Symptoms of osteoporosis in women and men, the treatment of the disease

Симптомы остеопороза у женщин и мужчин, лечение заболевания

Pathological changes in the bone tissue leads to fragility of the joints

One of the most common and serious diseases is osteoporosis. According to who, it ranks 4th after cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes. Every person should know the symptoms of osteoporosis to stop the progression of the disease at an early stage.

The etiology of the disease of the skeletal system

A progressive decrease in bone density leads to appearance of such diseases as osteoporosis. Changes in the chemical composition of bone structure in this disease does not occur. The density of the bones becomes less, increasing the likelihood of fractures, especially in people over 45 years. During the whole human life is a constant renewal of bone tissue. The imbalance created between destruction and synthesis, leading to reduced bone mass.

This disease often occurs with no symptoms, no pain and discomfort. People may not know that he developed the disease until a fracture happens. This is the danger of osteoporosis, hence the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of the disease.

The disease can be primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis usually begins after 50 years. At risk are people with small stature, delicate Constitution. Osteoporosis in women occurs 4-5 times more often than men. The causes of this disease can be purely female:

Симптомы остеопороза у женщин и мужчин, лечение заболевания

  • the beginning of the menstrual cycle after 15 years;
  • the end of menstruation up to 50 years;
  • infertility;
  • rare and mild menstruation;
  • long, more than 6 months, lactation.

The more a woman gives birth to a child, the less the likelihood of developing bone diseases. And all because pregnancy intensively refreshes the female body. There is no need to take Biologicals and medicines, nature will take care of everything.

Secondary osteoporosis may occur in disorders of the endocrine, hormonal and metabolic systems. This form of the disease affects the body both men and women.

The grounds and signs of disease

Osteoporosis occurs when the patient led an unhealthy lifestyle. The causes of this disease are the following:

  • poor diet, poor diet;
  • Smoking, alcohol, excessive coffee consumption;
  • the use of some drugs;
  • low motor activity;
  • kidney failure;
  • the high activity of the thyroid gland, adrenal cortex;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • decreased function of the female ovaries.

Симптомы остеопороза у женщин и мужчин, лечение заболевания

The result of bone densitometry

Modern medicine is able to conduct bone densitometry. This diagnosis can help identify osteoporosis in women and men at an early stage. However, on x-ray changes can only be seen in 15-20% loss of bone density. Laboratory examination allows to assess calcium metabolism. For this, studies of thyroid hormones and reproductive system, appointed by the General analysis of blood and urine, biochemical analysis of blood (calcium, enzymes, urea, bilirubin, phosphate).

However, there are indirect signs of osteoporosis of the spine in men and women. First of all, more than 1-1. 5 cm, reduced growth, deteriorating posture. In men often suffer spine, as they have the large size bones of the forearm, thighs. Osteoporosis of the spine can be felt a sharp pain at sharp turns, lifting weights, bad fall, the movement.

Diagnostics for problems of the bone tissue of the spine shows a decrease in height of vertebrae, their deformation, modification of the horizontal plates. The examination revealed opacity of the vertebral bodies.

Treatments of osteoporosis

In order for the recovery to go faster, we need to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but also to give up alcohol, Smoking. We need to follow a diet for osteoporosis. Treatment of osteoporosis of the spine involves the use of massage, therapeutic physical training, physiotherapy. This should not be excessive stress. Shown swimming, Biking, Hiking. Up the stairs we go, not the Elevator.

Drugs in this disease is assigned to the following species: fluoride, biphosphonate, as well as vitamins and medications containing calcium. In severe pain after fractures used analgesics, asteroidy, gels, ointments. Pain well help to remove the hot tub, shower.

In the treatment of bone diseases of the spine are the same drugs that in the treatment of other similar diseases. Natural hormone calcitonin obtained from salmon, it improves absorption, helps to absorb calcium, is analgesic. Biophosphonate stimulate bone synthesis, slow down the bone destruction. With regular use of these drugs the risk of fractures of the spine is reduced to 50%.

Hormonal medications taken by women in osteochondrosis, slow and prevent disease of bone. Drugs, containing calcium, vitamin D, it is prescribed for deficiency of these substances or violations of the gastrointestinal tract. Diet for cholesterol should include foods with calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus. The menu always needs to be dairy products, sea fish, black bread, cabbage, dried fruit.

If overweight, you must limit the intake of sweets, carbonated drinks, flour products. Weight loss will relieve some of the load from the spine. Osteoporosis in women healthy foods with phytoestrogens, many of which are contained in legumes, soy, herbs, nuts, but not roasted.

Not to think about how to treat osteoporosis what drugs to take, you need to be attentive to your body. In case of doubt, you must consult specialists.

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