Symptoms, treatment and consequences of fracture of the scapula: a photo of the injury

First aid and treatment for fracture of the scapula

The blade — bone has a triangular shape. It consists of the body, the coracoid process of axis acromion process, neck, glenoid cavity, which, together with the head of the humerus forms the shoulder joint.

The blade has quite a lot of muscle.

It performs protective and motor functions in the human body.

As most often, a fracture occurs?

Fracture of the scapula is a serious injury that most often occurs when falling directly on the shoulder, back, and also when receiving a strong blow to the bone or fall.

Most often this corruption exposed men to 45 years old, whose injuries are caused by professional activities, sports activities, when participating in an accident.

For this injury needs a lot of power. Basically, a pathological condition accompanied with other injuries.

Fracture of the scapula is a rare phenomenon for the reason that bone itself is movable and is surrounded by a large number of muscles, protecting it.

Classification of fractures

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Depending on the location of the injury distinguish between these types of fractures of the scapula:

  • axis;
  • the glenoid cavity;
  • of the neck;
  • the coracoid process;
  • the acromial process;
  • the upper and lower corners;
  • longitudinal, transverse, mnogoobraznye fractures;
  • perforated (with gunshot wound).

The most common form of damage to the blades is a fracture of the glenoid cavity and the acromion.

Such injuries require special treatment, after which the victim some time may be suffering.

The fractures of the scapular neck often lead to serious complications.

How to detect the presence of injury?

The main symptoms of broken shoulder blade:

  • swelling;
  • severe pain when moving;
  • crunch;
  • sometimes in the armpit felt the sharp edge of the line of damage;
  • hanging down from the shoulder;
  • thickening the rear part of the blade;
  • the pain with deep inhalation;
  • deformity of the shoulder.

Serious symptoms such as shortness of breath, numbness, and arm pain, deformity of the shoulder require immediate hospitalization.

Trauma may be affected and other organs. This leads to late detection of bone injuries that often result in improper fusion.

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Diagnostic methods

The main problem in the diagnosis of fracture of the scapula is the late detection of the disease.

Typically, bone damage is accompanied by injuries to other vital organs, which first must be treated.

Once the patient’s life is not in danger, the doctor can diagnose a fracture of the scapula. It so happens that the time lost and the bone has time to heal with shift.

The diagnosis of fracture of the scapula is on the basis of radiographs in anterior-posterior projection, and if necessary in other projections.

Also to confirm damage to the blades using the method of computer tomography, which helps to determine precisely the nature of the injury.

First aid

Timely first aid at fracture of the scapula — the key to successful treatment.

The first thing to do is to Immobilise the hand.

For this limb from the damage hung on in such cases, the scarf, and in the armpits enclose a cushion or simply a ball of wool. Instead of scarves, you can use a special bandage.

To reduce pain the affected provide one of the most effective painkillers in the sitting position are sent to the medical institution.

First aid in case of injury can not only reduce the suffering of the patient, but also to prevent damage nerves, blood vessels, muscle tears, skin, displacement of the fragments.

Rendered timely assistance prevents the development of complications, helps to quickly restore the function of the scapula.

May not fix the position of the bone to straighten it.

Therapy for trauma

Treatment any fracture of the scapula begins with the introduction of the anaesthetic into the site of injury.

In the treatment of comminuted fractures without displacement usually applies a conservative approach. Initially carried out immobilization.

What kind of immobilization is used in trauma?

At the turn of the scapula apply:

  • bandage Desault;
  • strengthening plaster bandages;
  • outlet tire;
  • coracobrachialis plaster bandages.

Additionally, when fracture of the scapula is assigned to exercise therapy for fingers, hands, elbow.

The recovery comes after 4 to 5 weeks after injury, and full health — 2 months.

The fracture is often accompanied by bias. So the doctor prescribes a treatment on skeletal traction. This method of treatment lasts 1 month.

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Then the limb is put on a special pillow and perform therapeutic exercises. Gymnastics course — 2 weeks.

At fracture of acromial process with displacement and without displacement of the neck is used coracobrachialis plaster bandage or abductor splint.

Immobilization in this case, it takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Surgery, as a last resort

Surgical method of treatment is indicated in complicated cases when there is the probability of gross violations of function of the shoulder joint.

Usually, this condition can occur in fractures with severe displacement of fragments.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The patient lies on his stomach, he withdrawn his hand to the side. On the outer edge of the blade performs the incision, separating the muscles.

Then open the neck of the scapula, fragments hold together by special plates of high strength material.

After surgery on 1.5 month overlaps coracobrachialis bandage.

Consequences and complications of trauma

Fracture of the scapula can lead to impairments of motor function of the hand.

If the damage occurred in the articular cavity of bone, covered with cartilage, where there is contact with the head of the humerus, we can expect dislocations in the shoulder joint. The reason is the impossibility to keep atomtime the glenoid fossa of the humeral head.

Fractures of this kind are often accompanied by damage to the cartilage, which, in turn, leads to osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint.

If the damage of the scapular neck often causes pain and dislocations.

Fracture of the body of the scapula with displacement can cause its deformation that prevents the normal gliding of the scapula on the ribs.

In the result, you may receive constant pain and crunching during movement. Such effects often arise from the fusion of fracture of the scapula with displacement.

After surgery, you may also experience complications such as:

  • habitual dislocation;
  • arthritis;
  • syndrome impingement;
  • traffic restrictions;
  • neuropathy;
  • muscle atrophy.

Surgical treatment, to some extent, do not develop undesirable complications, which are quite difficult to treat.

The recovery period is he most important

For the effective treatment of damage of the blades plays a huge role proper rehabilitation can reduce pain and establish the work of hands. It includes, first of all, physiotherapy.

After all the necessary manipulations, when the arm is fixed, on day 2 you can start physical therapy, which includes exercises for the fingers, wrist joint, muscles of the shoulder.

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In some cases, if after applying of bandage Desault after 10 days, the arm of the patient, bent at the elbow laid on the scarf.

Thus the victim does exercises for the fingers, elbow, wrist and shoulder joints. If, after the injury took about 2 weeks — you can perform the flapping motion with the hand.

Fracture of the scapular neck requires code hands to discharge the bus for a period of 30 days. In this case, also on day 2 you can start performing simple exercises for the fingers, the elbow, the wrist joint.

After taking the bus the patient performs physiotherapy, aimed at restoring motor functions in the shoulder joint in different directions.

Fractures exercise is assigned 4-5 days, while open — you must wait until the wound healing.

After fracture healing blades some time need to continue to do the exercises for the hands. It is possible to use a gymnastic stick or a gymnastics wall.

Need to gradually increase the load and range of motion.

With regular exercises that you need to move quite often — up to 6 times a day, complete recovery occurs within a time period of 2 to 2.5 months.

Time to provide assistance aimed at reducing the suffering of the patient, to preserve from damage the nerves, blood vessels, skin, muscles, and re-displacement of fragments able to protect against severe complications.

A properly prescribed treatment in combination with physiotherapy will allow to quickly restore the blade after fracture.