Swelling of the hands: causes, treatment

Отёк кистей рук: причины появления, лечениеMany people complain of swelling of the hands and tingling in the hands. Sometimes left wrist swell more than the right. The reasons for this phenomenon may be different. Even the experts are not immediately able to determine why the swell of the brush. In the end, have to undergo a large-scale survey whose results will help confirm or deny the presence of any disease.

Some people have swelling very sore joints of the hands. You have to try to remove the swelling at home. But to effectively fight the disease, it is necessary to find the cause and the factors that affect the swelling of the hands.

Why brush swollen

Causes and factors of edema are as follows:

  • diseases of the internal organs;
  • mechanical interference, bruises and injuries;
  • changes in the composition of the blood;
  • nervous shock;
  • allergies;
  • the decrease in the level of protein in the body;
  • pregnancy.

The main and most compelling reason for swelling in the hands are diseases of internal organs. Most often, the swelling associated with kidney disease, because these organs are responsible for water balance in the body. And if they do not work, it can lead to excess fluid. As a result, the man discovers that he has a swollen hand. In some cases, it may occur itching of the hands.

Отёк кистей рук: причины появления, лечениеCardiovascular disease can also affect your hands. In diseases of the heart and blood vessels of disturbed blood circulation, leading to stagnant processes. The plasma has to leave the walls of blood vessels, resulting in swelling of the hands.

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Another important factor — mechanical intervention. In this situation, blocked the exit of venous blood from the tissues. When pressing veins, which are on top, they are narrowing. As a result of arteries that have to deliver to the tissues the blood, are very deep. The result, blood can not get out from the tissues and begins to accumulate between the fibers and cells.

The changes in the blood can also lead to swelling of the hands. Limbs can swell if it affects the walls of blood vessels as blood begins to go beyond the walls of capillaries. Swollen hands and from disruption of the nerve or diseases of the nervous system. The reason of the swelling — paralysis that arises from lesions of the brain, both the brain and spinal cord. Often, such swelling is called paralytic.

Swelling caused by allergies, and cause more itching hands. Provoke allergic reaction are a variety of factors: from chemical stimuli to the insect bites. But itching and swelling can easily be removed when removing causes of allergies with antihistamines. A sharp decline in protein causes the blood vessels lose their ability to retain the body fluid, and therefore had swelling.

Many pregnant women are very very swollen hands. The reason is that in this situation buds are having heavy loads. This can lead to swelling of the hands and feet.

How to eliminate swelling and itching

First you need to identify the cause of swelling, then to eliminate. Based on the results of the diagnosis, the doctor will select the appropriate treatment methods. Almost all the experts recommend to keep drinking regime and eat right. Very well with the swelling dairy products. It can be cheese or yogurt. It is advisable to in your diet more fruits and berries.

If the swelling occurred due to mechanical damage and prescribed a course of any anti-inflammatory drug. Swelling takes place as a result of the outflow of blood from the injured part of the body. If edema is associated with kidney disease, you should start taking a diuretic drug, but only after consultation with a specialist.

If the swelling caused by an allergic reaction, it is necessary to eliminate allergen exposure. When the itch of Allergy is not haunted, it is recommended to take antihistamines.