Symptoms and signs fracture to the little finger on the hand: treatment and rehabilitation

The pinky finger on the hand injury is not very dangerous, but unpleasant

Injury of the little finger of the hand in the form of a fracture is damage to bone and connective tissue in the joints of the finger, which is accompanied by violation of the integrity of bones or joints; sharp pain and swelling.

As a rule, the pinky finger on the hand causes the injury in a fall, a blow, fails to observe safety rules on manufacture and the careless handling of any tool in everyday life.

Very often this kind of trauma are people who are engaged in active sports, builders, fitters and mechanics, the workers of heavy industries.

How to identify trauma?

The most common signs of a broken finger on the hand can be the swelling in the area of the fracture with change of color of the skin, crepitus.

There is also the possibility of total or partial dysfunction of the finger and its curvature.

Open fracture of the little finger on the hand, usually accompanied by damage to the skin at the site of fracture, bleeding.

The dependence of the symptoms from type and complexity of injury

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Often signs of damage and its extent depend on the complexity and type of fracture. So a fracture of the little finger of the hand can be open and closed.

With an open fracture there is a violation of the integrity of the skin and blood vessels, which is accompanied by profuse bleeding and severe pain. Typically, in this type of fracture can be seen from the wound part of the bone tissue.

As for a closed fracture, the case, the fact that the victim did not immediately realize the extent of the damage, and make the fracture for a normal injury or a dislocation.

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Because the symptoms for these injuries are very similar among themselves, recognize the fracture in this case can only be qualified by palpation or by radiography.

As often happens, and fractures of the joints of the little finger, with the possibility of damage to cartilage and tendons of the joint. This type of fracture may be accompanied by a strong curvature of the finger.

Given the statistics, it should be noted that the most frequently exposed to injury nail phalanx of a finger, as it is less protected from various physical effects.

First aid

If you receive this kind of accident must provide first aid.

This damaged finger needs to immobilize, put it on a bus, and swelling apply an ice pack.

In cases of open fracture is necessary to take measures to stop bleeding, followed by washing the wounds and applying sterile bandages.

After the procedures for first aid, the injured should be transported to the nearest emergency room or trauma center.

Medical assistance

After conducting diagnostic procedures to determine the degree and type of fracture to the little finger on the hand, a qualified technician will be diagnosed and assigned treatment method with subsequent rehabilitation, as well as the prescription variety of drugs.

If the fracture has displacement of bone tissue is not complicated, as a rule, treatment consists of splinting and plaster on the injured finger.

The displacement of the bones or the presence of its fragments in the soft tissues are often carried out surgical intervention, in order to further their scarring does not interfere with the movement of the joints of the finger.

If you ignore the assigned treatment or did not fully implement the recommendations and guidance of the attending physician, the risk that the finger is not fully able to perform its functions great.

The principles of nutrition

The merging of the bone and healing of fractures bone fractures in mild and often takes a certain period of time.

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And in order to expedite the process of splicing and growth of healthy bone tissue in the body must maintain a balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

The basic components of proteins that promote the growth of bone tissue, are the amino acids — Proline, glycine, glutamine, cystine, arginine and lysine.

As for antioxidants, they serve two important functions – reduce the degree of inflammation, while not impeding the healing process, and promote the repair of lesions that arise in the interaction of cells with oxygen.

As for normal bone regeneration, the body needs minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, copper, silicon and zinc.

To get the above items you should eat foods which are rich in proteins, fruits, legumes and cereals, fish and poultry.

Rehabilitation and recovery of motor function

After a long stay of the little finger of the hand in a stationary state under the influence of the plaster bandage, movements of the joints of a finger becomes difficult.

This factor is due to insufficient blood supply to the fingers and atrophy of the tendinous cords.

In order for the joints of the finger back to move it is necessary to conduct a series of rehabilitation procedures, which include a variety of massages and exercises, as well as the use of various antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ointments and creams.

With the help of massage it is possible to achieve reduction of pain and achieve a more complete lymph and blood circulation, reducing stress and fatigue of the tissues of the finger, and accelerate their recovery.

Before you begin to physical exercise, be careful not to put finger great physical stress:

  1. Pressing your little finger to your ring finger, try to slowly take him to the side and back press. So should do a few reps while trying to slightly accelerate the movement.
  2. Spend some rotational movement of the finger, first counterclockwise and then clockwise.
  3. Try to compress fingers in a fist and sharply straighten them as possible.
  4. Alternately, bend the phalanx of the little finger, reaching the sharp pain.
  5. Subsequently, to restore the full function of the little finger, it is possible to carry out exercises using various bands.
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If you do exercises regularly, while not peretruhina finger, then recovery time can be greatly accelerated.

Complications after injury

Broken finger on the hand also possible complications that are not always recognized in the treatment process.

So there is a possibility:

  • purulent and inflammatory processes;
  • the formation of callus;
  • acquired deformity of the joints of the finger
  • joint stiffness,
  • prirastanie skin tissue to cartilaginous tissue of joints,
  • in some cases the combination of different post-traumatic complications.

Preventive measures

In order to avoid fractures of the fingers before you physical exercise to make warm-up of the hands and fingers, in order to reinforce to him the blood, to warm up the tendons and joints.

It is necessary to follow exactly the safety regulations on the production and use of the PPE.

Spending a few minutes to prevent injury, you can save much more than the material part of human life, namely, the most important thing – health.