Suprapatellar bursitis of the knee

Suprapatellar bursitis of the knee – disease professional athletes. It often strikes people constantly committing flexor and extensor movement of the legs due to their professional activities or Hobbies. The mechanism of the pathology – inflammation suprapatellar Bursa (joint capsule), located slightly above the knee. This is the largest bag in the body. Its normal wear and tear or damage can lead to serious health consequences. In addition to this localization, it happens prepatellar bursitis.

Prepatellar bursitis – a similar pathology, but with a different location. Rear bag knee swells, it swells, so the disease manifests itself visually almost immediately, people notice her by external signs, and the patient is timely assistance. The early treatment usually gives good results. There is still infrapatellar type of pathology (inflammation of the bag below the calyx). Infrapatellar bursitis develops when excessively mobile lifestyle.Супрапателлярный бурсит коленного сустава

Possible causes of the disease

According to experts, there are many prerequisites to the development of bursitis. Suprapatellar bursitis of the knee occurs under the influence of various factors:

  • moved with knee injuries (lesions of the ligaments, sprains, luxations);
  • unexpected sharp bends or Razhabov knee;
  • chronic or acute lesions of the periarticular tissues;
  • infectious diseases are caused by harmful bacteria, microorganisms penetrated into the synovial bag;
  • of diabetes;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • bone tuberculosis;
  • the disturbed hormonal levels.

The disease affected all age categories without exception. The development of disease depends on many factors. Chronic stress, impaired metabolism, obesity, overweight provoke a joint disease, in particular, all types of bursitis. Treatment is chosen individually for each patient taking into account age, sex, General state of the organism.

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The traumatic nature of the disease observed in goalkeepers hockey teams, receiving strong blows with the puck on his knees. In violation of the integrity of the knee and prolonged swelling after injury increases the likelihood of infection of synovial fluid. The infectious nature of the disease is widely distributed. Different types of infectious agents circulating throughout the body, are transmitted in separate organs with blood flow.

The elderly there are cases of so-called «goose» bursitis.

This is a consequence of osteoarthritis. Inflamed Bursa of the inner side of the knee or inflammatory process in several synovial bags bursitis is called goose, and it is directly related to excess weight. The main category of suffering from this disease were women over 40 years with signs of obesity.

Symptoms of the disease

Signs of bursitis are expressed in pain in the process of bending or straightening the legs. When walking or running, the patient experiences uncomfortable sensations. Movements become dull.

At the top of the knee or on the entire surface of the joint is formed a tumor-like substance round shape. This can be expressed as a light swelling, large swelling. The skin at the site of inflammation is red. The body temperature rises.

The new education can have dimensions up to 10 cm in the course of the disease may be chronic or acute. In acute manifestation of the disease there are severe, prolonged pain.

Супрапателлярный бурсит коленного суставаA chronic course is characterized by an abnormal growth of tissue inside the joint. Connective fibers grow and form inside the cavities of the seam, tie. Place swelling becomes enlarged, inside starts the deposition of salts. Near the joint is formed of the dense body due to the coagulation of fibrin.

If a bursitis is a traumatic nature, may cause hemorrhages.

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Preventive and therapeutic measures

In order to prevent the development of inflammation in the Bursa is necessary to observe preventive measures:

  • to follow a diet with restriction of salt;
  • to eat foods that displays the body of harmful toxins;
  • to avoid situations with a high risk of injury;
  • to prevent an excessive overload of the joints;
  • timely treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout;
  • to follow hormonal regularly take prescribed hormones.

When suprapatellar the type of pathology prescribe outpatient treatment. Chronic bursitis of the flow precludes the use of many effective techniques. The running condition of inflammation of the joint capsule requires surgery.



The main applied treatment. Perforation of the Bursa with a needle, flushing the cavity with antiseptic, antibacterial drug, the subsequent imposition of tight bandages.
Additional procedures. After performing the basic procedure shown intermittent treatment warm compresses, wearing thermal bandages from the dog hair.
The use of clamps. Treatment of severe pathology requires fixation of knee medical bus.
Surgery. Surgery is performed in a hospital. Operating means are ultrasonic or laser therapy.

Contact your doctor, even for minor joint problems. You will help yourself to avoid serious illness or disability.