Swelling knee with no pain: causes, diagnosis

Отек колена без боли: причины, диагностикаSwelling of the knee — the phenomenon is very unpleasant. Neither women’s nor men’s foot it adorns and brings a lot of problems, causing discomfort when bending the limbs. Swelling of the leg can be a Wake-up call indicating metabolic disorders, malfunction of internal organs, allergies, infection.

Many people think that if it appeared in the leg swelling and it doesn’t hurt, so there’s no danger. This is an incorrect assertion because the degree of complexity of lesions not always determine the pain. It requires serious diagnostics.

Why is there swelling

The knee the leg is quite vulnerable to different kinds of negative external influences, so you always have to worry about feet injury or hypothermia. Considered to be: when there is an injury of the knee joint, the person will immediately occur long sustained pain, especially when bending the legs.

Such a scenario can be not always. Pain and swelling may not occur simultaneously, which will greatly complicate the diagnosis. It often happens that there is the pain of that knee injury have not received the full treatment. It’s provoking and swelling of the knee joint. Fluid accumulates in joint tissue gradually, she begins to put pressure on the kneecap and in the area below the knee. The pain is often preceded by discomfort in the affected once part of the leg, often below the knee.

If action is not taken, the pain and swelling will grow until it will become chronic. Than it threatens? A person will begin irreversible deformation of the joints in the region of the patella, affected the function of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Отек колена без боли: причины, диагностика

With such a strong swelling requires urgent medical assistance

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Hypothermia joints is one of the factors that could cause bone tuberculosis. The presence of hypothermia joint tissues in this region of the body will always show swelling. You need to know about: warm compress — this is not the way to relieve effects of hypothermia joint tissue. He’ll just get swelling of the knee area and help reduce pain symptoms, but actually treating the effects of hypothermia joint tissues will not be able to implement.

The slow destruction of the cartilage tissue, when a person has no pain, is not always possible to detect quickly. When the injured area causes pain, it indicates that have already started changes in the cartilage. Swelling of the knee accompanied by a significant increase in its size. This sign will indicate the development of arthritis or arthrosis.

Causes of swelling of joint tissues can be bursitis or synovitis. When chondromatosis swelling of the knee will occur too. If the joint quickly begins to increase in size, severe pain will not keep you waiting. At first to ease its methods of intensive therapy. If time does not take measures, these diseases will lead to the limitation and disability.

In order for therapy to be successful and effective, be sure to perform exercises of physiotherapy and the reduction of everyday stress on the damaged joint.

Treachery of infections, stings and allergies

If flexion of the knee feels pain, it is not necessarily a symptom of injury, arthritis or osteoarthritis. Swelling in the knee can cause infectious diseases, including, in particular:

  • salmonellosis;
  • dysentery;
  • gonorrhea.

Infectious diseases of the body affect joint tissues, often after they a person develops rheumatoid arthritis. In such cases, people often swollen knee, not the elbow joints.

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Отек колена без боли: причины, диагностикаAllergic reactions manifest in different ways. Few people know that allergic swelling affect not only the face but also the extremities. To distinguish when swollen knee due to joint disease, and when due to allergies, not always. In the second case, the symptom of pain is of a drawing nature. In many diseases of the joints more pain in the affected area at night, when bending or when the weather changes.

If after an insect bite man felt a General deterioration of health he had when bent limb discomfort, should immediately contact the medical facility.

By themselves, insect bites is a common cause of swelling in localized areas. But they are also able to provoke infectious diseases, which became the root cause of joint damage. You cannot leave such a situation unaddressed.

Difficulty in flexion of the limb will indicate the beginning of tendinitis. The disease affects not joints, and ligaments. During it worsen motor function. The appearance of swelling and pain usually occur simultaneously, but may be so: the first symptom will Express itself until the second. The cause of the swelling, and pain in region of joint tissues can be determined with certainty in medical diagnosis. In the presence of edema the patients puncture.

If the damaged bone marrow

Edema of the bone marrow is one of the most dangerous diseases for which there is swelling in the extremities and back. Bone marrow edema is not a diagnosis, and the name of a group of diseases when this process occurs. The cause of what is happening with the bone and articular tissue changes will help to establish an MRL. In determining the strategy that will be implemented by treatment, an important point is the definition of the kind appeared swelling.

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Edema of the bone marrow is vataginym. In this case, the person violated the permeability of the capillaries, through the walls which leaks protein and water. Bone marrow edema can appear on the cause of hydrocephalus. But still the most frequent cause is the metabolism. Edema of the bone marrow in such cases is due to cell swelling and accumulation in the body is intracellular fluid, contains water and sodium.

Before removing the swelling, you should know that it is considered one of the most difficult medical tasks, as the mechanism of its occurrence are not yet fully understood. Treatment of pathology associated with a significant risk that any wrong action can result in death. Severe pain appear at a time of increased swelling.

To implement the treatment, you first need to ensure the normal functioning of the patient’s circulatory system.