Stretching of the spine and back: exercises

Stretching of the spine is necessary for a healthy back and for patient. The effect of the correct stretch marks positive, but you should familiarize yourself with some nuances.

Растяжка позвоночника и спины: упражнения

Stretching can be done for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Exercises used for therapeutic purposes to relax the back or in the rehabilitation period. This kind of physical gymnastics, of course, will have a positive impact on human health, stretching of the back will strengthen the muscles and help to support body tone and correct position of the spine.

How to do stretching the spine? Firstly, stretching should be done gradually, sudden movements should be allowed. Secondly, you need to stretch gradually, carefully, to avoid crunching or discomfort.

Exercises should be done regularly, preferably every night, while starting with a small number of iterations. While exercising try to relax, and then relax your muscles, which will allow to achieve a good result.

Who is not recommended stretching

There are cases when physiotherapy is harmful to your health and worsen his condition. This is because people without prior consultation with the doctor starts to self-medicate. Gymnastics have to do with special care those who have a certain number of vertebral pathologies. It is strictly forbidden to stretch with arthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease in advanced stages.

We must remember that the benefits of these exercises will only if your back is not damaged by any injury. As for the people with an injured back, then they should perform stretching or in the presence of a specialist or after consultation, but just observing all the recommendations.

Растяжка позвоночника и спины: упражнения

Experts also don’t recommend pulling back with hypertension or any other cardiovascular diseases: it creates stress on the heart that causes the muscles to contract in 2 times faster. This inevitably leads to arrhythmias and sometimes to more serious pathologies. Also contraindicated to stretch the spine for those who have discovered the DVT.

Particular attention to physical exercise should be taken for pregnant women, stretching back and spine can have adverse effects on the fetus. Therefore, in this case it is wise to consult with your doctor. By the way, in the period of menstruation should also not be carried away by stretching the back: use it will not bring, and the pain will not disappear.

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The benefits of stretching for the spine is undeniable, but you can’t overexert yourself. No need to force yourself to do exercise if you feel that you it is difficult. Especially you should not do it when your body is weakened.

Stretching back in any case is not done with a cold when the person observed or fever, so you can easily get complications.

Use stretching osteochondrosis

Such a disease often found among people of middle and old age, and many are in need of effective treatment. In addition to medication and use of traditional medicine, it is recommended to do special exercises, which includes various exercises, including stretches for the spine. Why is it useful? This type of gymnastics is able to elongate the muscle fiber, which has been damaged as a result of osteoarthritis.

Stretching helps to normalize the metabolism, improve blood circulation and significantly increase the distance between the vertebrae. Stretching relieves tension and reduces the pressure in the inner part of the intervertebral disc. Few people know about the benefits of stretching, because it helps both healthy and sick people. In the first case, it relaxes the muscles, and the second treats them.

Растяжка позвоночника и спины: упражнения

Home trainer will help to stretch out the spine

Patients with degenerative disc disease similar exercises can be performed under the supervision of a physician, or independently after consultation with a specialist. Fast effect you get from a special device that produces a gradual, gentle and uniform stretching. Most importantly, it is absolutely painless and pleasant. The simulator selected in accordance with the height and weight of the patient and strengthens the ligaments and muscles.

If stretching is performed at home, you can use the bed or Board. The head should be at the bottom, the traction is due to its own weight. You can apply relaxation techniques and stretching — pulling is considered the most appropriate and effective. For this exercise, use the wall bars or horizontal bar. It does not require any special training, this method of stretching of the spine is characterized by ease of execution. The main drawback of this method — the tension of muscles of hands. Video where you can see a set of exercises with osteochondrosis of the spine, can be found on specialized sites.

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There are several methods of stretching the spine in osteochondrosis: inversion and stretching underwater, and each is assigned a doctor. However, there is one universal way to stretch the spine without any equipment — swimming. As you know, those who are engaged in swimming, or at least several times a week visits the pool, a good posture and a healthy spine. Why? When a person swims, he naturally relaxes the spine and intervertebral discs are relieved of load.

Stretching of the lumbar and cervical

You probably know the feeling of pain in the lumbar after a tiring day at work. Many people prefer to apply various creams and gels, but experts advise to stop the choice on the banner. Exercises should be done regularly, gradually increasing the load. There are a number of diseases of the lumbar spine, which is especially necessary therapeutic exercises. Spondylosis (deformation and shape change of the vertebrae), herniation of the lumbar spine, osteoporosis (a change in shape of the vertebrae and spine), narrowing of the spinal canal and sciatica (change in shape of intervertebral disks) — all of these diseases can be treated with stretch marks. For additional recommendations for what you can watch relevant videos.

Растяжка позвоночника и спины: упражнения

Recall, when you cannot do exercises. Stretching is not recommended during the later stages of spinal diseases, oncological pathologies, elevated temperature and pregnancy.

Doctors recommend to do exercise in the prevention of various diseases of the spine. Typically, you need only 10 minutes a day to prevent the development of diseases of the lumbar spine. The video below shows exercises to stretch lower back.

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Exercises for the waist:

  • Lie with your back on the Mat, bend your knees, feet on the Mat and place them shoulder width apart. Inhale, hold your breath for 5 seconds, then exhale and lift the chest up. So it should be done at least 10 times.
  • The bar will help to deeply stretch the spine. The simplest exercise is to hanging on the bar with bent legs. You need to maintain that body position for at least 1 min. the Exercise is repeated 3 times.
  • You need to sit on a Mat and stretch one leg forward and the other bent at the knee. The goal is to try to reach out your hands to the foot of the outstretched leg and fix this position for a few seconds. Then change leg position and repeat the exercise.
  • Disease of the cervical spine are the most painful, there is nothing more exhausting than pain in the neck. Causes of discomfort are actually a lot, but the main is the lack of regular exercises.

    To avoid health problems in old age, should daily dedicate time to exercises for the cervical spine.

    Stretching of the cervical spine is performed as follows: sit in a chair, straighten your back, put your hands down at your sides. Now turn the head from side to side 5 to 10 times. Do the exercise slowly, without sudden movements.