Swollen joint on the thumb: infectious, rheumatoid arthritis

Many people sometimes have problems with the hands: the hands swell, they really spoil the twisted fingers with thickened, inflamed joints. The fingers become knotted, and the brush looks prematurely old. How to understand why swollen joint of the forefinger of the hand, and what is the treatment and prevention of disease?

Arthritis is an insidious disease

Опух сустав на пальце руки: инфекционный, ревматоидный артритJoint and muscle ailments familiar to many people. They are based on the arthritis inflammation in joint tissue. There are many variants of the disease, but most often affects joints of the fingers.

Certain types of diseases are acute, accompanied by dangerous complications. About 2% of the population report a lack of improvement in health status after the application of pharmaceutical ointments and drugs.

Articular cartilage located on the fingers, thinning with age, dry, covered with cracks, and the bones of the fingers are deprived of any protection.

Joints zakstraat, reduced their mobility. Arthritis progresses rapidly, affecting one joint of the fingers after the other.

Form of inflammatory process affecting the joints

Doctors consider several types of arthritis affecting the joints of the fingers. In patients with lipid metabolism disorders, inflammation one or more joints, and the cholesterol content is increased to 15 mol/L.

Arthritis, affects the joint of the forefinger, is divided into several types:

  • infectious;
  • traumatic;
  • rheumatoid;
  • lipid;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • exchange;
  • dystrophic.

Опух сустав на пальце руки: инфекционный, ревматоидный артритTraumatic the destruction and transformation of the joints of the fingers occurs after repeated injury. If physical strain occur destruction of the joints, accompanied by the appearance of clinical signs of inflammation.

Infectious arthritis of the finger joints on the hand is called intestinal, urinary pathogens and develops as a reactive process.

Often infectious lesions of the joints appear in a patient after an attack of rheumatoid arthritis. Similar pathology was observed in patients with gonorrhea and AIDS.

The disease affects people with disabilities in sexual and suffering from concomitant diseases:

  • persons with a homosexual orientation;
  • cancer patients;
  • drug addicts;
  • abuse alcohol;
  • patients with lupus erythematosus;
  • diabetics.

Septic joint damage is a serious infectious process, whereby the joint on the finger hurts, reddens, swells, loses its mobility.

Septic arthritis accompanied by a violation of the General condition of the patient:

  • there is a persistent increase in temperature;
  • occurs chills;
  • growing headache.

Опух сустав на пальце руки: инфекционный, ревматоидный артрит

The picture shows the destroyed joint of the forefinger

In adults the symptoms are concentrated in one joint or, in children, swollen joints not only on the fingers, but also knee, shoulder joints.

Septic arthritis often affects people who have had surgery on joints. The cause of the disease are fungi, bacteria and viruses. Along with the blood they penetrate into the tissue of the joint, but can be in it, moving from a focus of infection in the body of the patient.

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In children, the lesion arises from infection with gonococci from the sick mother or when carrying out manipulations.

As the causative agent of infectious arthritis are Staphylococcus and the flu virus. The elderly septic process appears in the introduction of the cartilage of Salmonella and protozoa.

The disease begins on the background of full health or is expressed in the gradual appearance and increase of symptoms. The joint on the finger is swollen, feels pain when you touch it, the skin at the site of inflammation hot to the touch.

Suffers from the General condition of the patient, and he develops symptoms such as:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • chills.

Bacteria invading the bloodstream, assimilyatsiya in the tissues, forming pockets of suppuration or causing sepsis in the patient. Infectious arthritis contributes to the development of the terrible disease — osteoarthritis.

With reactive communicable diseases of the joints of the fingers difficult to detect of infectious agents in the periarticular bags, so arthritis is allocated to the group of neglected diseases.

Symptoms and diagnosis of infectious inflammation of the joints of the fingers

As soon as the insidious disease, the patient suffers a number of inconveniences:

  • acute pain in the joint;
  • the limitation;
  • swelling in the area of inflammation;
  • hyperemia of tissues;
  • forced position of the infected body.

In this case an urgent appeal for medical help. Self-treatment and therapy, based on the advice of friends, is unacceptable.

For diagnosis the doctor prescribes tests and consultation with a rheumatologist. Treatment includes use of drugs and carrying out physiotherapy. Therapy is a long time, for several months.

Use the introduction of antibiotics, use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, restorative therapy.

In severe cases, the formation of a purulent abscess, produces surgical intervention to remove the pus, followed by the appointment of antibacterial therapy. With the appearance of acute pain use painkillers.

Prognosis of infectious arthritis are favorable in case of early start of therapy, with the obligatory use of antibiotics. Fatal outcome in septic lesions possible if the symptoms are severe and the wrong treatment of the patient. To prevent infectious arthritis must lead a proper lifestyle, namely:Опух сустав на пальце руки: инфекционный, ревматоидный артрит

  • not use drugs;
  • to abandon homosexuality;
  • promptly treat venereal disease.

The formation and development of metabolic arthritis

With age, a person has many diseases: the metabolic arthritis first occurs after 35 years. The first signs of disease manifest as a variety of painful symptoms, accompanied by:

  • slight pain in the finger joints;
  • limited mobility and change shape.
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The patient must adjust the diet, eliminating the use of hot spices, fried foods, sweet and fatty foods. The joint is necessary to ensure peace, and the patient needs to take care of your emotional pleasure.

For metabolic arthritis is observed destruction of articular cartilage and synovium undergoes sclerotic changes: content chodroitin is dramatically reduced, decreased production of fibrous tissue protein — collagen. Dramatically increases the content of lipids in the blood. Joint fluid as if «boil», the cartilage loses elasticity, distorted its structure.

Опух сустав на пальце руки: инфекционный, ревматоидный артритIn the beginning of the process people do not feel pain because the cartilage is devoid of nerve endings. Over time the bones in the joint of a finger in contact with each other, are exposed, and the person begins to experience severe pain. Tendons surrounding the joint on the thumb, slowly deform and become inflamed. This reduces the force of contraction of the fingers, and the soft tissue damage around the joint.

The basis of all of the changes are for two reasons:

  • violation of the internal environment of the body;
  • adverse effects on the joint.

For many people, the inflammatory process is due to a constant load on the joints, occurs professional the arthritis.

In the development of the disease there are two main stages:

  • clinical precursors of disease;
  • formed arthritis of the joints of the fingers.

Under predatrice not observed in pain, but there is a limitation and a small rustling. In the second stage of the disease in people who are overweight have pain, worse at night or after exercise. Joints logopedija appear swelling, a pronounced crunch. There is a change in their form in connection with the growth of the epiphyseal cartilage. The most affected joints of the thumb, pelagophyceae joints of the hand.

Completely cure arthritis, it is impossible, but there are tools to help you manage the symptoms of the disease and slowing its progression. The doctor prescribes medicines for intraarticular injections, painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication. Supported balanced diet dominated by foods with increased protein content.

Physiotherapy is the mainstay of treatment and prevention of arthritis. Patients undergo a course of physiotherapy, massage, mud applications.

A severe form of joint damage — rheumatoid arthritis

To a greater extent the disease affects women. In the initial period of the disease a person is experiencing a slight pain in phalangeal joints of the index and middle finger. The finger is thickened due to the formation of the site of inflammation.

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The main distinguishing feature from rheumatoid arthritis symmetrical joint damage. The signs of inflammation persist for a long time in a few months. The intensity of the pain depends on the time of day she is worse at night, closer to morning.

Physical exercise in the initial stages of the disease greatly facilitate the patient’s condition. In the morning, patients complain of a feeling of stiffness in the hands, stiff joints. Over time the patient on the hands formed a special nodules with a size of 2-3 cm in diameter.

Suffers from the General condition of the suffering from arthritis of man:Опух сустав на пальце руки: инфекционный, ревматоидный артрит

  • increasing weakness;
  • the temperature rises to subfebrile digits;
  • occurs chills;
  • reduced body weight.

The clinical picture presented by the changes of the fingers and hands. A sore thumb is fixed in an incorrect position, is deflected to the side. The skin on the affected organ becomes dry, pale, thin, and the muscles around it atrophy. Pain in the joints of the fingers are of a wavy character.

If the swollen one or more joints on the thumb, you need to seek medical care, which will improve the health status of the patient. Self-medication leads to severe lesions of the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs.

Arthritis treatment is complex, aimed at the formation of stable remission and full recovery of the patient.

The most active joint involvement of the fingers in rheumatoid arthritis observed in patients with impaired lipid metabolism. They have increased level of cholesterol, but the steroids changes the nature of the process, the growing positive dynamics, reduces the risk of damage to the heart and blood vessels in rheumatoid arthritis.

Nodes on the fingers of the hands successfully treated with medicines containing glucosamine. To reduce inflammation use omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish oil. To eliminate the discomfort in the joint of a finger of a hand used heat treatments.

Diseases of the joints are easier to prevent than to cure. Enriching the body with necessary nutrients and observing a healthy lifestyle, you can enhance the treatment result and to avoid serious complications of the disease.