лечение подагры в России

Accumulated in inflamed joints of uric acid salts eat away the cartilage and bones hurt

Gout — a disease that has chronic form that develops as a result of violations of the splitting process uric acid. The result is increased blood levels of sodium salt. In advanced cases, the joints of the feet, hands, elbows, ears and even on his forehead are formed subcutaneous seal tophi. They represent deposits of crystallized uric acid.

Since ancient times it was recommended SANATORNO-resort treatment of gout as one of the most effective measures. Disease develops slowly, visible tophi occur 4-5 years after the onset of the disease. The initial stage is considered hyperuricemia — elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. Causes of this disease, a few: renal dysfunction, excess fructose in the diet, disorders of purine metabolism.

Disease accompany uncomfortable symptoms which manifest themselves from time to time. These include acute pain in the joints redness and swelling. Without treatment of gout in spas symptoms appear more often, attacks become longer (from several days to several weeks).

What is the complex treatment of gout offers Russia

Treated gout as in Russia and in foreign countries. Methods and techniques are the same everywhere. Modern sanatoriums offer comprehensive treatment: mud baths, balneotherapy, mineral water. Such methods keep the disease in remission, relieve symptoms, eliminate the lesion of the internal organs. Please note that Spa treatment must be prescribed by a doctor because there are contraindications. Is strictly prohibited gout treatment in the sanatorium hypertension and renal failure in the chronic form.

Санаторно-курортное лечение подагры в РоссииIt should be noted that Spa treatment in the sanatorium is used for a long time. Classics of Russian literature, prominent political figures, and even sovereigns suffered from gout, and the treatment went «on the water». Was particularly popular in the 18th and 19th centuries the German Baden-Baden and Karlovy vary Czech.

The treatment offered by the sanatorium, which aims to eliminate the main causes of gout: high uric acid in the blood.

It should be noted that the procedure should be carried out, if not permanently, then at least regularly, at equal intervals of time. Fully disease this will not eliminate, but reduce symptoms, protect against irreversible processes in the body, which becomes the limitation.

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The main directions of the fight against the disease

Gout treatment in sanatorium is carried out most often in two areas: bath and reception of mineral water inside. For mud baths and hydrotherapy shown resorts with waters, which contain radon, sulphide, chloride, sodium, nitrogen, and iodobromide waters.

For oral administration the recommended alkaline mineral water with low mineral content. Their use is as follows: when ingested, they are absorbed, accelerate the metabolism, and then quickly excreted. Thus purified, the space between the cells, rinsed of the urinary tract. Lye provokes the breakdown of uric acid, resulting in tophi either do not occur or are not increasing. Mineral water is beneficial to all the internal processes of the body, as contained in the waters of the substances are natural catalysts of biochemical processes.

Санаторно-курортное лечение подагры в РоссииRadon water has a visible sedative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Usually it contains a minimum of minerals that promotes the excretion of urate. This water has a beneficial effect on liver function.

The hydrocarbons contained in the mineral water, dissolve urate and remove them from the body naturally.

Mineral water containing sulfates and sulfides have choleretic and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate the kidneys, which, in turn, removes excess fluid from the body. Magnesium is indicated for patients with nephrolithiasis, occurring a quarter of patients with gout. Magnesium sulfate is a great antispasmodic. Silicon reduces the degree of crystallization of uric acid and derivative salts, accelerates the metabolic processes. Fluoride inhibits the production of uric acid.

What other treatments used for gout

Санаторно-курортное лечение подагры в РоссииBalneotherapy is only shown in the periods between attacks. Such procedures improve blood circulation, nutrition of cells, stabilize the kidneys, increase the output of urate from the body, reduce inflammation in the joints.

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Spa treatment means radon baths, which stimulate blood circulation in the skin. When receiving sulfide baths the hydrogen sulfide enters through the skin, improves liver function, nutrition of articular tissues, cartilage. Typically, such baths are contraindicated in acute attacks of gout, hepatitis, kidney stones.

Carbon dioxide baths useful for patients with ischemia, hypertension, suffering from lipid disorders. Carbon dioxide stimulates regenerative processes. It also uses the compensatory capacity of the organism.

Salt baths increase the tone of the Central nervous system, positively affect blood flow. These baths are the most gentle, with a soft impact. Gout treatment in sanatoria is almost always carried out with the use of salt baths.

Iodide-bromine baths dilates blood vessels, improve kidney function, effect on metabolic processes. Shown with open tophi — fistula, as have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Recommended high blood pressure, patients with kidney stone disease, overweight, with care for those who have a disturbance of heart rhythm.

Special diet as an integral part of the treatment

Gout treatment in sanatorium it is impossible to imagine without a special diet. Fully or partially prohibited foods that contain purines: meat and meat derivatives (sausages, jelly, soups, etc.), legumes, cocoa, strong tea, coffee, chocolate. Prohibited alcohol, it at any dose for gout.

Diet, Spa treatment, sun and air baths, bathing in natural bodies of water, medicine — this comprehensive treatment is offered to patients with gout. It allows you to extend the period of remission, to improve health, to provide the ability to work for a long time. But, as in other diseases, for a good treatment outcome early diagnosis is important.

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Today, there are 300 health centers in 35 countries, and in Russia similar resorts, there are about 4,000. You have the opportunity at any time to independently choose the most suitable sanatorium for the treatment of the disease.

Nature will help to heal from such a disease as gout. Do not neglect the various treatments that can be obtained in the sanatoria of the country: mud, salt and other medicinal baths, intake of mineral water. Trust the care of specialists and healing forces of the planet. Be healthy!