Subluxation of the cervical spine: causes, first aid

Подвывих шейного позвонка: причины, первая помощьThe human body is quite vulnerable and susceptible to disease. Therefore, to protect it from birth. In maternity hospital the child has a chance to get injuries. Some of them related to the incompetence of the doctor and the midwife who attended the birth, some birth defects of the baby. Subluxation of the cervical vertebra is one of the injuries that can get a person at birth. Most of the total number of vertebrae is suffering first. This is because he is stronger than all anatomically attached to the base of the skull, and this limits its ability to move and sometimes to function properly.

The mechanism of disease development in children

During labor, a large load is experiencing not only the woman but the child. The cervical spine of a baby brings a huge impact. At this point, and there can be a subluxation of the first cervical vertebra. Even a slightly wrong move can contribute to changing the position of the vertebra and cause subluxation. In this situation the kid has symptoms of torticollis. Not always the doctors are able to detect such a defect at birth, and the parents themselves should thoroughly examine the child. If any signs of disease should immediately consult a doctor.

Ligaments and tendons are located around the entire cervical spine. If they are deformation (strain, displacement) or injury to strengthen the joint, it can cause a rotational subluxation of the cervical vertebra. In this case all fasteners are too weak in order to normally fix the position of the cervical vertebra. As a result of disrupted the whole anatomical structure and movement of the child can be unnatural or out of control.

Baby with such a defect will perform quite bizarre movements that are difficult to perform person with a well fixed joint. Such deviation is due to the fact that the loose joints in newborns due to discrepancies of bones. So the baby can form a complete dislocation.
Подвывих шейного позвонка: причины, первая помощьThe defeat of the cervical spine may not be identified at an early age. This leads to the fact that the disease is started, temporarily stop, and is manifested in adolescence. During this period the patient is particularly susceptible to various deformations of the joints and bones, which is the active growth of the organism and the corresponding age-related changes. They affect the musculoskeletal system. If the joint in the patient since birth occurring degenerative processes, they can begin to deteriorate.

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The causes of the disease in adolescence may be different. The disease can develop on the basis napravlennogo subluxation in childhood. In some cases this may be harmless. But quite often when replacing a tendon connecting tissue in the body may begin as inflammatory processes on the background strain of the cervical vertebra in a child.

When the first signs of malfunction of the cervical spine should be consult a doctor.


Patients of all ages with subluxation of this type manifest a certain set of symptoms:

  • Strong aching pain in the cervical spine.
  • Expressed an unnatural position of the head.
  • Pain during the examination, palpation.
  • Neck swelling (sometimes suffer from soft tissue around the damaged area).
  • The tension of the neck muscles.
  • Подвывих шейного позвонка: причины, первая помощь

    Diagnosis of injuries of the cervical spine using MRI

    There are a number of secondary symptoms of subluxation that can occur in children and adults: it is poor sleep, frequent dizziness and headaches. Often newborns can be cramp in the hands. The patient experiences pain not only in the affected cervical region, but in the back, in the shoulders. In some patients there is often noise in the ears, numbness or partial immobilization of the upper limbs.

    Symptoms of rotational injuries of the cervical back can be expressed in different ways and have different power manifestations. Matters which side of the neck damaged. With the defeat of the left side of the spine, the patient cannot turn his head to the left and often unnatural pushes the right shoulder to the neck. In the case of damage to the right side of the spine occurs the opposite effect.

    Подвывих шейного позвонка: причины, первая помощь

    Hard cervical brace will ensure the complete immobility of the injured area of the spine

    The severe pain of this nature, patients are often unable to lose consciousness. In children the disease is sometimes accompanied by a violation of the maxillofacial unit. Due to prolonged severe pain in the neck the child is unable to swallow normally and jaw from time to time begins to lose sensitivity. The symptoms of subluxation in some cases spread to the abdominal cavity. Newborns swells the stomach and appear prolonged pain in the stomach.

    Cervical subluxation is quite often unnoticed in infancy. The symptoms of the disease can not occur, which leads to a sharp progression of the disease in adolescence. In many cases, one can notice the development of the disease in the period when the child begins to learn to walk. The baby produced by the wrong gait. But in most cases, the cause of such deviations are not looking in the disruption of the cervical spine.

    If you notice that your child often gets tired, had a bad memory and short attention span is a reason to show a child specialist who will check the condition of the cervical vertebrae of the child patient.

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    First aid

    Treatment of the subluxation must be of high quality and timely. It is advisable not to run the disease. There are several stages which provide for full elimination of defects of the spine. Treatment should begin with the first patient care. After that, you need to repair the subluxation of the vertebra one of the possible ways, and the final stage is rehabilitation. This sequence is standard for eliminating any defects of the spine.

    First aid should be provided to the victim in any case, no matter small or the child is an adult. Before you head to the hospital, you need to take a number of actions. If you notice your child or the adult clear signs of subluxation, the first lock it in the position in which it was received or observed damage. Подвывих шейного позвонка: причины, первая помощьThe neck of the affected child or adult it needs to be fixed tightly to avoid increased pain.

    Palpate the injured area. If palpation you find swelling of the joint, then apply to the affected area a cold compress. To do this, simply moisten in cold water a piece of cloth. So you for short term will reduce pain for the victim and to deliver him to the hospital.

    Independently continue the treatment is not necessary. Reduction of dislocation in the home does not always yield the desired result. Such actions can injure the patient even more. Only the orthopedic surgeon can correctly diagnose the disease and eliminate it. Tampering with or attempt to reduce a dislocation can result in a sprain, trauma, and torn ligaments. Although such dislocations in children can be started form (due to the fact that the symptoms could be a long time to manifest itself), in any visible injury and medical intervention should occur as soon as possible.

    If the inflamed joint for a long time will not be returned to its place, it may cause deformation of periarticular bags. And sometimes such an injury can cause damage to the entire upper portion of the spine. Inflammation in this area will significantly complicate reduction of the dislocation. In such situations, it is not excluded surgical intervention.

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    Treatment of subluxation

    Reduction of vertebrae may take place in several ways. Most often the patient is offered treatment by the method of Vichuga. First, the doctor is necessary to eliminate pain. For this, he injects a local anesthetic. Then there are two versions of events. Sometimes the novocaine effect on the child’s body in such a way that the shifted vertebra independently falls into place as the result of the relaxation of muscles that have long been in the clamped position. In the second case, the physician manually corrects the dislocation. After the procedure was performed, the patient is prescribed a special collar Trench that must be worn 1-2 months.

    This treatment is suitable for both children and adults. But if the child’s injury was identified on time and no complications are noted, your doctor may suggest treatment according to the method of richer-Gutera. This method of stretching. This method allows you to gently and slowly pull the damaged area of the body that give the joints and the vertebra themselves to take the place. Monitoring the patient’s condition is through x-rays.

    In the rehabilitation period, the patient may be prescribed additional treatments. Their appointment depends on the severity of the injury and the tendency to recovery. On the degree rehabilitation subluxation of the cervical vertebra to be treated with special massage, therapeutic exercises, pain medication and vitamins. Strong physical activity of the patient is prohibited.

    Treatment with physical therapy can be started only with the permission of the attending physician and under the supervision of a coach. Improper execution of exercises can lead to re-injury, so the first few sessions should be held with a specialist.