Spinal tumor: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Cancer of the spine brain your symptoms and signs manifested already at an advanced stage. Usually spinal cord tumor some time to develop symptoms. After passing some time people get the first signs. They are quite pronounced, so the experienced doctor will rule out other diseases of the spine.

Рак спинного мозга: симптомы, диагностика, лечение

Brain channel located in the cavity of the spine

Types of tumors

Spinal tumors represent tumors. They are of two types: benign and malignant. Whether a full recovery after treatment, no one knows. In some cases, cancer of the spinal cord disappears, what happens in half of the operated patients with meningiomas and sannamari. It all depends on what type of tumor and how running situation.

As practice shows, recently confirmed the effectiveness of the treatment of this disease folk remedies. However, traditional methods only in benign tumors that do not require emergency surgery. Remember, if the person is diagnosed with cancer, he needs urgent medical care.

Spinal tumors occur and primary and secondary. In the first case, cancer is able to be formed directly from cells of the spinal cord. Such tumors are considered malignant. In the second situation, the tumor is called metastasis, it is formed in the other body. The source of metastases may be lung cancer and mammary cancer, thyroid and prostate glands. This type of pathology is quite rare. It almost never occurs in children.

Tumors of the spinal brain, usually developing with age. Unambiguous the reasons for their occurrence there. However, medicine has identified patterns regarding the factors of the appearance and symptoms of the disease.

Рак спинного мозга: симптомы, диагностика, лечение

Developing a malignant tumor is destroying the nearby vertebrae and causes acute pain in a patient

In the treatment of disease the importance, even the physiological characteristics of the patient. Most doctors confirmed the influence of psychological status of the patient. As you understand, each factor plays a role in the recovery process, so it’s important to keep the balance between them.

Characteristic signs of the disease

Cancer is not immediate. For diseases of the spine characterized by pain, so the tumor can be confused with many other pathologies. However, any neoplasm is accompanied by a sharp, no similar pain. The patient will feel it often, with no medicines will not help. Experts define the problem. Tumors of the spinal cord alter the human gait, there are other external signs.

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Many patients are interested in the question: why there is pain in the formation of tumors of the spinal cord. The explanation is the following. When there is a tumour, it compresses the nerve roots of the spine, which gives a sharp, unusual pain.

Statistics show that only 10 % of tumors are formed from nerve endings, the rest appear from the cells of the meninges, or Schwann cells. Those entities which occur in cells of the brain called meningiomas. They are considered to be benign and with timely treatment completely disappear. In most cases, cancer of the spinal cord affects the nervous system, causing the disease is painful. The intensity of the pain depends on affected by the tumor.

As the growth of tumors of the spinal cord are able to grow may be affected vertebrae, nerves, blood vessels, lining of the brain and its cells.

The first symptoms and causes of disease

The first symptoms appear after a few years of its development (in some situations). Cancer symptoms usually manifested in sharp pain, then there is a General weakness, fatigue. The man becomes difficult to walk, he has problems with coordination of movements.

Рак спинного мозга: симптомы, диагностика, лечение

Disturbed the efficiency of the vestibular apparatus, appear spasms in the muscles. The person feels pain in the limbs, sometimes numbness, tingling. Sometimes occurs in the legs itching and burning, which gradually pass. Extremities often become cold and the skin sticky. Cancer is accompanied by incontinence of urine, possible constipation. In some cases there is paralysis.

What is the cause of the disease is unknown. The science is not yet able to answer that. There are many assumptions regarding this issue.

  • The spinal cord is affected by the tumors for a variety of reasons, the main of which is heredity. Genetic predisposition is considered to be the impetus for the development of many pathologies. To protect yourself from them, you need to promptly see a doctor and to prevent.
  • The disease occurs in people with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The risk group includes those who suffer from leukemia. Lymphoma of the spinal cord often provoke cancer of the spine.
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    As for other causes of disease, they are secondary. However, if a person find yourself above symptoms, you must visit a doctor, even if not observed, none of the listed diseases.

    Diagnosis of the disease

    When the man is in the hospital for examination, the doctor will first conduct a survey and examine the patient. If he had previously discovered a tumor malignancy of any organ, and at the moment back pain in a particular area, your doctor may suggest a spinal cord tumor. This diagnosis confirms impaired coordination and other symptoms.

    The doctor has to exclude various pathologies of the spine. A lot of them (tuberculosis, syphilis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis and others), therefore, requires examination. The patient will need to undergo x-ray examination, magnetic resonance imaging and biopsy. So the diagnosis will be accurately delivered. Remember that neurological examination plays an important role in the diagnosis. This type of survey will help to determine the touch strength, muscle tone and many other physiological factors.

    When you need to see a specialist? The tumor develops along with shooting pain in a specific area of the back. These feelings are similar to sciatica or shingles. Also it should pass inspection if there is a loss of sensitivity or, conversely, its increase in any area of the body.

    Dysfunction of the pelvic functions, the appearance of paralysis, paresis, — all this may indicate cancer of the spine. So, you should immediately consult a doctor-neurologist and undergo the necessary tests.

    Existing treatment

    Рак спинного мозга: симптомы, диагностика, лечениеToday, if diagnosed with cancer of the spinal cord, many people choose this treatment as a surgery. However, some patients prefer treatment of folk remedies. How effective have they been, you cannot tell for sure, as each is affected in different ways. If the tumor is malignant, any forecast is difficult to make. The fact that the treatment surgical methods able to remove the tumor, but some part of it still remains. How tumor cells will behave further, it is difficult to say: will they evolve, or become extinct.

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    As a rule, there are several methods of treating the disease. They can be combined with each other. Thus, tumors are removed using surgery and radiation therapy. In the case of compression of the tumor the doctors before the surgery treatment with corticosteroids. This treatment reduces puffiness, while maintaining the function of the nerves.

    No one can assume, would be so destructive tumor. However, such education as meningiomas, neurofibromas and several others, will be removed completely, and the patients have a chance for a full recovery. The operation was conducted by highly qualified specialists, as the separation of healthy cells from the healthy — it is very laborious. Requires the use of microscopes not to touch the intact cells. In addition to surgery and radiation therapy patients are prescribed a treatment of chemotherapy, radiotherapy. All recommended procedures should be performed immediately after diagnosis.

    Treatments and surgery is not the only possible treatment. Treatment of cancer of the spinal cord can be performed on a psychological level. To defeat the disease, you need to change everything in his life: the routine, the diet, perhaps even more. Psychologists strongly advise not to dwell on the diagnosis, live with a positive attitude. The key is attitude. Therefore, in any case can not give up, we must fight to the end.

    Eat more raw vegetables and fruits, go for a walk, let a few hours to work, sleep as much as is required by the body and lastly, exercise. Then the swelling will recede.