Swollen hands: causes, symptoms and treatment

Опухают кисти рук: причины, симптомы и лечениеMany people do not pay attention to the situation when there is swelling of the hands. This phenomenon can happen at any age of the patient. The disease can signal the emergence of serious problems in the human body. Especially alarming if swelling the brush only one hand. With small disruptions in the body the swelling subsides on its own within a certain time.

The correct solution in this situation is the timely treatment of the patient to the doctor. After consultation, it is necessary to eliminate the reason of edema that appears and then proceed to its immediate treatment.

Even the doctor is not under the power immediately to establish the true cause. To the exclusion of a diagnosis is required to pass a series of tests.

Causes of swelling wrist

The most common causes of the development of different degree of swelling is considered to be the following:

  • Venous blood and lymph are experiencing a mechanical obstruction in the derivation from the tissues.
  • The defeat of vascular walls, causing changes in blood and lymph.
  • Lesions of the spinal cord or brain lead to «nerve swelling».
  • Quite often the cause of edema are:

    • trauma and injuries;
    • sleep deprivation and fatigue of the patient.

    Furthermore, a proven negative influence of such factors as frequent use of alcohol, sticking to an unhealthy diet, even the uncomfortable posture during sleep. All this can cause swelling of the hands.

    Some people are pathologically affected by hot weather, under the influence of which the lymph is stagnant, and therefore not easily excreted from the body.

    Опухают кисти рук: причины, симптомы и лечение

    The structure of the brush man

    Swelling of the hand themselves are rare. Often simultaneously with other parts of the human body. This means that the heart, kidneys or liver. Even a trivial increase in body weight leads to stagnation of fluids in the body. A separate reason is hormonal changes in women during pregnancy.

    Lymphedema is a terrible condition in which the lymphatic vessels do not display the lymph. When this swelling will only increase and lead to discoloration of the skin on the hand. Many people ever in your life faced with sudden, periodic or permanent manifestation of swelling of the hand.

    What can swelling of the hands in humans? What factors influence it? Consider some of them:

  • The increase in the permeability of the membranes of blood vessels (quite widely distributed on the wrist).
  • The reduced levels of electrolytes and protein in the blood.
  • Dysfunction of venous valves.
  • Defeat or destruction of lymph vessels.
  • Reduced blood circulation due to problems with the heart.
  • Diseases of internal organs, often the kidneys.
  • Swollen hands from sudden allergies. And if you eliminate the cause, to drink a course of antihistamines, the swelling passes quickly. If swollen hands, need immediate consultation with your doctor. Only he can determine the cause and will help quickly to resolve it.

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    Treatment of swelling of the hands

    If the cause was inflammation or mechanical trauma, the doctor will prescribe taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

    In the case of another disease he will prescribe medication.

    Опухают кисти рук: причины, симптомы и лечение

    Medicine used to relieve swelling in renal failure

    And if the cause of the kidneys, that you start the treatment of swelling of the hands independently. To do this, use diuretics. For example, verospiron. It will improve the excretion of fluids and lead hands to normal. But prolonged use of furosemide or lasix leads to excretion of potassium from the body. That there are problems with the cardiovascular system.

    Positively impact people’s diuretics: watermelon flesh, green tea, decoction of burdock root, leaves of bilberry, infusion of flowers of cornflower. In this period it is necessary to reduce the amount of fluid intake. It will not allow it to accumulate in the tissues of the hands.

    But the discovery of a swelling on just one hand beware. Self-medication can be dangerous. Only a specialist is able to determine the cause and prescribe proper treatment.

    Swelling of the joints, and nodes on the fingers

    The most agile human body. After all, the fingers perform the finest work. They are also one of the first subjected to injuries and diseases. Without healthy fingers we’re limited in your life. Thus, the mobility of the joints is very important for human life.

    Joint pain caused by arthritis (rheumatoid, psoriatic), arthritis, bursitis, trauma, osteomyelitis.

    Опухают кисти рук: причины, симптомы и лечение

    Arthritis cartilage thins connective tissue and bones of the joint are injured

    The polyosteoarthrosis occurs in 40% of patients. The man says that he has a swollen joint index or middle finger. Disease affects people after the age of 40, but most women suffer. On the hands there are nodes Heberden, located near the nail. They occur symmetrically on both hands at once. The disease affects all the joints of the fingers. The patient feels a burning sensation, his pain, sometimes swelling of the joints. And a third of patients had no symptoms.

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    Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by stress, flu, infection. It provokes hypothermia, cold. The patient feels that the swollen joint of the index finger, rarely affects the middle finger. And inflamed wrist joint, the lesion is symmetrical. Pain is worse in the morning. Person have chills, fever, he is losing weight.

    Psoriatic arthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joints of the fingers. They become unusually red, reminds me of sausages. From disease affects 20-50 year-old men and women. It also affects people who have psoriasis.

    The disease is asymmetric: if on one hand swollen joint of the forefinger, then the other joint is a completely different finger.

    Osteoarthritis and gout as causes swelling

    Osteoarthritis is a periodic disease. Pain occurs when a strong physical exertion. At rest it quickly. But the pain that affects the joint at the thumb, can progress. Then it does not disappear after rest, worried.

    The symptoms are as follows:

    • typical joints crack when moving;
    • joint mobility of the their hand;
    • the edges of the joints are compacted and root;
    • in the morning the joints are too stiff.

    Опухают кисти рук: причины, симптомы и лечение

    The injured finger swells and slow-moving

    The swelling of the joint only of the thumb (de quervain tenosynovitis) concerned men and women at any age. It comes with a strong stress on the joint. The pain occurs at the point of contact of the thumb to the wrist joint.

    A similar disease if swollen joint connecting the thumb and radial wrist. It is called rhizarthrosis. The symptoms of these diseases coincide on 90%. To differentiate between them will only x-ray.

    Gout is due to abnormal metabolism (i.e., purines). Increases the level of uric acid in the blood. It begins with the fact that swell the joints of the feet. But the progressive disease affects and hands. It already arthritis. Often attack bothered at night. The joint becomes red, around it the temperature rises. Gouty attack may last for several weeks.

    Attacks are provoked by man himself due to eating too fatty foods, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, abuse of bath.

    Sometimes around the affected joint of thumb occurs a rounded, movable swelling of the soft consistency. These are symptoms of bursitis. The joint swells, hurts when pressed. Can blush around him fever. Long it can become chronic disease. The pain is worse because of the salt deposits of calcium in the joint.

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    Bursitis as the cause of swelling

    If the bursitis developed after the injury, then, in addition to inflammation, will be added and pathological microflora. This will lead to a purulent disease. Accordingly, the symptoms become more acute:

  • Severe pain will strike the joint on the finger.
  • Increase the temperature of the whole body.
  • Intensified headache, nausea, weakness.
  • During strong physical activities or sports may offset joints, or even bones. Most often this luxation is exposed to the thumb of the hand. Due to the fact that it is situated somewhat apart, there is a shift of the articular surfaces relative to each other. A seemingly insignificant injury can completely paralyze daily human activities.

    When ingested, bacteria in the bone occurs purulent process. Osteomyelitis affects the joints of the fingers, most often after fractures. Deteriorating General condition, increases temperature up to 40°. The patient suffers from pain, nausea, vomiting, chills, loss of consciousness. Sometimes develop jaundice. The chronic form somewhat simplifies the suffering of the patient. But the ensuing fistula with purulent secretions form a network of channels. The developing joint immobility. This leads to bending of the bones on the fingers.

    Everyone should pay attention to symptoms such as:

  • Swelling of the hand.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • The increase in temperature (sometimes up to 39 degrees).
  • Pain, I stoped taking pain medication.
  • Painful feelings that are bothering you all week.
  • To avoid subsequent serious complications and consequences, professionals are advised to exercise vigilance against the emergence of such symptoms. You should never ignore the appearance of inflammation and swelling of the joints, including the hands, as this may indicate the possible development of life-threatening human diseases. Therefore, the patient who had the opportunity to experience the above feeling suspicious, do not delay with the visit to the rheumatologist or surgeon.